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About 6 months ago I started this topic. I was over 90% free of symptoms at that time.

Today I can tell that I am very close to the end.

My cuts heal in a normal way; the crust is formed above the level of the skin. Earlier it was forming a crater around the cut, and very thin skin over the cut. pulling it downward.

My body temperature is normal, it is not low any more.

My urine and saliva are not acid. The test shows the saliva is very alkaline, and the urine slightly acid.

My hair has a normal appearance and my scalp is not itchy at all. I started to use MooGoo shampoo & conditioner after Anne from Sydney told me about very good results that she had with it.
Teresa from Australia also has a very good results with these products.

The nails are pinkish and very firm. My cheeks are pinkish as well.
My energy level is very good.

The only thing that I still have not solved completely, are my eyes. In the morning when I open them, they are just for a few seconds, like I have something in it. Mostly it is only in one eye, but sometimes it can be in both eyes. However, the conditions are much better now than before, so it is moving in a good direction.

I hope at Christmas time I will be back here, with mor good news.

A lot of love,