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Happy Independance Day to all!

I guess I am writing today because it is an Independence Day of a different kind for me. I am choosing my own way to spend this independence holiday.

Just 2 years ago after or on this holiday I/we became sick wth this illness. July 4th-7th through each Morgellons filled passing year this week has often been difficult for me emotionally since that day when my life changed in 2014.

Over the last month I have been treating my Babesia with my meds from LLMD, and using our silver and certain herbs from the protocol. The protocol timing and my desire to improve has really given me a discipline that others now admire.

New moon and full moon are not generally easy times for me and yesterday I had another bout of Lyme paralysis and my fiancee had to feed me, how humbling a moment, but those are the days I am so grateful for his sense of humor and God leading me to choose a kind, sacrificial, sweet man like him.

Today when I woke up and was able to breathe (I have Babesia and some days I cannot) I took a deep breath and decided I will use what faculties are available to me to the most of my ability because with Lyme and 8 coinfections, I really do not know what tomorrow will look like, I cannot take moments for granted, and I keenly am aware more than ever that I am not promised tomorrow

I am so grateful for so many things so I will just write with gratitude here.

Today, I am grateful for Mel, Peter and this site as well as the first information shared here which got me to this point. The lasting loving friendships I have made on this site that have continued even when they left or they went off the protocol.

I am extremely grateful for my LLMD who diagnosed me with Morgellons coinfection without me saying anything, and when I was even trying to hide it (doesn't think I'm "delusional" at all), listens to me about the diet connection to my symptom diary and is working with me on a 3 pronged protocol to rid me of my Morgellons, but also my many other co-infections 1 by 1 for as long as my body can handle herxes and grateful my that my Medicaid will help me pay for some meds, however temporary, and is also willing to think outside the box for when I cant afford something or where herbs can step in and help.

I am so grateful and love that I still have my fiancee to care for me and to try to help me on my way to health and keeps me grounded in love and reminding me of God's promises when I forget.

I love that we are provided for by God with food, (for the protocol diet) and clothing to wear, if nothing else. I love that God is thus far protecting my liver, kidneys, my gut and heart from these little monsters who want to take over those areas.

I am grateful for my Facebook friends who pray for me and also share knowledge and information with one another in such a loving and non-condescending way.

I am grateful that we have a place to lay our heads and I have a bath here that I can detox in, however temporary.

I am grateful that I have free access to use the FIR sauna and get free essential oils massages.

I am grateful that I have inspired others to eat as I do as well as decide to join me on this difficult diet journey.

I am grateful that my mind is still intact and though I cannot write or text some days, I can still speak and use my mind cohesively and my voice.

Today I danced and I sang songs of praise. My singing voice has been taken away by this condition, but my legs still work TODAY! So.... I danced as I have not danced in quite some time. Really just letting it all go and crying with joy and gratitude that I can still move for today. It was wonderful just praising God and dancing using my legs. He says make noise of joy unto the Lord and sing songs of praise. I have taken it literally today and did so and was able, unlike so many bed ridden days I was able to dance for more than 1 hour as well as eve take a walk outside in the sunny New York/'nice weather we're having" for my vitamin D today.

It's a day of food, drinking, freedom, play, celebrating for most Americans, and I've never even lit a firework, but I guesss there is a first time for everything. I will eat my own protocol food proudly. It is a day for no fear in the battle and ours really has already been won. Thank you Jesus!

I see today that I am God's firework (if I will choose to be) and I plan to fly far up there, be bright and as big as I can (even from a bed) for His glory.

Praying for all those still suffering today-may you find comfort, strength and faith to go on in this unknown journey,
Your sister in Christ,