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How I Cured Morgellons

2/04/2018 - 7/16/2018

Thread: ANGELS

Laura (aunt)

7:35:18 AM

I reread this post on Angels and the very profound part is; everything happens in God's perfect timing. It was one year ago this month that that beautiful person walked into my life. Now one year later, God has blessed me as I begin the next phase of my new life.

I have restored my health more than 90% and will remain true to a clean diet, the basic protocol, and reading God's word!

In Christ Love,



9:27:27 AM

Hi Everyone,

I haven't posted in a few days...I'm back at work and the "easy" summer living is over.

If you've been listening to the conference calls, you may have heard me a few weeks back on one with Laura where we were talking about seeing the finish line. I've been doing the full protocol for a year and a half and was halfway doing it (which basically means not) for several months prior.

I've been through so many of the same things everyone else has...and am indeed in the 90% club and can see the finish line in sight.

However...that doesn't mean I'm there yet...and I'm writing this to encourage others who may experience the same thing.

I've been going through a lot lately...and have been fortunate enough to be able to talk to Mel about it, who has talked me off the ledge more than once and told me exactly what to do...thank God.

Here's what happens...every SINGLE time you get ready to make a leap forward, you have to pay the price. Basically, this stuff goes deep, it makes and lives in biofilms, and it doesn't leave willingly. It's smart and morfs around and fights back like crazy. So...when you are at your wittiest end, you must push through and not give up because the storm precedes the sunshine.

Even if you (as I have done) have gone to bed at night and prayed for an aneurysm to allow you to die easily in your sleep (lol...when I pray to die, I have a lot of rules that involve me not suffering at all or dealing with any negative spiritual repercussions from requesting my own end prematurely), don't give up. That's when you're close to a breakthrough.

Even when...I actually think especially're in the 90% club, you will go through these hell herxes as it pushes the rest of it out of your body.

The key is not to panic and give in to despair...well...don't give in completely to despair...we wouldn't be human if we didn't get upset about what we have to deal with in a herx...but...hang in there. Every time you push your way through one of these be glad...because the bigger the herx, the bigger the push out of the bad stuff.

I've just gone through one the last couple of weeks and it's been a herx-a-rama...but...I woke up this morning and have made a huge leap forward. I feel so good! I know it doesn't mean I'm done yet. I suspect I'll do this a few more times before I break through the finish line...but I DO know I will...and I DO know I'll stay well because I'm not ever giving this protocol up. I'll stay with the basic protocol and take care of myself through diet, etc. for the rest of my life. That is a small price to pay for feeling well.

Today I've had a little glimpse...a little reminder...of what it feels like to be back to "normal" and I'm not going to give that up for anything. I want this feeling every day! I'm re-energized now and will push through this thing even WHEN the dragon grows five more heads when I cut off one. I'll just go back and sharpen my sword and keep going at it until the dragon is completely slayed.

The pay off is just too great not to push through all the fighting it takes to get better.

It's SO worth it!

So...don't let the herxes scare you...don't let them make you give up or think you'll never get well or stay well.

I'm an evidence person...and there's just too much compelling evidence from others who have crossed the finish line and stayed well not to believe it can happen for all of us if we don't give up or give in to despair.

A sunny day is ahead for all of us!





12:03:38 PM

Hi Karen,

I have read your post numerous times as it "hit home" in many areas. Thank you for continuing to encourage all of us in this race! I loved your optimism when you wrote:

" I suspect I'll do this a few more times before I break through the finish line...but I DO know I will...and I DO know I'll stay well because I'm not ever giving this protocol up. I'll stay with the basic protocol and take care of myself through diet, etc. for the rest of my life. That is a small price to pay for feeling well."

I have had a few herxes/symptoms that returned earlier this week, if only briefly, that I had not had in a long time. Like you, I had a good day on Friday. I felt like myself before I got M. It was such a good feeling! It was short lived because that evening I got that tickling on my face as I was trying to go to sleep. Not sure if it was something I ate or just M trying to get out. However, at the point, it really didn't matter because I couldn't control what had happened. Instead, I said a prayer asking for relief and then grabbed a spray bottle of Kleen Green and misted it on my face. Almost immediately it stopped!

Mel says I am running and I know I am. However, this is a race, I want to finish sooner than later. There are no 1st, 2nd or 3rd place trophies because we are ALL winners when we cross the finish line.

Thank God for guiding us to Mel and giving him the knowledge and tools to help us through the laps and hurdles in this race!!

God Bless,

Donna M


Laura (aunt)

5:08:37 PM


Welcome to our community. Remaining here throughout your journey is so important. Please ask questions, post your concerns and know that you are in a community that understands you. We have all experienced many of your symptoms, fears, and disbelief. We also know how to overcome these things.

I hope you will remain here and begin to heal. It is a bit overwhelming at first but through perseverance and Faith, you will overcome this. Have you started the protocol yet? This protocol along with staying involved in this community has helped me to restore my health (95%) and I am slowly moving on to begin life again.

Please let us know how you are progressing.

"Ah Lord God! Behold, Thou hast made the heaven and the earth by Thy great power and outstretched arm; and there is nothing too hard for Thee" Jeremiah 32:17

In Christ Love,



8:30:07 PM

Hello Everyone,

I would like to take a moment to encourage each one of us as to how important it is to have One-on-One Coaching Sessions with Mel.

Mel's coaching will save you from going through a lot of miscommunication and misunderstanding of this disease. He's the vessel God has use to bring each one of us to this junction in our life and he will not steer you in the wrong direction.

Mel's coaching have brought me to a safe place with much love, care, honesty and guidance.

He has answered every question and given his expertise regarding how to get well.

Again, I am encouraging you (especially all of the newcomers) to purchase sessions for a more personal touch in beginning a journey to healing and restoration of you healing.

In The Master's Hand



Laura (aunt)

10:17:43 AM

Rose D.,

Welcome to our community and I pray you remain here. In answer to your question, I can only share what has worked for me as well as so many others with similar symptoms as you.

In the beginning I was bitten by some type of mite which later brought on new symptoms. What I now understand is; I had a compromised immune system which made me a happy place for this disease....(morgellons).

Please be encouraged that you have found the right place to help you begin your recovery from this disease. It is overwhelming at first but will and does get easier. Many times I felt like I was on Mr. Toad's wild ride as I could not believe the things I started experiencing.

After you begin reading some of the journeys shared on this website, I hope you decide to start the protocol which is most important in order to restore your immune system.

Following a strict diet and using the outlined protocol from this website, I have almost completely restored my health. In addition, I started researching the benefits of these supplements and will continue to use them.

There is so much information on this website by people experiencing similar things you are. We all share what has helped and what to stay away from. We have families, jobs, friends, lives, and this disease.

I know how unbelievable this can be, but please learn to accept it and then have faith you have found the right place where people have and do get well. Try to attend the conference calls on Saturday's and ask any question you might have. If you choose to just listen, that is okay too.

I pray you remain here as you begin this time consuming journey of restoring your health and life. Remember we are here and we understand.

In Christ Love,



7:53:16 AM

Hi Mel,

I know for all you Morgellons sufferers it's hard to fathom a day when your ordeal might be over but I promise you that you are in the exact right place to get well. Mel asked me to put together something that he could read to you until I could call in on a conference call later in the summer so here is a little bit about my story...

I had been treated for systemic lupus since I was 14 years old and over the years have had small flares and large flares but there was never a time that I was not being treated for Lupus. In 2014 through 2017 I was taking monthly infusion therapy for lupus and was responding well although I still had positive ANA lupus bloodwork and symptoms.

As well as I can remember, I started noticing some very strange things happening to my body sometime in September 2016 such as sores on my body, mostly on my feet, tons of gritty granules pouring out of my body especially when I was sweating and my eyes felt dry and gritty all the time and they hurt. I had lots of other symptoms but for those of us who have Morgellons or have had Morgellons the list of symptoms can be long and often scary so I am not going to go into further detail because it serves us no purpose. Focusing on the list on scary things that Morgellons presents us with can keep us frozen in fear and in my opinion we need to focus on how to get well from this horrible disease rather than the disease itself.

In September 2017 I was hospitalized for pneumonia caused by lupus and placed in intensive care for two weeks and then one week on a regular floor. While I was in intensive care, I showed my doctor the sores on my feet and the little gritty granules all over my bed sheets. I also told him about some of my other symptoms and he seemed genuinely interested and made little notes all in my file. Silly me, I thought he was really listening. The next morning a psychiatrist came by to see me to talk about the imaginary bugs and things that I thought I had on my body. I tried to explain to this new doctor that these things happening to me were not imaginary and this doctor also seemed very interested and wrote notes all in my file. He left and prescribed me an antidepressant explaining that having a lifelong illness like lupus can wreak havoc on one's mind and he surmised that I had developed Delusional Parasitosis. Neither doctor had any explanation about the sores on my body or the granules coming out of my pores or the other problems that I was having. The psychiatrist came to see me every morning for the entire time I was in the hospital. Every morning he would come to see me and ask me if I was still seeing any bugs or parasites. After the second day that he came to see me, I told him that I must have been so sick when I was first admitted that I was probably hallucinating and that I did not need to see him or need antidepressants. He came every day and I'm sure my insurance paid him a bunch of money but he did stop prescribing the antidepressants. That was when I learned that not only did I not know what I had but whatever it was, no one was going to believe me about it either. I felt alone, afraid,even ashamed and while in the hospital I could not do one single thing about it.

When I got out of the hospital I googled everything I could find until I finally came to believe that I had Morgellons. I joined some blogs and read a lot about Morgellons but I was still conflicted about how to get well. I found some pretty crazy pictures out there and read some really crazy stuff about how to get well and I just felt frozen in fear about what to do, how to get well. I knew this, though, and I clung to it with all my heart, our God means for us to be well and He is the Great Healer. I prayed constantly and asked God to show me the way to be made well. This is where my story of healing really begins.

My symptom of memory fog was a really big issue. In my search for an answer to get well I came accross the How I Cured Morgellons website. I don't remember much at all about what appealed to me except that a lot of it just made sense. The thing that resonated with me the most was the He Cures All Foundation. I remember liking that those people who couldn't afford the supplements could still receive them and get well from this horrible disease. I remember thinking that I was going to go back and look at that website and maybe order that protocol when my first order of the protocol actually arrived in the mail. I had ordered them and I didn't remember! That was May 2017.

So, I started the How I Cured Morgellons protocol in May 2017. After that, I signed up for coaching with Mel because I couldn't concentrate enough to focus and read all the things on the website. I need to talk to him and he would tell me to " write this down". It was a good thing I wrote down what he said too because when we hung up I couldn't remember the details of what he'd told me. I had my notes. I listened to the Oldies but Goodies and past conference calls and started learning more about how to eat a healthy alkaline diet. I had to make notes in a folder which I referred to often because of my memory fog. My diet was very simple in the beginning because I had never even heard of an alkaline diet. I love the "recipes" part of the website today and use many of them as part of my everyday cooking.

To me, the best thing about How I Cured Morgellons and the very best thing about Mel is that I believe that they were both an answer to my prayer that God heal me. This part makes me cry... I asked God to heal me of Morgellons, of this horrible, wicked, scary disease and he used Mel, his How I Cured Morgellons website and the Logos protocol to heal me of Morgellons but he also used them to heal me of Lupus. I was completely Morgellons symptom free within 9 months and I remain so a total of 13 months on the protocol later. Also, I don't have any indications of lupus anymore. My symptoms are gone and my bloodwork is completely normal for the first time since I was 14 years old. I’m 61 years old now. While I do have damage that was caused by lupus and another co infection, my lupus is gone. I want to add that I continue to take the logos protocol and eat healthy and plan to do so forever.

I know that it might be hard for some of you to believe that one day this entire ordeal will be over for you if you follow the How I Cured Morgellons protocol but it will. You might not be well in 9 months like I was but it will be over for you one day if you follow this protocol. Remember “Those who did not give up Hope got well”!

God bless all of you and lots of prayers and great big hugs to each one of you!

God bless you Mel, thank you so much for everything you do and for everything you sacrifice so that we can be made well!

Much love!



12:48:28 PM


You are right. My proof reading is horrible.

So sorry for the confusion.
I was hospitalized in September 2016.

I started the protocol in 2017. 9 months on the Logos Morgellons/ Lyme protocol and I was and remain symptom free.

I continue to take the protocol today!

It is my plan to do so forever as well as live and eat a clean healthy lifestyle.


Thread: ALOHA


7:58:31 AM



My name is Daya. I live in Hawaii.

This is my first post although I've had this disease for 2 years now. I was inspired by Karen's posting to finally write in.

She is so right in her assessment that this is a blessing in spiritual growth and life priorities. I thought I had my act together spiritually when this disease hit me.

I am a certified yoga instructor and I was teaching meditation , visualizations, and having monthly meetings for spiritual transformation. I felt so centered on every level except my marriage. So I left my husband of 13 years and moved away to a home where I could grow and be authentically happy without restrictions .

I don't know how I got this disease , but it doesn't matter... it happened. Within 2 weeks I was going out of my mind with constant itching and other horrible symptoms. I couldn't figure out what it was at first, but after realizing the truth I was devastated!.

I told my husband to keep my insurance active so I could get help... Of course I figured out later that the doctors are no help..

When I told my very angry husband what it was , he wanted to have me committed,... he had actually started looking into it!!!
I had to back-track and tell him I was mistaken because I had been reading too many online conspiracy posts and got carried away!! Conclusion: Bird mites in the attic.

On my one and only doctor visit, the doctor wrote on my chart "parasitic delusions", after testing samples of the "M's I had given him which came back from the lab as "unidentifiable".

I found a holistic doctor who said she was seeing patients EVERY WEEK for this! She was somewhat helpful, but I knew she couldn't cure me, only give me temporary relief. We have SO many cases of this disease here in Hawaii!

I prayed and found Mel..... I started on the Logos Nutritionals and within a month, I started to feel much better. I took the supplements to the holistic doctor who was impressed with the Logos' supplements. I knew I was on the right track towards healing.

Long story short.... my priorities have greatly shifted. I've moved again and sold everything I own. I live a very zen life. I am not teaching at the time for obvious reasons.

I pray ,meditate, visualize perfect heath, start each day with gratitude, look for joy and the opportunity to help others.

I am learning to truly LOVE and accept MYSELF for the first time in my life.

This is what matters... My soul has opened up and my relationship with God has deepened to a level that brings tears to my eyes.

This is the blessing of this disease. We must live without fear and see the blessings in all things. As Mel says, "Never give up".

I hope this post wasn't too long... I have so much to express.

By the way... Every thing is energy, our thoughts, our words, our actions and intentions.. this is why I don't say the M word... it carries an energy that I decided to transform into lightness by calling it something that makes me smile. It works for me. It takes the depressive energy out of it and dis-empowers it.

By the way.... I am about 80% well.. I did have a few other health issues pop up recently... an autoimmune disorder called "Vitiligo" that affects and attacks the skin pigment.. I wont let it take me down!

We are all warriors!!!!!

Love is the cure! ... (and help from Mel)

God Bless!




10:10:36 PM

Hi Daya,

Glad you decided to share your story.

So encouraging.

I am really a newbie here and and constantly learning b listening to all the former calls which are packed with so much information, reading, and doing my best to post in the forum. This is my forth week on the protocol. The "sum" of the parts really work. Looking forward to seeing more post from you.

Everyone in this community is amazing, gentle, kind, loving and most of all very supportive.

I appreciate all the love we share in this community. Mel is so amazing and I thank my God for him.




6:13:39 AM

Thanks to everyone who has given me such positive and encouraging feedback on my return to health!

This community is a very precious and lovely thing to me and I love to keep reading everyone's posts and finding out how people are getting on. I struggle to keep up to date with listening to the calls so am a bit behind but again love hearing everyone.

** As I've not posted for a while here's a shout out to all those in the UK - I live in the UK and I got better on Mel's Protocol, doing everything to my best ability just as its laid out here. **

I want to put it in capitals but feel that might look too aggressive!

It did feel strange at first to say that I was well; I wondered if I was saying it too soon to be sure. Anyway the last two full moons have gone by with me noticing nothing at all, hooray!

After morgellons I know that I need to keep taking care of my health, not take it for granted. As Ellen said recently, it is a new way of living, for life, not just to get better. My diet has stayed fairly much the same, just adding more fruit a little at a time to see if its ok. Cherries off the cherry tree in the garden are a real treat!

I know when I was ill and reading all the posts I wondered what its like for people when they get better, so I want to encourage everyone that it really is possible. All through the two and a half years of being on the full protocol I did wonder if it really would work for me. But I kept my hope in God, because it was God that brought me here and so I knew I was doing the right thing however long it would take. So be patient everyone. We can't all get better as quickly as some do. I'm an example of someone who took a bit longer but still got there.



10:16:22 AM

Hi Ruth,

THANK YOU soooo much for your encouraging post!! I believe that God gives us what we need when we need it AND your post was it for me!!!

I am soooo happy for you and for your restored health!!! I agree COMPLETELY with both you and Ellen... this is not a phase, or a quick fix, it's a life changing protocol, because once we know, what we now know... we truly have the power to choose AND... I pray that I will ALWAYS choose optimal health!!!

Today actually marks my 2 year Anniversary of starting Mel's protocol... while 2 years seems like a VERY long time, I have to remember that I was battling what was believed to be an autoimmune disease and several other illnesses that it and the traditional treatment of it brought on 5 years before Morgellons came on the scene.

Thanks be to God AND to this protocol all those issues I once had are a thing of the past... also my Morgellons is 99% eradicated at this time!!! Woohoo!!!! My last battles remain to be Lyme, Candida and this on and off lingering Bells Palsy... ALL are much better but still waging their battle to stay alive. Good news is I know God is stronger then ALL of them combined AND together we will WIN!!!!

So again, thank you... reading that it took you 2 1/2 years for full recovery could NOT have come at a better time!!! You've been an INTEGRAL part of my healing journey from day ONE, my friend AND for that I sincerely THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!!!

Peace, Love and MANY Prayers,



2:52:07 PM

Hi everyone!

Thank you Chrissie and Leslie for suggesting that more people take advantage of the Skype telephone calls.

When I started on the protocol calling via Skype was a completely new idea for me.

I thought that the conference calls were something I wouldn't be able to join in as I had no idea at all that with Skype I could make international telephone calls so cheaply. But when I looked at Skype and saw it was possible I decided to give it a go.

I had to pay some Skype credit with my card or pay pal but I just put £10 in to begin with and it lasted ages and then I topped it up whenever needed. Once you've got the credit paid you can then just type in the conference call number and then the access code when they ask for it.

If anyone wants help with it just email Mel asking for my contact details and I'm happy to go through it with you in
more detail.

I am now fully recovered from morgellons, but when I was in the middle of it I so desperately wanted to connect with others in the same situation.

I loved hearing the voices on the recorded conference calls and everyone on the calls became a friend to me and I found it so comforting to hear people talking about how they were managing things and how they tackled every aspect of the disease.

I really wanted to be known by people as well though and to really feel that I was part of the website, able to give something to it by taking part in the calls and writing on the forum but also to have my questions answered by Mel and others on the calls was wonderful.

To have others responding to my posts was so amazing as such a lot about the disease feels unbelievable and hard to process mentally and emotionally. Being able to take part in things has been a huge way of processing it all.

Even now as I keep listening to the calls, even though I am way way behind (!) I find I am still working through things emotionally and it is so helpful to hear everyone talking about how they are and asking questions.

I tried joining other forums before I started Mel's Protocol but was so disappointed. No one responded to me or answered my questions.

Here I was welcomed immediately. When I read the first response to my first post from Mary I cried. I had been so lonely and scared. My whole story is lower down on this thread and I kept posting each month how I was.

Because posting here and being on the calls was such an important part of my healing journey I've always wanted to have this thread visible to encourage others from UK and the rest of Europe to join me here as I truly believe it makes a huge difference in getting better.

Give Skype a try and have a go at the calls and put up a post here to introduce yourself. I'm looking forward to getting to know you.



10:23:21 PM


It was a pleasure and joy going to Church Sunday on the website!

I would like to thank all o you for being the forerunners and being the brave Warriors you are.

Late posting this, but we had two full moons in NYC last week Sun 6/24 and Mon 6/25 which seemed to hover right over my sleeping area as bright as the and I had no reaction at all.

Well, Monday will be my on third week of the protocol and I seem to be doing well.

Whoopy Whhop! Don’t know if I’ll be as happy when things began to happen :-).

Your all are in my prayers. Stay encouraged,

Those who don’t lose hope get well.

In The Masters Hand,


Laura (aunt)

1:54:56 PM

There is a LIGHT if you only have Faith!

This disease has taught me many things about life. First of all I will never take my blessings for granted. As I reflect back on my life before MD, I rarely thanked God for all the things he had blessed me with. Now I realize how wonderful He was and still is to me.

The next thing I have learned is; God has been there the whole time and only wanted me to reach out to Him. I now talk to him every morning. He is the light that has been leading the way. Many times we think we have faith and we want to have faith, but it takes constant work.

The past two weeks, required me to put my Faith in God trusting in his word when traveling to visit my mother. What an amazing feeling it is knowing he was with me. No one is stronger than God; no one! His amazing grace helped me get through each day as I learned to stop fearing. I hugged my mother, nieces, nephews, sisters, brother, and two of my grandchildren. Thank you my amazing Lord. It was a new light in my life.

I am writing this to encourage each person who is overcoming this disease to keep the faith, look for your light. It is there but requires faith! I am now at 95% and will never give up. The road has been difficult, lonely, and confusing. But hope, faith, and looking for the light in our Savior is the way back. We have the protocol, the community, and the Lord. It can be done!

"That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth and length and depth and height, and to know the love of Christ, which surpasses knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fullness of God" Ephesians 3:17-19

In Christ Love,



7:53:18 PM

Hello Everyone,

I've been really going through some herxing lately, and it has had its scary moments. That made me start to think about how scary it would be for someone who didn't have much background knowledge about what's going on. As I've mentioned in an earlier post this week, I'm not a newby, so I've had a chance to pick up some knowledge along the way.

Because of this, I thought I'd share some information in a post about these things in the hopes it might make things easier for anyone coming behind me.

Before I start, I'd like to throw in my usual disclaimers. I'm not a research scientist...I do understand a few key things about research and know that in a perfect world, I probably should find the actual research on anything I state, evaluate the research according to a set of guidelines I learned in a graduate class, and then choose information to share from the best articles and THEN cite it all according to APA or MLA is OUT for the summer, and I'm not going to go to all that trouble. Plus...after I did all that, it would probably be so boring, no one would want to read it.

What I'm about to share is from "things I've read" and "things I've heard" along the way including things my doctor told me. I believe the information is reasonable and makes sense, and it's certainly in line with what I've experienced with symptoms of this illness.

Ok...enough's the info in bullet points:

* Before we get sick, we usually get bitten by something. The thing that bites us is called the vector. It carries bad stuff. If it has borrelia, you could get Lyme Disease.

* Whatever gets into your system from the thing that bites you might or might not stay dormant for a while. If it's stayed dormant, at some point stress, a toxic lifestyle, living in a toxic world, etc. can all lead to the expression of symptoms. Or...your first symptoms might be something like collembola right after you got bitten by something.
Collembola is basically a mite on a mite...super microscopic. In many cases this comes from a bird mite...a mite on a bird mite...and it gets under your skin and drives you nuts. That's why we read about how so many people started getting sick after they came into contact with a bird's nest.

* After a while, your immune system starts to go down...and then you might start seeing symptoms of Morgellons Disease.

* If you've been reading online for a while in an attempt to get rid of the collembola, you'll recognize those symptoms.

* Those symptoms are driven from four kinds of pathogens...bacterial, viral, fungal, and parasitic.

* These pathogens are SMART and they tear our immune systems apart. They have "learned" to band together and make life very miserable for us in an attempt to survive.

* When they band together, they exchange dna among themselves and then jack with our dna (forgive the less than professional term...but I'm not a professional...not in this area, anyway). When they band together, that's called a "quorum" and they can do it often and morf around all kinds of ways to stay resistant to anything we try to throw at them.

* In these quorums, they create something called a biofilm inside our bodies and even on our skin. They hide out in these biofilm, and that's what makes it hard for blood tests to pick up what's going on with us sometimes.

* That's also why it's hard to hit it and get rid of it with antibiotics. They'll run away, morf with each other, and hide out in biofilm and then if you don't kill all of them off, the rest of them will morf into a bigger monster...more resistant to treatment.

* The good news is that the natural way (our protocol) to deal with these thugs is effective...even though it takes time and discipline.

Ok...enough about biofilms and thug pathogens. Here are some details about herxing.

* Herxing is a reaction to pathogens dying off. When pathogens die off, they give off endotoxins. Endotoxins are toxic...and if you get enough dying off at the same time, you can feel really sick.

* Sometimes a biofilm can break open during the course of our recovery...and that's a good thing. If it's a big enough biofilm, you might get a big hit of endotoxins in your system. If that happens, you'll feel pretty bad for a while.

What I didn't know, but learned along the way is that there are all kinds of herx symptoms...and here are some:

* Nausea
* Headache
* Joint aches
* Shaking
* Dizziness
* Weakness
* Fatigue
* Purging

There are probably more...but those are some I can remember right now.

Sometimes we live every day with a low level herx...just fatigue. My doctor is the one who told me that fatigue was actually a herx.

Sometimes, we get to enough WPS drops, or just an accumulation of taking supplements and we rip open a biofilm and deal with a big herx. Those are not fun...but drinking a lot of water and then going straight to bed can help.

I've recently discovered something else. Diet can lead to herxing. in point...the keto diet.

I've probably bored the entire reading audience extensively about the keto diet, but I'll say it again for anyone who doesn't understand the basic premise. Keto forces you to cut down on carbs to a very low level. Carbs turn to sugar in our systems...and these pathogens feed on carbs.

I've recently gotten very disciplined with cutting my carbs way down...less than 20 a day. What has happened has been a "starving out" of pathogens...and the subsequent die off from this has put me in a few days of some pretty intense herxing...just from diet!

That really made me think. I know there are many people out there who cannot yet afford the protocol. When this happened, it occurred to me how helpful it could be to just cut down net carbs to 20 or less. If you are reading this and don't know how to do that, all you do is find the number of carb grams and subtract the number of fiber grams and you get net carbs.

If you do this, you can really make a difference in killing off pathogens.

If you do this AND are on the protocol, you'll really see a difference in your recovery.

I did go through a mighty challenging herx from this, but have now come out on the other side and I feel SO much better and my symptoms have decreased significantly. That's the good thing about a usually precedes a change for the better. It's kind of like the wall of flames you have to jump through to get to the other side.

Ok...sorry this is so long...but I hope it helps anyone who cares to read it.





2:50:26 PM

Hello everyone,

It has been a while since I posted because of extreme fatigue.

This is the 5th day that the fatigue is gone. I still have symptoms but I do better if I cut the carbs.

I hope this inner strength that I have will last.
I can do a lot more cooking cleaning etc. and the depression is gone since the fatigue is gone.

I do believe that this absence of fatigue is a sign that I am getting better.

Mel's advice has been crucial to my progress and the conference calls.

I appreciate you all,
Much love, Cathy


Karen **

3:53:13 PM

Hi Everyone!

I've been thinking about food lately...big's my worst and best thing in regard to my toxic disease recovery journey.

It's my worst thing because I periodically "fall off the wagon" of eating right, which, along with working so much and getting exhausted are the two main reasons why I'm not well yet. Btw...for those of you who don't know me...I am WAY better...and can really see the light at the end of the tunnel...and if I can stay focused, I KNOW I'll get to the finish line within months...I'm just so much better in spite of my occasional falls from the food wagon. Prayers for my ability to stay disciplined in this regard are greatly appreciated.

The topic of food is also my best thing because I enjoy cooking, and perversely, I actually am challenged in a good way by the limitations of what we can eat. I know this sounds kind of strange, me, it's fun to take a narrow set of parameters and see what I can come up with. It's kind of like those cooking shows or design shows where they limit the ingredients or materials and put in time constraints. It's amazing what people can come up with in those conditions!

I can say, without a doubt, that I've come up with some really great things to eat that work within our dietary restrictions and feel like I'm eating like a queen when I prepare them.

As we all know, preparing food every day is difficult with many of our of this, I'm attempting to come up with some time savers that will make it easier to stay on track.

I was also thinking of things children would like, and one big food prep technique that all kids (and most grown up kids) love kept coming to the forefront of my mind...and that is the word, FRIED.

Ok...the first thing most of us think of in that regard no no no no...we can't have that!

Well...I've given this some thought and come up with some pros and cons of fried.

Here's the con list first...and it's really not all that long!

If you go past low carb into even a medium amount of carbs combined with fried, it's a recipe to gain weight. This might actually be a good thing for those of you who are trying to gain weight. That was true for me a year or so more. I just look at those size 2's in my closet and wish...but I digress.

I believe anything fried is going to create acidity which will take away from the goal of staying easy.

Here's the pro list...hey! It's longer!

Anything fried tastes really good!

Most kids will actually eat things that are fried...even veggies in many cases. can actually fry and keep it low carb. Meats...veggies...all are good fried! That means you can eat fried and lose weight...that's one of the best things ever about the keto diet...but you DO have to limit the carbs...A LOT...but it's still very easily do-able.

You can use coconut flour or almond flour for coatings...and keep it low carb.

You can use beaten egg to dip things to be fried into before the carbs.

You can prepare things to be fried and keep them in the fridge (example...cut up seasoned chicken tenders "marinating" in an egg wash) and then just dip them in the coating and fry...or a made up mixture for veggie "tots"...I'm working on how to do this and how long the mixture will stay good in the fridge...stay tuned for this one. that'll keep it low carb and ok for the toxic disease diet...but what about the oil?

Well...I've learned some interesting things about oil lately by reading...and I'm going to share them here. Please forgive me for not citing sources or adding a bibliography. School is OUT for the summer, and I'm going to just share this as "something I've read." If anyone sees something I've shared as wrong, please don't hesitate to correct me. I will not get my feelings hurt...but what I'm going to share is pretty straightforward without much room to misinterpret, so I'll proceed. question has been...why are certain oils so problematic for us?

Let's start with canola oil. It's in all kinds of stuff. Pick up any label in the store of anything with more than a few ingredients, and there it is..."canola oil." I won't go into gory details about it, but suffice it to say...canola oil is not our friend. is a GREAT friend of Monsanto.

Enough said about that one.

So...which oils are our friends?'s what I learned.

You want to have oils that are easily oil...coconut oil, and avocado oil (there may be more, but those are the ones I know about). Grass fed butter is another form of "oil" but it'll burn pretty easily which makes it great for browning things but not so great for frying.

Oils made from seeds or any other plant where the process of removing the oil is difficult, have to be extracted with the use of hexane.

Hexane is not our friend.

Enough said about that one.

Of or gmo free "good oils" (as listed above) are is "cold pressed" because it is apparently a better extraction system.

Oil can be pricey if you're going to use it I'm working on some fried recipes that will only require a little in the bottom of the pan.

Please help me "shop" for some cheaper "good oils" online so we can share this information. If you find the link in this thread.

Summer time can create some real food temptations...because it just seems like there should be some food fun going on this time of year, and...let's face it...I don't care what culture you're from or what part of the world your is ALWAYS part of "fun."

So...instead of fighting it...instead of depriving ourselves...I thought it would be a great idea to figure out how to have some fun fried foods that we as toxic disease sufferers could have and enjoy without totally breaking the bank or taking a huge amount of time to prepare.

So...stay tuned...I'm going to post some fried recipes in the regular recipe thread and in the "Choices for Children" thread.





12:57:45 PM

Hi Anna and welcome to this community.

My heart goes out to you because of the length of time you have suffered as well as your family issues. The "sum of the parts" and Mel's protocol have worked for me. The amount of toxicity that needs purged from the body may seem insurmountable, but rest assured it is doable.

With commitment, determination, persistence, and an indomitable spirit one can conquer this. Please don't look at the family as a negative for together you Can conquer this. All of you.

Those that don't give up hope get well.

Warmest Regards,




1:15:43 AM

Dear Anna,

I'm sorry to hear you have had this for 15 years.

It's a long time my friend! I have had it for seven,
so I totally empathize.

I'm very glad to hear you are on the protocol now as it really is the best thing that I have ever taken in all these years to help me. I have Been on it seven months now. My body does feel stronger because of it, it has so many nutrients that we need.

Ha, the rainbow comes again!! You do know that Mel loves rainbows hence the picture of the rainbow alongside stories of hope!

Well, the day Mel told me I was getting help with the protocol I went outside and immediately saw a beautiful large rainbow in the sky!! :-). I wrote about it on the forum at that time!
So, your rainbow story makes perfect sense to me.

Though I laughed re the rainbow trout:-) .

I also understand how you felt hand shaking in church, I felt the very same way. It has been suggested I wear gloves, but to be honest I'm still uncomfortable at this time with it.

I'm sure that little baby was fine, but I totally understand how it made you feel. It's very difficult at times, I know.
But... It's so good you are getting the protocol now and that you are joining the community. Welcome!



Jen + 5

6:22:19 PM

Hi Anna!

Funny I read your post today after seeing a gorgeous rainbow just yesterday. You are definitely where you need to be! It's also no coincidence that so many of us truly feel that we were led here by God (myself included).

In fact, it wasn't until after I stopped trying to figure out what was going on and completely surrendered to God that I found this site and felt immediate relief.

Of course I felt skeptical, but can honestly say that this protocol works and all you have to do is follow it. Isn't that always how God works after all? He will fight for you, you need only to be still and trust in him.

May God bless you as you begin your journey! Also, it is my understanding that we can't pass this along by simply touching someone, hope that helps!



9:30:22 PM


I would just like to say that I agree with what you have found. A ketogenic diet is what has changed my life. It has helped tremendously with my Lyme and MD. It has also reversed my type II diabetes which I was treated for by western medicine from age forty to fifty. I am no longer diabetic.

Since implementing the "sum of the parts", Mel's protocol, and the ketogenic diet my health has improved.

Thank you Karen for sharing this information.
I just wanted to put my two cents in.





12:14:38 AM

I have been on what seems like a very long journey since at least October of 2016 and probably longer than that, because that was when I exhibited my acute symptoms. I have literally lost everything but gained myself. It is good for me to love me. I am not sure I ever really knew how. This affliction had forced me into a corner that I wasn't sure I could ever crawl out of.

Mel and Peter taught me about "the sum of the parts" and Mel's protocol. These things took me some time to wrap my head around as my brain fog was immense. However both of these men guided me along my path along with John B. They literally saved my life. Without them I would have perished. Without the "sum of the parts" and the protocol I simply would not exist at least on this plane.

The sum of the parts are more than their "sum" as there is a spiritual level of healing that transcends the suffering we are experiencing. I know. I know. All we see at first is the excruciating pain! It's unbearable. As I followed the loving direction of those placed in my path to heal me, I began my transformation. It happened very slowly, but I still remember the day when all the negative energy cried out, Oh no!" This is not an exaggeration.

Relaxation, prayer, and meditation are key. Believe it or not this attack upon the very core of our existence is a blessing to actually heal us and bring us to a new level of consciousness. It is critical to our being to learn how to relax. It doesn't matter how one accomplishes this as long as it is achieved.

I have learned to pray and now even how to meditate. It is no longer a duty, instead it is a joy I look forward to everyday. I have learned things about our bodies like the seven chakras that help control our fourteen glands and twelve operating systems of our bodies. I have learned techniques like grounding while praying and or meditating. I basically sit in a chair or stand barefoot while praying and or meditating. It fills my soul. I would have never done this a year ago as all insects and whatever else seemed to constantly attack me. But now my systems have improved, and I am forever changed.

I am trying to learn about different laws in the universe like the law of attraction. No I am not looking for another mate mates:) I am finally good with being with myself...loving and caring for myself. I have learned and am learning how to accomplish this.

Persevere and do not give up hope. The first step is to learn how to relax. It is of primary importance that one accomplish this at all cost. Fear and anxiety feed this.

Fear not my brothers and sisters. Only believe.

Much Love,




6:27:48 PM


You cannot go wrong with those resolutions. They are the very best.

I make them and break them daily though do try to take each day as it comes and not worry about tomorrow.

Acupuncture and chiropractic worked for me over many years as did homeopathy.

Chinese and Ayurverdic medicine too have their merits using herbs and natural oils.

I was pulling up weeds today and knew that there was healing in each weed though we haven,t yet found out the real value of all that grows wild around us.

I walked the length of my garden ( with my walker).

The trees are in leaf and there is a carpet of bluebells.
The scents are beautiful.

I wouldn't be here but for Mel.

A year ago I was in a wheelchair. The year before that passed in a haze of pain and misery, And the year before that i cannot or do not wish to remember.

Meditation? Well for me that is prayer and surely prayer is the greatest of all healing.

You have become very strong and wise, Thomas, and your hope is vibrant. Keep on keeping on.

Don,t forget the power of water and lemons.

God Bless



10:30:08 PM

Almost week #9. Heavy on my heart to post here today.
After reading Thomas's thread, feel better and not so scared. Knowledge is Power.

Grateful for no UTI's the since the protocol, YAY! Gonna incorporate the lemons in water more than not. Super grateful that Mel put Denise and I together, we've been texting and lifting each other up often.

Went to the Airshow today and enjoyed the sun and just the day with my husband, reflecting often of how grateful I am to not be laying on the couch/bed depressed.

Sometimes I still buy into it or if the pain is too great I will rest (listening to the body) LOVE NAPS!

I Went back into my real estate career last week after being away from it for 4 years, definitely due to this affliction.

Crazy how it works on your confidence along with the physical.Did too much and paid for it, so gotta learn how to be content with the blessing of going back instead of trying to be who I was. I quickly recognized that I am not totally well yet, but so very happy to be back doing what I truly love.

Decided to use a 4 year old picture cuz I hate the way I look right now. My skin is getting better but I hate being reminded of this thing everytime my picture is taken. Oh well.

Missed everyone on the call this a.m. last week being my first time was powerful! Thank you everyone! I love this group and I am so very very THANKFUL to you Mel and all those here!

Wishing healing blessings to everyone here and pray for those that are searching the internet for answers that they stumble on to us as I believe truly this is the place that is gonna heal us. (Of course that includes the "sum..."



11:08:28 AM

Hi Tina,

It's great to read your posts and see your progress. Your story is both personally yours and a reflection of the rest of us who share your journey. You're so right about how this disease can affect your confidence though. The downright scariness of it can work on your psyche like nothing else I've ever experienced.

However...I've learned that keeping track of the positives daily has been very helpful in getting me focused on going forward and staying in balance while I'm working toward Happy Dance status.

It sounds like you've found some great things to celebrate...a day with your husband...the sun on your face...being out and about...the joy of naps...etc.

Try not to worry about how your appearance has changed. That worried me to death for a good while, but I learned that your looks will improve as you get well.

Though a year older, I know I look better this year than last because people I see intermittently tell me so. The circles under my eyes have diminished and the glassy look in my eyes is all but gone. My skin tone (when I sleep enough) is better, and I definitely smile more...and that makes all the difference in anyone's appearance. Overall, I just look healthier.

There is much to look forward to as you get well. I learned something new just this morning. Mel called me on skype. My laptop is in the kitchen and I was in the other room, so I ran to answer it without grabbing my glasses first. I just wear readers...but they're pretty strong and I need them to see most anything.

I answered and told Mel...just a minute...I need to find my glasses. When I came back, he asked me what strength I wear. I told him 3.25...I know...I'm Mr. Magoo. Mel told me that a few years back, he wore 3.0...but now he only needs 2.0.

Wow! That is exciting!!! He said it was from taking the protocol for so long...things in your body just continue to improve.

That is just one thing...though there are certainly other benefits to the protocol as well. Of course...the main benefit we want from it is to say goodbye to the toxic diseases.

There is so much hope for that to happen here on the site! Ruth's recent happy dance status has inspired me so much...and she's just ONE of so many!

So...don't let this disease work on your mind. You get to be boss of that...not the disease...and you get to choose what you think.

Keep posting Tina...and I look forward to "seeing" you again on conference calls.




Donna M

9:08:32 AM

Hi Tina,

Welcome to our community. You will find help with just about anything here and more importantly will heal. I know I am doing so much better!

You seem to be doing so much better too. You enjoyed an air show with your husband and have resumed your real estate career. How wonderful!! You are definitely giving others hope and encouragement and you will receive it here as well.

The Sum of the Parts is important. It is not always easy as most of us can attest to, but so worth it! I have only been here 5 months after having M for 7 months. I think I figured it out early but I have just been diagnosed in the last month with Lyme Disease too (my IgG levels showed I had been exposed to it in the past.)

Interesting about blood type - I am O positive but my mother was O negative and she strangely complained about itching in her later years which we attributed to her diabetes. Doctors had her on medication to alleviate the itching but now in the back of my mind, I wonder.

I pray for you as I do for all of us that we may reach that Pot of Gold (cure) at the end of that rainbow! We all will!!

God Bless,




10:54:13 AM

Good Morning All :)

As the Lord often does speaking to me to check in here on the forum, I wanted to thank you for posting on my journey. It is very uplifting.

Thomas, you are so right with the sugars. I have been slipping a bit and although I may not pay for it always (due to the protocol protecting my insides) I could be doing and feeling
even better if I resume my strict diet, so thank you for calling me out.

I love that we are accountable to each other and this really is my other family. I never want to be complacent in this journey and never want to take anything for granted.

I am so grateful going back to work and at my own pace,
instead of laying in bed crying and wondering why?

Mel's website literally SAVED MY LIFE!

I now have structure, guidance and loving support from all those here. I don't have to "trip out" so much and that in itself is "enough" sometimes.

SO, once again I thank you all for your encouragement and pray that I may be of service to anyone that needs it.

I really believe that is the key to life and that God knows our heart and will always take care of the rest. Love to you all!!

God Bless everyone here and especially those who haven't found us yet and that the Spirit will guide them here as it has for me.



1:04:02 AM

I have scalp issues as well, although I do not have the gel you are experiencing. I have found rubbing alcohol on cotton makeup removers to help my symptoms. I rub in a circular motion on spots then throw away. It’s not easy, but i use one hand to part the hair so i can reach the scalp. At first, I was using many of these, and I’m not sure if that’s wise, because of the fumes, but it did reduce my biting, itching symptoms and kept me from scratching my skin. I have also used antibacterial wipes in the same way.

My hair is shoulder length, and I did think about cutting it even shorter, but the protocol is reducing my symptoms now.
I also switched to a dandruff shampoo that I let sit in hair almost 5 minutes before rinsing in the shower, then use a coconut conditioner to counteract how drying the shampoo can be.

I’m sorry you have these scalp issues, but know this is the right place for us to heal, inside and out.

Perhaps you could pose these questions on an upcoming Saturday conference call, or arrange one-to-one coaching with Mel.

May God bless and heal you.



12:11:52 PM

Hi David,

Welcome to the best thing you could've ever run across (Mel's site).

Sounds like you have a good idea of what this thing is but the fact that you got here is immeasurable. Forever!

I'm only on the protocol about 7 weeks and am feeling so much better most of the time. That's a lot!

I too feel like I contracted it when living in the Angeles Forest.

Anyways welcome and glad you are here.

God bless you.
Tina :)



6:03:11 PM

Hello everyone!

I’m fairly new to these here parts. I am so thankful to have found Mel’s beautiful website! What an oasis in a desert of scary conditions.

I’ve been listening to prior conference calls, sitting in on current ones, and reading, reading, reading. There is such a wealth of good information and inspiration here.

It didn’t take long for me to know this is the place God will use for my healing.

As a cancer survivor, I have learned to fight to live. That fight caused chemotherapy nerve damage to my feet that can be painful. The symptoms of this new illness hit my feet pretty hard, and I struggled to get any sleep at all.

God gave me a quick peace about this website, and I ordered Logos supplements and started Mel’s protocol last month.

I am amazed that after just two weeks my pain related symptoms were lessened considerably. I’m so grateful to Mel and John B for this relief-I can sleep some now. And we all know that is one of our protocol goals.

As for our food, I’m doing ok, and am using the recipes section to learn creative ways to enjoy the vast array of veggies we can eat, One early discovery I’ve always liked at restaurants but hadn’t tried at home-roasted veggies with olive oil and garlic. This roasting makes everything so yummy! And I can buy pre-chopped veggies, toss in a bowl and let the oven do the work. For someone like me, who has trouble standing in the kitchen, it’s wonderful.

So there’s a few thoughts about my first month.
Let’s walk to better health together!

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13


When I started reading the forum just under three years ago I loved following the progress of all the different people, reading how they were improving, all the ups and downs of their journey. Sometimes I found it hard when people stopped posting because I wondered if they had ever got well, had they had setbacks, if they did get well how did they go forward with diet and everything else we manage in our lives.

So when I started posting I made the decision that I would never stop until I got well, whether the news was good or bad or boring!

I found that posting the stage where I was stopping the olive leaf and WPS was really difficult. I felt quite exposed saying that I had no symptoms but would wait and see what would happen stopping those two things. I really didn't want to disappoint anyone. It felt that it would have been easier to just keep quiet. Anyway I have now been off the olive leaf and WPS for the three months, just keeping on with the Wellness Kit and am happy to report that there is nothing to report!

I aim not to examine my skin and most of the time I manage that. Its just that sometimes my skin will get a little itch! Did that happen before morgellons - it must have done but of course I never thought anything about it. But now if I do I still spray with Kleen Green or WPS but there is nothing to see. I get the occasional spot on my face but of course I always did before. Maybe as time passes I will calm down - but I want to keep learning how to look after my health. I've learnt so much from being ill but want to keep on learning to make sure that I stay well.

Thank you again to Mel - I cannot imagine what I would have done without him and this website. Thank you to you all for being my friend here. I'm still following everyone's progress on the forum and on the calls and cheering you on.



9:26:51 PM

Hello Everyone,

My name is Neil and I'm a new member here.

I am about 4 weeks into the protocol and I am feeling a night and day difference from were I was.

It was a little overwhelming at first for me; where do I start? What should I eat? What should I not be doing? etc.

I realized quickly that I could benefit from one on one coaching from Mel. Within a few minutes of conversation I felt like I've known him for years.

He's a straight shooter and down to the point (kind of reminds me of boot-camp).

The few times we spoke helped so much when I felt hopeless.

Mel and this fantastic community he's built is just what I need. So if you decide one on one is for you, be prepared to take suggestions because Mel will point you in the right direction!

God Bless,



11:29:54 AM

This is a great idea Mel.

As we all know, this is a very emotional disease. I know that it's made THE difference for me to be able to call you when I have the need rather than waiting for a scheduled phone call.

Sometimes you just need to know something NOW...and having this service available to coaching customers is a real lifesaver.

As you know, I could't find you yesterday afternoon. I'd called you after coaching hours...was looking to say hi...and no answer. I figured you were taking a nap.

So I called again...and again.

It got mind went into overdrive and I started worrying you'd gotten hit by a car walking to the store or had fallen out of your rubber raft into the lake. I had a very somber moment wondering what in the world I'd ever do if you weren't around.

I was so relieved and happy when you called...and when you skyped a little later and I saw your sunburned face, I WERE taking a nap all that your raft.

I'm better now because of your expertise and advise.


Nothing else has helped me.

One on one coaching is the best way to facilitate removing this disease from one's life.

Being able to talk to you when you need it most is a wonderful service.

Thank you Mel for adding this feature to your menu of services.





4:42:26 PM

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to weigh in on the benefits of One on One Coaching with Mel. It occurred to me again this morning just how much difference it makes.

Case in point...I'm now going through what I call the eye of the needle. I (think) I'm getting toward the end of this nightmare...and it's a scary rough ride. I'm not a newby...I've been around for a while and have read and read and listened and participated in conference calls.

I'm a very active member of the community. Btw...being an active part of the community helps SO much, so if you're just reading and staying on the sidelines, please come join us! I told Mel that I'd "stalked" the site for a solid year before jumping in.

If you're like me, you've just read SO much on the internet and it's hard to know what works and what doesn't. This one works. It's not a quick fix, and you have to have discipline, but the payoff is incredible. I'm so very thankful for all my progress to date, and so happy not to be in the same shape I was last year.

But I thing this morning was a BIG herx, the cutting off the head of the dragon and having three grow back kind of herx. I've been around for a while, so this shouldn't scare me, right?


It scared me to death and then the monsters came into my head. I'd gotten up...taken a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, put cold water on my head, started my next step in the progression of my "stuff to do" protocol.

I'd been up half the night with the face tickles and had whined and felt sorry for myself pretty extensively. I'd finally gotten back to sleep in the early hours of the morning and then slept until ten. I was so mad at myself for "wasting" that much time because I have so much to do...and that's when I started getting into some really negative thinking

So...I'm putting liquid stevia on my face as my next step, and suddenly I get sick...I mean SO sick...herx-a-riffic sick. It wasn't the stevia...that's just what I was doing when this thing hit. You all know what this kind of herx is like...feeling like you're going to throw up...achy...head ache...and so very weak and tired. I started shaking and just put my head down on my vanity and whimpered.

It scared me to death. One does not reason well in that state of mind.

I called Mel and said I needed coaching. He instantly stopped kidding around and said what you need? He listened intently and told me exactly what to do. I did it and am feeling SO much better, and even better, once I heard his voice and his explanation of what was going on, I instantly calmed down and stopped being so scared and negative and was able to get back into a place of reason.

I've said this before, but it bears repetition. What in the world would we do without Mel? I'd be scared to death and shaking in a corner. The site is invaluable...the community is a lifesaver, but knowing that coaching is available when you need it is beyond a blessing.

I always say this...Mel is not a doctor...and he is aware of this and does not claim to be. I consider him a health coach who specializes in toxic illness. I know if I get sick and need to talk to my doctor, it's ALWAYS a wait and a ton of red tape, not to mention WAY more expensive than what coaching costs. Sadly, and as we all know, the doctors can't help us in this nightmare anyway. Additionally, insurance is horrible and I'm sure that's the case for most of us right now in the US.

However, if you need coaching, it's a quick turn around, the price is reasonable, and Mel is there for you, and he can deliver the information you need at the time.

Most of you know that Mel and I are more than friends, but...I was a regular coaching customer for many months before things turned a corner. As a matter of fact, I was one of his first coaching customers.

So...if you're like me, you might need more having someone who knows toxic disease inside out to talk you off the ledge if you get scared to death like I did this morning.

Just wanted to share these thoughts, and I wish all of my fellow travelers on this recovery path well.





10:53:27 PM

Hello everyone,

I have decided to start posting about my situation for two reasons:

1) I truly now believe I have some form of toxic disease from which
I am starting to get better!

2) I am afraid Mel will soon be coming up my drive way with his hockey stick if I don't.

This is Les and I have been on Mel's Lyme & Morgellons Protocol since the beginning of August. I have been reluctant to post (having never done this before) until I knew I was getting better.

I have had mostly sores that are very slow to heal. But it has been an up and down battle because as soon as some healing has taken place new sores have developed. However, the new ones are not as intense as the old. Some areas have healed completely which has given me great hope of getting well.

I am currently taking 9/9 drops in morning and evening of the wps.
The Logos Nutritional supplements have give me a great sense of well being and much needed energy.

I would like to thank Mel, Thomas, Karen, Laura, Christie, Michelle, and everyone that comes to the calls on Saturdays and Sundays for their encouraging words, prayers, and advice.

You have all been a God send to me

I still do not understand all that is happening but I will not give up hope.

To anyone new or needing encouragement, please follow the protocol, listen to Mel, and come to the calls.

You Will Get Well!

May God Bless Everyone!



11:10:33 AM

Good Morning,

Checking in and wanted to share my progress. Even though it's only been about 6 weeks since beginning the protocol, I've consistently seen improvement and feeling like something positive is happening.

Had a rough night last night though to be honest. I haven't felt like that, in a good while and couldn't figure out where it was coming from.

Pretty disappointing then decided to read some of the new posts on the forum, i.e; "Les" and just felt better knowing I'm not alone.

Thank you for ALL for what you do, even if you don't know you're doing it.



Donna M

10:28:54 AM

Hi Les,

I enjoy hearing you on the conference calls. I can tell you have the faith, fortitude and strength to get through this. Sometimes I get discouraged too, but I will fight this one battle at a time and I will win the war through God's help. It is not easy but never give up hope!

I have completed four months of the protocol and the difference in how I feel is encouraging. I have not yet posted my story but I also would like to thank Mel, Karen, Chrissie, Laura, you and everyone on the conference calls and prayer calls each week. Many times you all have given me strength to keep fighting.

I do believe we were guided by God and through his guidance we will get well. I pray for all of us suffering through this every day.


Many Blessing!

Donna M



5:18:27 PM

Hi all,

After reading this thread, I cried. Not because of how horrible this disease is (and it is), but because we can all get well! I, and so many others before me are living proof. This protocol is the only answer. Along with Mel's coaching (which is worth all the gold in the world), we can all get well.

I know it is a long, confusing, scary road, but each time you get "flare up", the recovery gets shorter and shorter, until one day you realize you are beating it. This month is my 2 year anniversary of receiving my first order from Logos. I will still order it every month because I want my body to stay strong and healthy. Don't ever give up!

All my best,


Laura (aunt)

7:07:52 AM


Thank you for the wonderful encouragement. This community has been such an important part in my recovery from this disease. I give thanks to God for leading me here.

The protocol outlined for us is beneficial in so many ways. I have learned the importance of restoring my bio-terrain /immune system and how this protocol has promoted this process. I will also continue to use Logo's supplements after recovering from this disease as a way to maintain my health.

“Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:” Philippians 1:6

In Christ Love,



1:18:09 PM


It's really good to see your post.

You were missed at the weekend conference calls, we missed your familiar laugh. There is something missing if your laugh is not there and that is true! :-).

I hope you and yours are well.

Keep keeping on, I know you have good days and not so good days (as many of us have). But we can all see improvement slowly but surely, which is very good.

I know you are a fighter, because you are always there fighting on. So I know you have the will power and determination to succeed.

We are all glad you are part of the community too!




10:44:12 AM

Hello All!

This may come to a surprise that I am writing and it should!
I have a couple of days off and I trying to catch up on some things, one being this. My April is going to be crazy with a wedding and some concessions coming up.
I just wanted to let you guys know I am doing really good! I am still very busy! I will always be on the protocol! I want to encourage everyone to stay on the protocol and stay the course! This protocol works if you do all the sum of the parts.
God is our healer! God! This protocol, website and the people on here is why I am doing so well.
God is also working on my heart and fixing some issues that have come along. Please pray for me.

Love you guys!



11:10:08 AM

Hello past, present and future, fellow warriors!

I like EACH and EVERY one of you cannot imagine where I would be without Mel and this AMAZING website?!?!?!? I "literally" shudder to even think about it!!!!
The truth is this website which is MOST definitely a gift from God... it saved BOTH my life AND my sanity, I'm guessing it has saved or is saving yours too!!!!

With that in mind, I absolutely LOVE Mel's idea of past warriors to begin subscribing monthly to the website for as many months as they were here!!! If that is too hard to remember on a monthly basis, calculate those months x $5 and consider making that donation today. I would recommend putting the words subscriber fee x _____ (however many months you were here or you are donating) in the comment area of your donation.
I am sure Mel will be thrilled to send you the code each month.

I am also, however, going to request the same of present and future warriors. It is $5 a month to get our health and our lives back... that is quite a bargain and as previously mentioned an INCREDIBLE gift from God!!!

Let's all pitch in and do our part to allow God's gift to keep reaching ALL those individuals SUFFERING from a toxic disease!!!!

Peace, Love & MANY Prayers,



8:57:23 AM

It saddens me that Mel even had to write this.

No one around here has any extra money that I can tell, and neither do I...but...if not for Mel, I'd no longer be working...but even if I was unemployed and really struggling, I'd find a way to support this site by at least buying a monthly subscription because it is a lifeline to a future I otherwise would not have.

We ALL benefit if this site continues to operate

Five dollars a month is a very nominal cost for the support this site offers. We all spend much more on things that matter so very much less.

It still mystifies me that so many people are coming to this site to seek information...and how so many are quite willing to take advantage of the lifesaving information that it offers, and yet how few subscribers there are relative to that number.

This can only mean that:

1. There are people out there who haven't yet made up their minds about which direction to pursue.

2. There are people out there who are sharing the code and / or breaking the code.

3. There are those who just want to get what they can and not care.

If it's the first reason, then please let me assure you that people get well here. They get one hundred percent well...and move on with their lives. That's the good news. The flip side to that coin is that it takes time and and perseverance...and an ability to look the devil (toxic illness) in the eye and not back down.

If it's the second or third reason, then that is a sad statement about ethics and basic morality.

Mel is not a government agency...he is not a heavily funded foundation...he is not some magic elemental who is here to make wishes come true.

He is not a faceless entity who doesn't matter.

He is a good and decent man who cares deeply for others.

He is selfless and kindhearted.

He is also someone who doesn't put up with foolishness...and he tells things like he sees them. He's a human being like we all are with a fair mix of positive and negative...but he is HERE.

I often think of what it would be like if this site and his expertise were not available.

It is a grim thought.

We ALL need to support this man who is always there for us. He shows up every day. He takes a beating often because there are so many who are at their wits end and suffering from brain fog.

Mel is relentlessly dedicated and has a massive job in front of him each day he sits down in front of his computer. He does this alone...a "one man show" to support all of us. It's a very difficult task to juggle all of our needs and demands, but he does it by working harder than anyone I know...and certainly harder than anyone else I know who is 72 years old.

He is fearless about putting himself out there to support the toxic disease community when most of us are scared to death for even a stranger to know we have this disease.

He does all of this to help others because he believes it is the right thing to do.

So...WE need to do the right thing and support this man. In the least, those of us who come to this site should subscribe monthly. If you have been helped by him, think hard...and then donate accordingly.

Book him for some one on one coaching sessions. That will be priceless to you and helpful for Mel as well.

Like someone posted earlier...I NEED this site. I'm so close to being well...and my life has changed dramatically from what it was a year ago...or even six months ago.

This is directly attributable to this site.

Not to doctors.

Not to a quick cure.

Not to the expensive rife machine I bought.

Not to any of the zappers or dna fixers, etc. I bought.

Not to any other site advice or anything in a tube, bottle, or jar that I spent a LOT of money on.

My drastically improved reality is because of the information gleaned from this site and from a man in Reno named Mel Friedman.

What price for a life?

I don't know about others...but for life is worth a whole lot more than five dollars a month.

I'm a single woman who works two jobs. I don't work two jobs for fun...I do it because I need the money. I don't have much that could even remotely be categorized as "extra," but...I subscribe and donate because I need this lifeline and I have enough insight and intelligence to understand that it's the right and decent thing to do.

These are kind of strong words coming from me. I usually soft petal most things in life...but this is important...and I hope it gets the attention of others and helps get the number of subscribers to increase soon.


Julie B

1:37:29 PM


Hello everyone,

I am on the eighth month of the protocol and just went through my first major herx.

I must admit it wasn't fun. I had been dreading it. I had read other's accounts of it in the Forum. And got a lot of good information listening to the conference calls.

The wonderful part of it was being prepared when it hit. but not being afraid. I understood what was happening. That meant so much!!

I have to admit that if I hadn't understood it, I might have become discouraged and given up, thinking I was getting worse instead of better.

I am feeling much better now. So thankful!!!

So thankful for Mel's One On One Coaching. It's wonderful to know if I have a question, that I can ask him personally.

So thankful for the Forum. The wealth of information is so helpful. And the loving comradery of those on here is priceless. Wonderful to be able to share with those who understand.

So thankful for the conference calls. Both the live ones and being able to listen to the recorded ones I missed.

So thankful for my Lord and Savior answering my prayers and leading me to Mel's website.

Fight on warriors! If you do the sum of the parts - you are winning! Slow and steady!!

Julie B.


10:20:02 AM

Hello Everyone and Welcome.

While the title of this thread is certainly heartwarming, I want to make sure we give credit where credit is due: All restoration that comes from this website springs forth from a commitment to God. A promise made and kept… not only by me, but many others who have been called here for His purposes. I consider myself blessed to be well and able to serve. Without His intervention, I believe that would not have been possible for me or for you.

So let the glory go to where it belongs… our Heavenly Father!

God Bless you all, and yes its true: Those who do not give up Hope get well (if you don’t believe me, check out the latest two threads)!



Brenda from Texas

9:00:28 PM

Hi Kelly!

Thank you so much for your post.

I too have recently become well from Morgellons and am so thankful to Mel, his wisdom, experience and this protocol.

I am especially thankful to Mel for his selflessness.
Karen has made us more aware recently of just how selfless Mel has really been and I am so happy that he has made some changes that I hope will benefit him in the future.

I believe that God is using Mel every day to help people like us to recover from Morgellons when others have turned their backs on us. I also believe that God is using John and our Logos supplements to heal us as well. Isn't God awesome?

A little bit about my story... like most of us, I was told by doctors that I was imagining all my symptoms and that they were all in my head.

Mel says to not go into scary details of our Morgellons illness and I don't guess we really need to but, we all have our own frightening experiences and having doctors telling us that they aren't real makes things worse.

Some of my biggest symptoms at the time were sores on my feet and scalp that would not heal, tons of small sand like gritty granules coming out of my body, especially the skin on my lower torso and from my eyes, and memory problems.
I had other problems but these were a few of my biggest ones.

Somehow in my quest to find out what was wrong with me and how to get well, I came across At the time, I don't remember looking at other websites or even how I determined that I had Morgellons and not some other strange illness.

My testimony is that it was God because I was talking to God all the time. I was praying for God to please show me what was wrong with me and to lead me to the way to be made well. Frankly, that is all I remember except I do remember looking at this website and seeing the He Cures All Foundation and I was so impressed with the idea that those who could not afford the protocol could still receive the supplements and get well if they followed the protocol. That just seemed right to me.

Somehow this website, Mel, the supplements, diet, the forum and conference calls and the access to be made well by those who could not afford the supplements just seemed right to me.
In my memory fog, I do not remember ordering my 1st order of the Logos supplements but I know I did because I received them in the mail.

Mel says that I have been healed of Morgellons pretty fast and of that I feel very blessed. I just ordered my 10th month of Logos supplements. Although I no longer have Morgellongs symptoms, I still battle other serious coinfections, so my journey is not over.

While I do not have Lymes as so many other Morgellons sufferers have, I do have Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, so I take the Logos Lymes supplements. If I went to a doctor today who did not know my background, they would not know of my past history with Lupus, as all of those test and numbers today look great! I attribute this directly to our wonderful diets and the Logos supplements, WPS and Colloidal Silver.
Like you Kelly, I do not plan on ever returning to my old eating habits nor do I plan on stopping the supplements, the WPS or the Colloidal Silver.

While I listen to past conference calls and I dial in to present conference calls when I can, I am not good at making forum posts.
I am on the website daily reading the posts of others and I cook using the recipes posted under Articles and Diet. I've learned to make adaptations of my own "old" recipes and have incorporated the recipes here as well as my own into my daily cooking. For me, enjoying a wide variety of foods including lots of fruits and vegetables has made my diet pretty easy. I think variety of foods makes it easy for me to stay on this diet and I also think sometimes I need to have some foods that I can cook quickly or have precooked.

My prayer for all of you who are new here, is that this site feels like home to you as it did and still does for me. Many of us who are not new will be around for a long time.
One thing I really enjoy is silly Mel and his funnies.
I literally laugh out loud at the pictures where he inserts his head in the photo like the one where his face replaced the face of a Thanksgiving turkey.
Mel reminds us that we need to laugh!

Please stay and join us as we all heal both physically and emotionally from Morgellons because;


Love ya'll!



11:07:10 AM

Hey Kelly,

What great, encouraging news!

I am so happy for you.




10:06:11 AM

Dear Kelly,

So happy to hear this! You are an inspiration to me!

I agree with you that Mel is selfless and we would not have got the help and advice if it wasn't for him!

Thank you Mel! Thank you Logos!

Love always, Paula


Donna M

1:27:32 PM

Dear Kelly,

Thank you for posting about your complete recovery. I am just beginning with my journey and this gives me courage to continue fighting.

I hope to post my cure soon too. I know I have only been on the protocol a short time but I am feeling so much better!

So again Kelly, thank you and God Bless!

Donna M.


Laura (aunt)

7:23:04 AM

Dear Kelly,

Thank you for sharing your wonderful news with our community. This gives us great hope, faith and encouragement that the protocol along with time, perseverance and life changing habits does work!

Please give us an update once in a while of your continued success as you begin to live your life. Praise God for leading you to this website where people learn to restore their bio-terrain, health, and regain their lives. Love and Peace to you always!

"Finally, brothers and sisters, rejoice! Strive for full restoration, encourage one another, be of one mind, live in peace. And the God of love and peace will be with you." 2 Corinthians 13:11

In Christ Love,



5:24:18 AM

Dear Kelly,

Hooray hooray and many congratulations!!!

You've done the work and kept at it and I am so thrilled for you.

Thank you for posting and letting us know

Love Ruth


Kelly from Mass

11:51:38 AM

Hi Everyone,

I am so happy to be able to share with all of you that as far as I can tell, I am cured of this horrible disease. It has been a long, hard, and at times very scary road, but I can say today that I haven't felt this good in years. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I would NEVER have gotten well if it hadn't been for Mel first and foremost, along with John, and this site full of so many beautiful, generous people who shared their stories, gave advice, helped me learn, but most of all were the most amazing support system which provided hope that we can all get well.

I believe in the protocol with all my heart and I have every intention of staying on the supplements forever to keep myself healthy and protected from toxic diseases. I have stopped taking the Candida Rid and the WPS, but if I am going to eat something on a special occasion that is off my usual diet, like Rhode Island fried calamari with a glass of red wine, I will take Candida Rid to ward off any possible side effects. I will never go back to eating the way I use to. This disease taught me that clean, healthy eating is just the right thing to do for your body.

I am eternally grateful to Mel for the selfless man that he is. When doctors told me I was imagining all of my terrible symptoms, Mel told me he believed me and he would help me get well. I think the access code idea is wonderful and long overdue. Nobody should work for free. We all need to support ourselves to live. God Bless YOU MEL!

If I could end with one thought for those who are new to this site, it would be to trust in Mel, read what others before you did to get well, and most of all, NEVER GIVE UP.

All my best,

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