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How I Cured Morgellons

5/13/2017 - 2/01/2018


Black Sheep

12:39:31 AM

SYMPTOMS:had small bumps from rib cage down to hip on both sides this morning. after soaking it's faded and almost gone.

Woohoo! I'm part of the CHANGE! I'm so glad Mel is doing this. I can't imagine how much upkeep for this site must be, and helping all these people is beyond a full-time job.

I wasn't going to post until next week, but I've had such a good day that I wanted to share.

This morning I woke up with small bumps running down my rib cage, but they didn't itch. I decided to soak before work, and now they have faded.

I haven't itched in about a week, and I'm so grateful. Sometimes things have to be taken away for us to appreciate what we had to begin with. I honestly was at the point where I thought I would have to itch for the rest of my life so this relief is so appreciated. I'm so grateful.

I also realized that some of the darkness I carried around wasn't really me. A weight has lifted, and today I noticed my sunshine self coming out again. Other people noticed, too. I actually danced my way home today. I feel so grateful to be a sentient being who is able to appreciate how lucky I am to have won the lottery of existence.

Yes, life has been really hard and sometime so bleak that I almost lost hope. But having a day where I feel almost normal has almost made all the suffering worth it. It's definitely given me enough pep in my step to keep on fighting the good fight.

Hug to everyone. We've got this.



8:25:09 AM


I am grateful for what I have learned here.

A single mom with and a year old who suffers as well. I found your support forums...the entire thing has been a journey, for sure. I am grateful to those who are able to share their experience strength and hope.

It definitely has gotten better at the one year time frame, that Mel helped me understand, even thru brain fog.

It is so tough not to lose sight when battling this and herxing, the mental anguish can sometimes match the physical discomfort, which we all know can be great.

The good news is that it passes, and we have the universe on our side to guide us!

I look forward to learning more about protocol specifies and one day soon, hope to be giving back...

Thank you all for sharing <3 April



1:38:22 PM

Hello Everyone,

Today was one of those rare days. I woke up and realized I felt much better.

I felt energetic...enthusiastic...and the area of biofilm I've been battling for so long has started to flatten out and disappear.

Like all of us...I do believe I'll get completely well. I'm at 90%...but it just takes so long with this disease that sometimes it's easy to forget what that feels magical moment comes and there is a light that shines so completely on the goal that it is impossible to ignore.

It's hard to describe the feeling of euphoria that this has brought to me. It's like finally coming to accept that life will never again be the way it was and then waking up one morning and realizing that...there it is...that old feeling...that feeling of forward looking hope for normal fun with family and, laughter and joy without the constant fear of everything we with MD carry with us daily.

Then a thought came to me. A scene from a popular movie from several years ago...The "Shawshank Redemption." I've often thought that the path to wellness was not unlike the main character's task he'd set forth for himself to build a tunnel out of the prison...having to dispose of the dirt he'd dug out in tiny increments in the cuffs of his pants on the exercise yard daily.

He didn't give up though...and in the end he and Morgan Freeman were enjoying the beach with sun on their faces.

That's a hard thing to keep in your heart though when the going seems so keep up the faith...but, to me, the scene from the movie where the main character plays the opera song and puts it on the prison PA captures the essence of how hope remembered feels...and it's how I feel today.

I'm including a link to that scene that I found on Youtube. I'm not sure if it will upload on this forum post, but I'll also email it to Mel to see if he'll include it if it doesn't come up as a hot link.

Here it is:





Julie B

10:27:46 AM


I am glad you found Mel's website.

You have come to the right place!

I too had problems with my fingernails.

I am not sure how long you have had Morgellons, but if you do the "Sum of the Parts" as Mel says, you will get well.

The keys are doing all the parts and patience.

My fingernails were peeling terribly. But as I continued on the protocol, they started to get better.

I am in the eighth month of the being on the protocol and my nails are restored. As a matter of fact, I have to cut them more often, because they grow faster with the nutrition from my changed diet and the Logos Nutritionals.

The Morgellons is robbing your body of all the nutrition it needs.

The healing has to come from the inside out. Anything you put on it may give you comfort and that's worth a lot, but it won't heal your fingernails.

Hope this helps.

In Christ's love,
Julie B.



9:39:19 AM

Hello Janice,

Slow and steady, follow the protocol and increase the way Mel has laid it out for us and it will get better! Not sure if you know who I am but I am now 19 months on the protcol and still continue to improve daily. I am forever grateful for this website! Hang in there!

Love always, Paula


Julie B

6:25:43 AM

Hello everyone!

I have been mulling over the holidays with amazement!

After being so sick last spring and summer, my husband and I went to Cancun right after Thanksgiving. I didn't want to go but my husband earned the trip and persisted that we were going.

Pretty scary getting away from home. The protocol has become my security blanket.

But after talking to Mel and Deanna, I was encouraged.
The trip went well and we had a wonderful time.

Then for Christmas we took our travel trailer to North Carolina to visit our daughter and her family. We had not seen them for a year because of the Morgellons.

It was so wonderful to see our family! And by taking the trailer, I was able to cook our meals on the way, sleep in our own bed and shower in our own shower. That took a lot of pressure off of me.

So many things that I used to take for granted, I was so thankful for.

Stick with the protocol! Listen to what Mel says! And gradually you will get your life and health back! Praise the Lord!

Julie B.



10:38:25 AM

Hello and welcome to the website.

The best place to start on this website is by printing off the FAQs and Protocol pages so that you can read them many times until you are really familiar with them.

I started Mel's protocol just over two years ago and am now better and starting to stop some parts of it.

Yes I know the feeling of being overwhelmed by reading masses of information and also trying various sites and suggestions found there.

Mel's protocol is not easy to follow and requires courage and determination but people are getting better here. If you read Follow The Journeys on the website you'll read the stories of how people have got better. Also listening to calls helps so much as you hear the voices of people asking questions and getting advice.

Keep asking any questions that you need and we will do all we can to answer and help.



1:42:41 AM

Merry Christmas, All!

I have been thinking about checking in here for a while now. Just so hard to find the time. However, I've really come back to full health these last two months or so since the Old Timers conference call I participated in. So, I wanted to post. I have actually been eating anything I want which for me was always the true test of being well again. I ate regular wheat bagels with lox and cream cheese a couple times in the last week with no ill effects. Boy was that nice to have again. I eat cookies and ice cream. Nothing negative except weight gain. I'm not saying anyone should eat like this daily, carbs make us fat and breed candida, but for this holiday, I have eaten a few Christmas cookies daily. So, I would say, that I no longer have this condition! I thought I would just put it in writing here at the end of 2017 so all can have hope and belief that this condition is curable with this protocol. I don't know if it is "remission" and can come back, but I feel cured. I had stopped taking all MMS a few weeks ago. I am slowing down on the rest of the protocol too only because I ran out and Logos is closed until next week. John, is a good boss giving his employees off this week! So, I haven't been obsessive about making sure I ordered them in advance because I feel so healthy. As I mentioned in the conference call, I even skip doses due to being busy and just forgetting. I never did that in my first 2 1/2 years! Silver went by the wayside months ago except if I feel a cold coming on.

My plan is still to take the Logos Nutritionals and MSM. I think next year I will take breaks from the Candida Rid and Olive Leaf so to be able to pulse them by going on them for a short while and then off for a while. I think that way they won't lose effectiveness by the body getting use to it and building a tolerance to them.

That's all I wanted to share. I am so thankful to Mel and John and all the supporting people of this website. Also, of course, to our Heavenly Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, for allowing me to have this cross for a while and allowing me through it to come so much closer to Him. I see the world so much more clearly now. The worldly trappings no longer blind me, but I stay close to Him so that I don't ever get lost again.

God Bless everyone! Wishing you much health in the new year! Stay strong and keep thinking the Sum of the Parts...



3:23:10 PM

Hi Brian,

Oh yes...we all experience crazy things that we dare not share with anyone else outside this forum because no one would believe it.

The easy answer here is...yes...they'll go away.

Just do everything Mel says...especially and including the WPS when it's the right time. Do it in the recommended way and go slowly...but don't neglect taking it like I can be guilty of because it tastes so bad.

If I take the WPS on a regular basis, those freaky things diminish considerably. Now I just need to do it enough to take it across the finish line. If I'm honest with myself, that's probably why I still have this disease...not taking the WPS like I should...though I'm SO much better...I'm still not completely well yet.

It's really hard for me to take the twice a day dose though...because one dose falls when I'm at work. It smells so bad, I have to figure out a way to go out to my car to take it...and my work schedule won't always allow me to take the needed break at the appropriate time.

I've never smoked, but I feel like I'm sneaking off to smoke a cigarette or something. Because of this, the split dose doesn't work for I went back to the old way of just taking it at night. I think the split dose makes things easier and faster in the long run...but I just cannot do the morning dose and'm night only.

Be sure to take all of your supplements too...because the WPS kills off pathogens...and they release toxicity into your body when they die. Your body needs to be ready to handle it. That's another reason I like taking it at night only. I don't feel it as much...not as much "herxie" feeling when I take it at night.

Lots of water will keep these toxins flushed make yourself do that too.

I've heard people say it's best not to get too obsessed about the things that emerge from your skin. That's probably a good idea...though I'm the exfoliation queen.

If you use coconut oil and some essential oils, etc., you will be able to extract some of this from your skin. It's hard not to get obsessed with doing this because there's always the thought behind it that you'll eventually get everything out and this whole nightmare will go away.

However...this is all over the inside our bodies, so the idea that one could pull all of it out through one exit point on the skin is unrealistic. Mel has told me to stop that...and to let as much of it as I can stay inside and then "gas 'em." That means the WPS. When you take WPS internally, it'll go into your digestive system, then bloodstream,and then to other parts of your body and you'll be able to hit them where they live, so to speak.

One way to chase the pathogens "inside" us with with cold. They hate cold water...which is why Mel says to put your head under the faucet of cold running water when you first wake up. I do that and then spray my hair with 91% alcohol and it really helps.

The pathogens also hide out in biofilm inside your body and on your skin...but Magnifizyme is a biofilm that'll flush them out of their hiding places. The WPS will nuke them and all the water will flush them out.

Magnifizyme comes a little later in the talk to Mel about how to start all that.

Not an easy party for our organs...hence all the other supplements...though that's kind of an over simplification.

I'm trying to limit myself on my exfoliation because I can sometimes do it so much, my skin will start bleeding in tiny spots where the biofilm emerges. That, and the fact that I never seem to get to the end of it when I'm pulling it out of my skin puts me in a very upset frame of mind. For one thing it hurts like crazy after a while, and for another thing the idea that there is so much of this stuff in my body upsets me quite a bit, so I'm working on leaving this practice in my past. Mel told me to just let it emerge naturally and to leave it alone...let the WPS do it's job on the inside of the body.

In any case...all the glittery glowing stuff is really attention getting. I have...I kid you glitter that comes out of my skin periodically.

So...I've decided there needs to be a Morgellons Barbie...just push a button and pink glitter spews out everywhere.

Kind regards,


Laura (aunt)

10:57:04 AM

I have been battling this disease for over 2 years. However, I have been on this protocol for only 11 months. It took over a year to find this community. The good news is I have slowly but surely been regaining my "new" life.

The term "new" life is because we will never be the same after conquering MD. Therefore it is a new life. This new life is one of a better relationship with our Lord. The old life my relationship was good; my new life the relationship is amazing. The old life consisted of taking antibiotics every other month and unaware what bio-terrain was. The new life understands it takes time to restore my bio-terrain because it took years to harm it. The old life was not concerned about ingredients in some of the foods I ate. The new life reads foods labels and understands how to make better food choices. The old life took things for granted. The new life appreciates the simple things in life. So I must say the new me is doing better! I am not in the 100% club yet. But I will be; I will not give up!

Please learn everything you can from this disease. There are so many phases of healing and each one is equally important. Do not give in no matter how crazy things get. I promise you we all have our science fiction version of what we are dealing with or have already dealt with. Give us updates of the good, the bad, and the science fiction you are dealing with. We are here for you.

“Your righteousness, God, reaches to the heavens, you who have done great things. Who is like you, God? Though you have made me see troubles, many and bitter, you will restore my life again; from the depths of the earth you will again bring me up. You will increase my honor and comfort me once more.” Psalms 71:19-21

In Christ Love,


6:02:35 PM


Months 3-6 and even into the 7th month I was in pure agony. The pain did get better for me. I still have crawling but no pain except for what I believe was a kidney stone passing and some pain in some spinal joints just recently.

I would like to encourage you to not give up and stay the course. I truly believe this protocol works. It's just very slow and painful at times.
doubt and fear are your worst enemies.

Warm Regards,


Jenny S.

10:55:42 AM


Please do not give up. The early months on the protocol can be so challenging. In our 3rd and 4th month, my 14 year old daughter and I had terrible, painful and sci/fi movie type symptoms, but thankfully this forum exists and we learned we needed to push through because that was a part of purging and the healing process. My daughter would be in tears every night, because the evening would bring painful, what she called "electric shock" pin pricks all over her back and stomach. We had nights where we only got a few hours of rest. Please do not give up hope! It does get better. We are 11 months in, still symptomatic, but can basically lead a semi-normal lifestyle. We still have ups and downs with this disease, but they are manageable. We know that if we stay the course we will reach 100%. It may take us 2 years, but we are SO willing to make the sacrifice, because we see it working.

Please give it more time!!!! We are all pulling for you and know you can do it. Push through these next few months and you will understand what we are all talking about!


12:13:16 PM

All good Brian!

That means your body is kicking this invader out!

What you’re going through is what everyone means when they talk about the protocol being “hard” to do.

It’s not just remembering to take all the supplements at the right’s dealing with the herxing that is necessary to get it out of your system.

Just keep moving go reward and get as much sleep as you possibly can.

Let anything and everything else go right now that isn’t absolutely necessary for survival. It’s difficult to work while you’re going through this process...but it’s do-able.

I’m living proof. I’ve worked the whole time and a lot of other stuff didn’t get done.

I’ve watched for two years as things piled up on my to do list that had no hope of getting done at the time...and guess what?

I’m finally feeling like doing them and the whole list was still there when I got ready. Now I’m slowly checking off things that I’d thought would never get done.

So hang in there. You can do this...just don’t over think it and worry too much about it...just do what you’re supposed to for today, then get up again tomorrow and do it again.

You’ll make it to the finish line!




12:33:13 PM

Dear Brian,

Well done for being five months into the protocol. Its a really tough stage you're at now. Stick at it all and it will start to get better.

The first year was really tough for me. I'm now just over two years and just about better - yes really! I know that sounds like a long time but in terms of a life time its such a small amount.

Also in those two years my life has turned around amazingly for my health. I was so unhealthy before but didn't know it. I'm thanking God now for morgellons as I think it has saved my life, truly. I would have been heading for all sorts of health issues and hope that the changes I've made, although late in the day of my life will have been in time.

So work on extending how you manage the protocol each day. I am still learning. But when I started I started with what I could manage and then day by day added in things bit by bit with regards my laundry, my environment, my diet, my lifestyle.

In the beginning each day I woke up and said to myself, right now I need to do it all again today. It felt really tough, like climbing a mountain.

Now it feels really easy but sometimes getting to grips with something new can still be a challenge.

The latest thing has been water - yes I've been drinking bottled spring water for the past two years but not feeling great about all the plastic. So finally we now have a choice of distilled water or filtered in the house in glass/stainless steel and I alternate between the two.

So not everything has to be sorted at once. The first thing I did was cut out all the stuff I couldn't eat. Then I worked out what I could eat. Then I started working on something else.

In the beginning it is all consuming and it is terrifying and the amount of new information to be understood and acted on is exhausting.

Its hard to believe what is going on in our lives when we realise its morgellons and it is traumatic but God does work for good in all things that are happening to His people. We need to cry out to Him for help and listen to what He tells us.

God never promised us a trouble free life but He did promise to never leave us or forsake us so He is with you in everything that is going on.



8:13:28 PM

Happy Birthday Mel!

Happy Birthday Mel!

I hope your day is filled with joy and love from friends, family, and members of this community.

We love and appreciate your sweet heart, disguised in an aggressive NYC accent and delivery, but all coming from a place of love and compassion for your fellow man.

You are definitely one of a angel with clay feet...but our angel, nonetheless.

I think this is a good place to spill my guts about what you told me your doctor told you yesterday on your appointment.

She said you are in great health...have lost 24 pounds...gotten a half inch taller...and look much younger!

Having seen you in person myself, I can attest to the truth to this one would look at you and think...age 72...more like 72 minus ten...or even more.

Your doctor said you may have found a way to reverse the aging process!

Wow! You have shown what the sum of the parts, starring Logos Nutritionals can do for a body no matter what age!

You may be chronologically 72 years young, but you are physically much younger in spite of all the suffering you've endured over your lifetime.

Most people would give up after even one of the difficult events you've dealt with in your lifetime including near fatal injuries and a combination of diseases that have made many people lose their will to live.

And since I know you so well, I can say...that's not even all of it...but you have faced each and every one of these challenges with courage and optimism.

That's not to say you're perfect...but I don't think any of us have a right to expect you to be. After all...only Jesus was perfect. ARE a great guy...and you definitely wear a white hat. Instead of folding up and becoming a bitter recluse in response to all of these obstacles, you've spent years reaching out to those in need...and have been a friend when we needed it the most. You've even depleted your own financial security to help others who called out to you in despair.

Your heart is good...and you deserve to have much of every happy thing that life can offer.

So...happy birthday again Mel...and I hope others will join me in honoring you with words of appreciation and love on your special day.





8:18:21 AM

Hi Elle,

You are NOT alone. You'll have a whole team of us cheering you on...and if you're looking for accurate information, you've found the right place. I'm getting well here and others are too.

Just settle i and know this will take a while...but if you take this protocol to heart and stay focused, you're going to be so much better this time next year, you won't believe it...and eventually, you'll get well from MD AND enjoy better overall health too.

I've been reading and listening for a long time, and besides being so much better myself, I've heard / read this from so many others as well.

Keep posting and join us in the conference calls too. All of these things help.




7:02:24 AM

Welcome Elle! I’m so grateful you found the website as well. You can now exhale. For so long I too prayed that God would not only heal me n my 3 year old daughter (at that time) but to guide me to someone something that could answer so many questions. Of course at that time I had lost all hope, went to many Drs to be told I was fine but needed to be treated mentally. God never let us down n He won’t let you down. Mel’s protocol and website has been a blessing to us all. Not only does the protocol restore your help but you have a team of coaches n a community that will embrace you through the process. The hardest thing for me was to except that I had this toxic disease. I printed out all the F&Qs where most of my questions were answered. Along with the protocol, a healthy diet is necessary in building your immune system. We also have Conference calls where you can listen and/or ask questions you may have. Your not alone, we welcome you with open arms. Thank our Heavenly Father for guiding you to this wonderful ministry where you will be healed mentally, emotionally, and physically.
God bless you Elle n know I’m here for you!
In Christ Love,


7:25:29 PM

Welcome Elle!

We're so glad your here!! I've learned so much along the way with my progress and the help from this site. We all are different, but this program works for everyone!! We are blessed!

Please know we're all here to give support to one another and to help you, so don't ever hesitate to post your questions!

The Conference calls are so good and there is a ton of information available on this site!

Wishing you the best!



2:10:10 PM

Turning the Corner

Hi Everyone,

Last June I started a thread called "Doing a Very Cautious Happy Dance."

That was because I was suddenly so much better. I'd had a horrible herx at the end of April / beginning of June that had made me almost feel like life wasn't worth was one of those that pushed me right to the end of my rope.

That's when I learned what happens after a big herx...the improvement afterward is equal to the suffering during. That's when I started doing a very cautious happy dance. Not in the 90% club yet at that time...but sort of edging into the we all know...we get better and then this thing kind of cycles back some until we push through another barrier.

Well...amazingly...I've recently broken through a new barrier.

Here's what's happened:

1. More energy! Unfortunately, I've discovered this doesn't mean I'm back to my old self where I can drink coffee late at night...only sleep for a couple of hours and then run like the Gingerbread Man all day the next day. Feeling like myself again went straight to my head and I overdid it and paid the price the next day. That scared me because in the past if I'd have messed up like that I'd have paid for it for weeks. However...I got some rest the next night and I was back to feeling good again! Now I'm going to be VERY careful and not overdo it any more. No need to tempt fate.

2. The skin issues in the small area on my chin that drives me crazy is noticeably better...purging has diminished to very little and I'm crossing my fingers this trend continues. The skin in that area is starting to feel like my skin again...and not feel like some kind of alien created synthetic fabric.

It's so interesting with this skin thing though. It's hardly visible...a little place right under the ridge of my chin...and no one notices it but me. But it's something I notice constantly...I'm always aware of it like a monkey on my back. How it looks and how it feels are two things that do NOT match. I'm very thankful that I've never had skin lesions...and that my skin issues have been mostly confined to some fairly small areas...but the purging on my face and a little on my back have been creepy and disturbing enough to almost send me over the edge at times.

Interestingly I noticed a big improvement in the area on my chin just this week when I started swishing a few times a day with WPS. Mel had told me to gargle with it because I now have a cold and a sore throat (YEA!!!! That means my immune system is kicking in again). I did gargle, but decided I might as well swish too since I'd made a whole glass of I did so several times with each glass. It wasn't bad because I didn't activate it with the citric it didn't taste like anything. skin on my chin started making an improvement after all the swishing...maybe it was the proximity of the WPS when swishing to my chin when I swished in my lower teeth. I don't know but I'm going to continue this because it seems like it's a lot of bang for the buck.

3. Here's a REALLY great part. I really think my immune system is starting to work again. It's been a LONG time coming, so anyone who's reading this...please don't give'll eventually happen. My doctor told me the immune system (as measured by the CD57 blood test) will move very slowly for a long time...and then it will suddenly take a big jump when you're close to getting well.

I know my immune system is improving because the last time I got a CD 57 blood test, my number was down to a SEVEN...which is awful. That was a year ago this month. I didn't get it tested again until this last September...and it had jumped to a 56! It's supposed to be at least at a 100...and 125 is better. Two hundred is doctor said once it gets to 75 it'll start moving up pretty fast. That's great...because my number had lingered in the twenties and below for over a year.

Ok...that test was in September...but I KNOW my number must be even higher now. I'm going to wait until the new year to get it tested again, but I imagine I'll see a great improvement because...of my finger nails!

Up until about a month ago, my finger nails were brittle and would break off. When I was at my worst, I couldn't even turn a page or pick up a coin. But...suddenly...just in the last month or so, my nails are BACK! They are long and even stronger than BEFORE I got sick. I've been taking Colostrum again for about a month, and that's supposed to help with the immune system. I take it intermittently every few months, but this time...what a difference!

I think it's the combination of everything though...and the Colostrum is the cherry on the cake.

So...I'm looking so forward to getting well now. I've always believed it was possible...but there have definitely been times when I've been very I can actually SEE it coming. I'm so inspired and so excited! I just have to be careful and not let the combination of this happiness and the proximity of fun holiday food collide. I need encouragement to not fall off the diet wagon from just the sheer joy of feeling quasi "normal" again.

Ok...yet another looooooong post...but this is a happy one. I hope anyone reading this who has been discouraged can now see that it can actually happen. We hear it takes a long time...and boy does it ever. I actually ordered my first protocol in the spring of 2016, but I didn't get good at taking it until last December of 2016.

That's when I "met" Mel...I'd been stalking the site for a year and finally made contact with him when he started one on one coaching. The rest is history. I love him to the moon and back...and not just because he shined the light on the trail to wellness. He's a great cook too! Lol...ok Mel...more reasons than that...but please don't ever stop cooking for me.

I'm emailing Mel a pic of my newly healthy, long and strong finger nails...and I hope he has a chance to put that pic in this post.




4:15:19 PM


I am so HAPPY that you're getting better! Definitely gives me hope. I've been on the protocol only for a little over a month, but do notice some improvement already. I will make sure not to let that get to my head and over do it. Keep at it, will only get better!

Laura (aunt)

6:31:15 PM

Dear Karen,

Thank you for the hope you bring to all of us. I love reading about the great progress you are making. I recall reading one of your early post when you laid on the bed crying and kicking your feet. I totally related to that feeling and have done the same thing.

However, I am also slowly, slowly, slowly, getting my life back as well. There are so many things I have learned through this disease; and patience is one of them. I know you also understand this. WOW, you fell in love while overcoming this disease. Such an inspiration. You bring forth the truth that life does in deed go on. And eventually great things will come to all who persevere. So thank you!!!!

I look forward to the day you are 100% and cross the finish line a Winner!

In Christ Love,


6:21:13 PM

Wow Karen, your post is so full of hope for us all! I love the picture of your fingernails. I don't know if the guys get it but it's such a good feeling to like how your nails look or have a good hair day! Your nails look wonderful. It's been awhile since my hair has felt like my own or I felt like my fingernails and toenails looked nice. Sometimes it's just the small things I miss. Now our immune system getting better, that's a huge deal

It's so great hearing that your CD57 numbers have made such a significant jump. Not everyone gets the opportunity to take those types of blood tests but we all can still relate to your symptoms of a big herx out of the clear blue or breaking through even small barriers like some skin improvements or a little bit more energy. Your recent big improvement "edging into the 80% club" is fantastic! I'm so glad you are havening more energy and your skin and nails are getting better. You are such a shining star to all of us. Thank you for always sharing how you are doing. I know I am not the only one who finds strength from your experiences.

You really made me laugh out loud ( not to be confused with LOL ) with your comments about you stalking Mel or him cooking for you. It's so nice to know that the world still keeps on turning outside of our struggles to get better and win this war, if that makes sense.

The only recipe I've ever tasted of Mel's is his wonderful lemonade elixir. I still drink it if I'm herxing. It's been a lifesaver for me. Your recipes and some of the others posted under "Articles and Diet" are also helping me return to a more normal life. In the beginning, I slept a lot and ate a lot of salad type foods to remain alkaline. Normal routines of sleeping, cooking and cleaning were totally out of whack and they still are in some ways. My son and I live together and he is a senior in high school. I have always made the two of us sitting down and eating dinner together a priority. When I first got sick, I slept all the time and I didn't feel like eating much at all. I felt guilty but our tradition of eating dinner together disappeared for a few months. Then I started to cook something easy for dinner that only he could eat, like using the crockpot, and we would sit together like we always do and eat dinner together. I'd try and eat my salad and he would eat whatever I had thrown together in the crock pot. Slowly, as I started getting more energy and cooking more of the recipes that I find here or adapt from foods I used to cook, my son and I are eating the same foods at dinner. It's nice and it feels like things are getting back to normal. The other night I made your stuffed bell pepper recipe and Deanna's pumpkin cookies. I ate one serving of the stuffed bell peppers and my son ate the rest. I had to hide a couple of the cookies for me because he and a friend took the whole batch to his room. This may sound silly to some but it felt good to cook something that my son wanted to "finish off" and it made me laugh when the two boys grabbed the plate of cookies and ran off with them.

I'm right there with you doing the "cautious happy dance"! I am nowhere close to being as far along in my healing as you but I am definitely getting better and things around me are also getting better. When you share how you are doing, it helps to know that can me sometime down the road. That will be me sometime down the road!

Keep posting your recipes. They too help to make me feel normal. Sitting down and eating a meal that is OK for me to eat that my son also enjoys is for me a piece of normal. Now if I can get my fingernails to look like!



3:07:09 PM

Hi Hannah,

I'm so sorry for my late response to your post.

I have 6 months on the protocol and I too have serious problems sleeping. Insomnia causes other problems like fatigue, memory issues, depression and countless other problems. I know it is one of the most important sum of the parts but I still have problems sleeping. Many of us with Morgellons following this protocol also have Lyme disease and insomnia is a symptom of Lyme disease though I've struggled with insomnia off and on throughout my life. Knowing I need to sleep and not being able to sleep was giving me cause to worry and be anxious because I am following this protocol like a warrior in battle. Worrying and being stressed is not good for those of us fighting this battle to win.

I spoke to Mel early in following the protocol and he told me to email John from our Logos Nutritionals supplements. I had tried the Logos products Anxietame and Sleep Advance to no avail, though they work for many protocol followers. You might want to give them a try. John's email back to me basically said that some sleep problems required medical intervention and that I needed to follow medical advice. My doctor wanted to give me prescription sleeping pills which I refused as I felt my all natural approach to healing using foods and supplements was the best approach for me to get well. Again, that is just my decision and not the choice of others following the protocol.

I am slowly beginning to sleep more. This is my pilgrimage towards sleeping better. Maybe it will help you too.
Keep a consistent sleep routine even when you can't sleep. For example, my bedtime is around 9 or 10:00pm so I make sure that I have straightened my house, taken my shower or bath, put my pajamas, dimmed all the lights in the house and turned off the TV. A bath with Epsom salt contains magnesium which is a known property that to help with sleep. Magnesium is also found in our nighttime supplements MSM, Magnifical and MagnifiZyme. I try to make my environment conducive to sleep or at least restfulness.
I go to bed but if I cannot sleep I get out of bed because the longer I lie there the more anxious I get. I read my Bible, another good book, pray, journal... anything that I can do that keeps me in that peaceful, restful
non anxious state. I do not turn on the TV or all the lights in the house as I am trying to eventually return to my normal much needed sleep pattern.
I sleep when I can. If I can finally go to sleep at 3 or 4:00am in the morning, I do. I turn my phone off so that I can sleep until I wake up on my own. I know that not everyone can do this but I do not work so I am able to. I am also able to take a nap in the daytime if I am able although this doesn't happen very often. I still have a son in high school at home but he gets himself up and out to school so I don't have to get up with him like I did when my kids were younger. He works after school so that also gives me more free time during the day. That helps. I know some of us have younger children so they would have to customize their quest for sleep in a way that works better for them.
I walk almost everyday for as long as I feel like it, I also use my rebounder everyday that I learned about from the folks on this website. I have a membership at a gym but until recently I was too weak to workout there. Exercise has always been important to me and has been an integral part of my life and I did not want to get out of the habit of going to the gym. I continue to go to the gym but I swim instead of doing other the other types of aerobics I used to do. I use the sauna and whirlpool and they feel wonderful. Initially, tons of the little sand type granules and fibers came out of my body during the sauna which was a real incentive for me to continue going. It also made me tired. It feels good to get out of the house and do things so that at the end of the day I have kept up my normal routine. Routine is important.
The good news for me is that I am getting better. Importantly, many of my Morgellons symptoms have disappeared and I am starting to sleep more. Just in the last couple of weeks I have actually gone to sleep around 11:00pm or 12:00am and slept a good 6,7 or 8 hours. I know that sounds horrible to some people but it is a beautiful thing to me. I think I am going to win this war!

God bless you Hannah. Keep posting and let us know how you are doing.


Laura (aunt)

8:36:34 AM

Dear Chrissy,

Have you used the search engine to look for answers to your questions? If you are noticing similar symptoms as you read about this disease, then I encourage you to start the protocol and begin making changes to your diet.

Although Doctors are useful for many medical situations, from my experiences they do not have enough research invested in our disease. Personally, I spent a great deal of money, crying, feeling rejected, and time before finding this website. I spent many more months reading and understanding the disease before starting the protocol. I have learned there is a science behind this disease and the protocol is based on facts from years of research.

I have now been on this protocol for 10 and half months and am feeling 70% better. I am slowly regaining my life. But it is a process and requires discipline. Before making any decisions either way; please read some of the journeys from this website. There are many "warriors" who have completely restored their health and are now living their lives free of this disease.

I pray God blesses you as you begin this journey of restoring your health.

In Christ Love,


10:07:26 AM


The protocol is "truly" what is changing the lives of all of us battling this beast!! It focuses on repairing the bio-terrain within our immune system so that our immune system can do what it was meant to do which is keep us healthly!!!

There is a tab/button at the top of this page that says Mel's Protocol, I would suggest you read that and then read, print and re-read the FAQ's as well. This is a GREAT starting point to getting your life back, I promise!!! I started in July of 2016 and literally felt better in 5 days... unfortunately or fortunately, I then felt worse before I felt better but the end result is 16 months later I am 90% plus better then I was before Morgellons/Lyme ever even surfaced!!!

It can be overwhelming and everyone here understands that... we've all been where you are!!! There is also a button in the top left hand corner of this site that says One-on-One Coaching if you fill out a request for that Mel will call you personally and walk you through getting started. Again I can guarantee you that you will not be sorry you did, this protocol truly works!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,



7:16:04 AM

Wanted to wish my Morgellons/Lime family a Happy Thanksgiving.

May you all be thankful for the many blessings that God has given to you n your family for this year and many to come.

I’m so grateful for this blessing of healing for my family and yours. I would be lost without it.
I don’t ask anymore why me and this horrific toxic disease but, have grown to see the blessing I’ve seen unfold during my process of healing. I’m so grateful for the little things in life but, mostly I’m still learning more about how to live a healthier happier life for my children and our future.

If you are going through a difficult time today, be encouraged trust that God always has your best interest at heart.
Keep standing, keep hoping and keep believing because, He is working behind the scenes. Have faith because your times are in His hands, and
He will lead you in the life of victory.

For guidance and your future speak His Word over you and your families lives.

God bless you and yours!


Jen + 5

10:23:48 PM

Hi Loraine!

My name is Jen, you can read my full story on the thread titled "Hanging on Hope." I have FIVE (yes you read correctly) little angels that God has entrusted to me. Their ages are 7, 4, 3, 2 and 8 months. All of us seem to have it except my husband. We are going on our 4th month on Mel's protocol and the difference from when we started until now is unbelievable. We are definitely not out of the woods yet, but before we started I really felt like I wasn't going to make it another day. I know if I can do it, ANYONE can. It takes hard work and determination, but we already know you have those qualities if you've found this website! I would be more than happy to chat with you some time, you can get my contact info from Mel. In the meantime I will be praying for you to have peace from the anxiety and depression, I was also majorly struggling with those exact same feelings and just this month they have finally lifted, PRAISE GOD!



1:40:04 PM

I wanted to share this with you because this toxic disease makes us weak at times. Life makes us weak at times. Being a mother makes me weak at times, I am good at putting on a game face but at the end of the day it is Our Heavenly Father that we should cry out to.

He will deliver us from all evil, hurt, sorrow, and pain. We might not do everything by the Book but by His Stripes we are healed. We all face big storms in our lives, but God is bigger. And we know He loves to take tragedy and turn it into triumph!

I miss my dear sweet grandmother and yearn for the day I get to see her beautiful face again. She was the only one who knew that we were very sick. I’m so blessed to have found this protocol and website. God had a plan for us All in restore our health mentally, physically, and emotionally. He used Mel, John, Peter, and Glenn to see out His works through the protocol and all the knowledge we so needed in answering so many unanswered questions.

There is power in prayer, never give up Stand Strong together!

If you are dealing with a difficulty in any area of your life today, I declare over you that God wants to turn your setback into a comeback. He can transform that pain into purpose!

In the Scriptures, God makes this promise to you: "Come back to the place of safety... I will repay two blessings for each of your troubles" (Zechariah 9:12, NLT).



12:26:54 PM

Hi Kerry

Welcome to the website and thank you for sharing your story. I've read and heard others here getting symptoms following bird mite issues.

I'm from the UK in England and have been connected here for over two years now and very nearly well, just a few small issues remaining.

There is a lot to read here but it really helps so much to read through the forum posts and the articles a bit every day. Also listening to the calls that can be found in Conference Call Archives or in the forum thread More Communication Is Better. There are diet articles that will help. The main thing is to exclude all forms of sugar, including carbohydrates like bread, pasta, rice, fruit apart from lemons and limes. Its good to start tackling the diet first as it takes a while to work out what to eat. There is lots of advice here. Also keep posting any questions you have.

Kleen Green can be ordered direct from the UK - a company called ttps://
You can used it to clean the house and also spray it on your body, use it to wash clothes. It has to be diluted exactly as explained in the instructions.

Know that you're not alone and that help is here. This website was an answer to my prayers when I was desperately asking God where to go for help and not to be alone with it all anymore.



2:09:12 PM

Hi Kerry!

So glad you found us and that you wrote. It’s not an accident that you found this site.

If you are not sure that you have Morgellons then keep reading the forum posts and listen to past conference calls. Then decide. While many of our symptoms are the same, we all have different ones as well.

I believe I was led to this site. It found me and when I started reading and listening, everything made sense. I did have lesions but they were small, not the large ones like some of the others described as having. We all have a wide variety of symptoms and I could be wrong but it seems the one thing we all have in common is that crawling sensation. I call them the crawlies and I got the bites as well.

I have been on the protocol for a little over 5 months now and they are so much better. I still get them but I know how to get rid of them when I do. They are not the huge problem to me, like they were in the beginning.

Try Mel’s lemonade elixir, it’s a sure remedy for me and it works pretty quickly. Also, go alkaline. Eat and drink an alkaline diet and see what happens. I got immediate relief when I ate alkaline foods and if I ate sugar or highly acidic foods or drink, the crawlies were my litmus test.

Bathing with Epsom salts and other oils gave me relief as well. If you decide you do in fact have Morgellons then you are at the right place. Everyone here understands what you are going through and you are not alone, sores or no sores.

If you truly can’t afford the protocol then check out the He Cures All Foundation.
Like you, I am on disability with SLE Lupus and initially thought I couldn’t afford the protocol supplements. I think Morgellons likes those of us with compromised immune systems
as there are many like you and I following Mel and his protocol.
In my case, I was able to make some changes in my finances and buy my own supplements but I understand everyone has their own issues.

I pray that you stay around for awhile while you decide if you have Morgellons.
There is a prayer conference call every Sunday Afternoon/evening that you can call in if you wish.
There are conference calls Friday afternoon/evening each Friday except for the last Saturday of each month, the conference call Saturday is at 9 AM pacific, so that our friends across in Europe can join in.

If you decide to “step into the ring” and enter the fight of your life, you will find community here! You are not alone.

God Bless You!



2:46:44 PM

I am now in my 5th month of treatment for morgellens disease through tbe generous donations of others myself and my 5 year old are beginning to get our lives back.

Before I began the protocol I was covered with bright red sores on my legs and back, well now these have all healed! My concern now is fixing the bio-terrain which is where disease starts. I continue to have severe bouts with pain but am confident I will recover if I continue with "the sum of all the parts."

Little Cruz showed very little outward signs but an occasional sore here and there in the beginning. This is now becoming a thing of the past for him now, I praise God and the HCAF for this.

I pray God will richly bless all who give and I'm confident he will. As scripture says, "Give and it shall be given."




7:11:36 AM

Slow and Steady Wins the Race......and I am Winning!

I had a check-in coaching call with Mel this week and was happy to report that I am doing great!

I have been on the protocol for 11 months and when I look back at where I was a year ago the difference in my condition is amazing –
I truly feel ‘normal’ again.

Even though I have felt really good for several months I was still trying to force my healing with exfoliating my skin twice a day with a routine that would take an hour and a half each time I did it – I felt like I had to get these black specs out of me or I would be worse – and every time I exfoliated it seemed like it Was a never ending battle.

This was so incredibly stressful to me – how could I feel this good if this much stuff was still in me? Mel advised me to stop what I was doing and continue to let the protocol work itself from the inside out –

I FINALLY took his advice and have been truly amazed at the difference –
in my symptoms, stress level and progress. I keep a strict diet and never miss taking the protocol – I want to encourage anyone who is still struggling to keep the faith and that slow and steady truly does work –
just keep at it and you will get better.

I’ve learned a lot about myself and healthy eating habits this past year – I look at sugar and carb laden foods as poison and will never go back to that way of eating. I’ve discovered making flax seed bread (it’s awesome toasted under the broiler) and chia seed pudding (unsweetened coconut milk, chia seeds and stevia)….there are so many options to keep you on track even when you feel deprived.

The one on one coaching with Mel was instrumental in my progress – I am beating this thing and know I will be one a member of the 100% cured club.

Please don’t give up your battle – slow and steady with the protocol and diet will give you your health back.

Thread: I AM NOT ALONE,!!??

Jen +5

1:58:12 AM

Hi Mercedes,

I think everyone feels like they are alone in this before they find this website and forum.

There is a community here and a very good, supportive one at that. Nothing like you will find anywhere else, we are getting well and want to help you do the same plain and simple.

I remember feeling skeptical when I first came across this website, because there are SO many that are scams or filled with horror stories. The proof is in the character of the people here, you will understand once you start reading.

The people here are just good people who are being led by an AWESOME man who beat this disease and wants to help others, plain and simple, nothing fancy. Do yourself a favor and get on the protocol ASAP so you can be the next success story!

There is a small learning curve so dig into the forum and listen in on the calls in MORE COMMUNICATION.

Release any fear and take charge for your future, the faster you go all in, the faster you will be restored!

Best too you


laura (aunt)

7:05:21 AM

Dear Kelly W.

Let today be your first day of healing. Start this protocol, change your diet, treat your environment, and post on this forum. Now that you have made a commitment to this; your journey of healing will begin. It is not an easy journey but we are here for you. No one, not one person, no one, knows how this feels unless they have experienced it. We HAVE! So please stay the course and do not stray.

Be assured that this protocol works. There are many before us that have already conquered this and moved on with their lives'. This protocol was designed through years of research by people who once lived with this disease themselves. It is based on scientific facts.

The importance of staying connected to people on this forum helps us to get through the day. It give us a place to go when we need additional reassurance that we can do this. You can ask questions and receive feedback from people who may be experiencing the same symptoms as you. You will also receive answers based on scientific information as to why we might be experiencing these symptoms.

I encourage you to pray and then have Faith and trust in our Lord. You are in our prayers as this community prays for all those inflicted with this.

“In thee, O LORD, do I put my trust: let me never be put to confusion.” Psalms 71:1

Welcome Kelly W. Today begins your new healing journey!

In Christ Love,



9:52:57 AM


I to am new with the protocol, I started on august 18, and just started on the extension kit.

I traveled this nightmare for a year by myself treating the outside of my body, I have fought a great battle, but, this horrible attack seem to be winning, until "My FATHER GOD" open the door, and led me here. I now feel I have hope, and on my way out of this darkness!!! PRAISE HIS NAME!!

I am a widow, and live alone. If you ever need to talk, I would love to be there for you to compare our journey and give back, what has been graciously been extended to me.

In Christ Love,



8:07:02 AM


First wanted to say welcome and God bless you.

God lead many of us to this site because Mel's protocol works, the support of God sent coaches (Mel, Peter, and John), and the love and support of our community ( I consider family).

Many of us including children have restored our health and are well living our lives again. We all have been in your position. I'm sure it's very uncomfortable, scary, and hard for you as a parent to see your children suffering. Please know that God is with you, children get well faster, and search no more you are in the right place. There is a thread children's and Morgellons that you can read and find comfort.

Mel, established the website so newly stricken people can understand these many toxic disease and all the signs, symptoms, and treatment that will restore you n your families health.
In the meantime send Mel an email. He will tell you how, where, and when. He too was very sick, close to death, and had no one to be there for him. Like a few others he dedicated his life in helping others to get well.

This site has been a God sent blessing to me and my 2 girl Ella Grace 6yrs old n Mallarie 14yrs old. I'm going on my 7th month and on our way to the finish line.

If you ever need me with any questions, call me please.
Be sure to go to FAQs on the the forum and come to the weekly conference calls (MORE COMMUNICATION THREAD)

Welcome again with open arms.

Mel will tell you slow n steady but know you and your children will get better following protocol, diet, and exercise.

Peter taught me try not to focus on all of the gory symptoms as bad as they are just know this is a process n you are getting better.

Roslyn stay strong, have faith n trust in our Heavenly Father. We can do all things through Christ Jesus that gives us strength.

Your friend


10:34:42 AM

At yesterday's prayer meeting I felt convicted to pray for people who are just now figuring out that they have this illness and that they would be led here to this site.

I remember all too clearly the intense fear and overwhelming confusion that I myself felt not so long ago. When I read your post I felt as if you were exactly they person I was praying for. First things first, "be still and know." God has led you here, that is all that matters.

I have 5 children, they are all 7 and under. We have only been back on the protocol for 1.5 months thanks to the He Cures All Foundation and we already feel such a difference.

This site is different from the others I am sure you have been to, the horror stories out there are awful. Don't pay attention to that.

Know that you and your children WILL get well with this protocol. There are so many of us here to attest to it, and we are doing this for no other reason than to help others do the same. We will lift you up in prayer for the dark days and cheer you on as you progress past them.

Rest easy in knowing that you have found the right place. I know that Morgellons can definitely affect the brain once it gets to a certain point, but please don't think your 18 year old is a lost cause, get her on the protocol as well.

I personally was starting to feel as if I was "losing my mind" just last month before I got back on the protocol...

praying for you!



2:29:08 AM

Thank you Thomas and Karen.

I will try the bison. I'm still working on keeping my alkaline balance around 7.5 and so far it seems when I add meat I get out of whack for the day.
I will say that their burgers looked really really good and oh my, they smelled great cooking on the grille' when they were cooking.

I thought to myself that I am definitely getting better because 4 months ago I had no appetite and food did not smell good! It felt great be outside, great to be with my family and great to feel somewhat normal around them.

A " sneaky substitute " sounds like a plan!

I definitely am going to try some of the other bread recipes, The buns were my first and my body reacted well.

One thing I've realized in these past few months is that for me, variety in the foods I eat and the way they are prepared helps me feel more normal, especially since I I will be eating this way as far in the future as I can imagine.

I like to cook and I'm excited about trying new recipes.

I felt safe being with everyone outside and am not quite sure how we'll handle the holidays indoors, but I'm not going to worry about that right now.

I can tell I am getting better every day. I feel better and see that I am healing. Everything is working together to make me well.

Thank you Thomas for the encouragement. I am going to win this war. Not fighting is not an option.

I believe this protocol works.

Karen, I love the idea of starting a thread for the holidays and parties. Being with others is so important in fighting this battle.

Loneliness is not our friend!

Having some fun foods and alternatives for holiday recipes will help to keep the sense of normalcy that is so important as we integrate this protocol into our daily lives.

In the beginning I ate the same stuff every day because I didn't know what else to eat and I didn't feel well enough to cook very much.

I had to stop thinking and eating like I was on a diet.
This is not a diet. This is a life altering change in our eating habits, I cook differently today and I eat differently today.

I expect that I will be eating this way for the rest of my life. I might as well introduce some of these new recipes to my family and friends...Smile!


Jenny S.

11:08:44 AM

Hello Kash,

We did move successfully! We were approximately five months into the protocol when the move took place. The home in which we got the original infection, had a flea infestation upon our arrival and it took months to eradicate the problem completely. We also believe, it had mold or fungus issues. We never did find the source, but knew we needed to move in order to heal.

We took our move very slowly. We had several storage pods in the driveway that we unloaded an item at a time. I washed everything thoroughly with clean green before it entered our home. I was overly paranoid, but desperate to have a successful new start. We have not had any problems in our new place and we have been here for 4 months.

In regard to your springtails, I would do everything possible to eradicate pests before moving into a new location.

Our vehicle was an issue for us. Early on, the crawling seemed impossible to overcome and our van always seemed to exacerbate things. We diffused menthol crystals at times in the evening and went out early to crack windows in the morning. This did seem to help, but I believe one needs to be careful with menthol. I would also ALWAYS have a bottle of diluted kleen green available for the car. I wiped it down most days and sometimes multiple times and would spray the carpets. I vacuumed the vehicle once or twice a week. These all seemed to help and we still have the same van and do not have any issues after 9 months on the protocol.

We have had great success using WPS in our wash cycles. We have found 10 - 15 drops per large load to be sufficient. When we were having great difficulty with crawling and getting our clothes clean, I would sometimes stretch any elastic in the treated water and hand agitate for a bit. I would then soak for 1/2 hour to an hour. This helped. This may be a good idea for your clothes in storage.

I, too, had a teenager and an 11/12 year old through this nightmare. My oldest had symptoms so intense that we had to pull her from school and homeschool her last year. She is now back in school and at about 85% recovery. After working with Mel and John, we realized we needed to put her closer to the full protocol and since then, we have seen tremendous improvement.

It is hard enough to deal with puberty without managing MD and my heart goes out to you. Are all of your children symptomatic?

Please feel free to ask Mel for my contact information. What you are going through is extremely stressful and you need support! Please lean on us!

Praying for you and your family.

Jenny S.


Laura (aunt)

10:06:08 AM

Dear Aileen.
I have a similar situation as I believe I was bitten by some type of mite after moving into a brand new apartment complex. This was over 2 year ago. I have since moved and went through one and a half years of searching, analyzing, and searching some more. What I now realize is that this problem manifested the morgellons disease which I may have had years prior to the mite bites.

I have learned that once your immune system is restored, this parasite eventually is no longer able to survive on you. It is a process and you must make changes to your diet, laundry, and environment.

I would also encourage you to start the basic protocol used on this website as a way to restore your immune system. Please start reading the FAQ section or type your question into the search engine. Please do not go anywhere else looking for answers. It took me over a year to find this website. During that time I can not even begin to tell you the frustration, crying, disbelief, crying, praying, and crying some more I went through before finding this place.

I started their protocol in the middle of December 2016 and believe I am now 70% better. As I mentioned, it is a process and I do have MD. But if someone had told me I could be 70% better after 9 months on the protocol; I would not have believed it. Especially after feeling hopeless for so long.

Their protocol is based on years of research by people who have lived with and conquered MD. Please do not continue looking for a quick fix to this. It does not exist. Believe me if there was one; I would have already used it.

I believe after you begin reading other stories from this website, you will see how many people have similar situations as you and went on to overcome this disease. So many of us had the same thing happen after being bitten by some type of mite or tick.

Have Faith and stay strong. There is hope....but it takes patience and perseverance.

“In thee, O LORD, do I put my trust: let me never be put to confusion.” Psalms 71:1

May God Bless.
In Christ,


Laura (aunt)

9:07:18 AM


First of all, please know you have come to the right place and second of all; Do Not worry. Everything you will learn from this website is based on years of research by people who have lived with and conquered this!

I had a similar situation with what I believed to be bird mites. After over a year of taking samples, having biopsies done on the bites, throwing out everything I owned and lots of crying, God led me to this website. I took time to read other people's journeys and asked many questions through the search engine.

About nine months ago, I started taking the protocol as it is lined out on this website and followed a strict diet. I also began treating my laundry, spraying my environment, and car with Kleen Green. Within a few months, I noticed a wonderful improvement. It took me 9 months but I believe I have restored my health 70% by utilizing the best practices listed on this forum. I will stay on this journey until I reach 100%!

Please do no give up hope for this takes time and perseverance. I honestly believe you already have it right because; Christ is your leader. He did lead you here. Stay strong and read, listen to previous conference calls, and attend the live conference calls when ever you can.

This community understands what you are now going through and what it takes to restore your health. Please do not fear this but PLEASE understand there is no quick fix to this problem. Everyone here would have already taken that route if it did exist. But it doesn't. Stop searching and start believing you can do this.

“I sought the LORD, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.” Psalms 34:4

In Christ,


10:24:50 AM


If you are in UK then the Lyme tests are usually totally inadequate /inaccurate.
As for mentioning Morgellons then you are better off not mentioning it.

Its all the same type of bacteria that cause this anyway. Spirochete Borellia Burgdorfii et al. Alfezzii, bartonella, babesia and many more. There is even a new one that may be called Laneii.

You need to have private testing(for most of us) or else don't bother.

Simply believe that you will get well if you follow the protocol and all the advice given.

It will even prevent you from having Alzheimer's in the future according to a new book out which I am halfway through which advocates many of the things Mel advocates, freedom from stress(ditch the fear) lots of good sleep/ no sugar/ few carbs/ pure unadulterated food/ get rid of mold/heal the gut/ use good fats only/ vitamins/ herbal stuff all in the right proportions as the protocol provides.

Eat chelating foods to help rid the body of heavy metals.

Mel's protocol, made by Logos Nutritionals and other's manufacturers is designed to provide all you need, medication-wise, everything is tried and tested and combined perfectly - and it works.

So start today and one day you will be well again.
Yes Yes. If you can afford it then then start now.

You can see that it works and the testimonies of Mel and his followers all prove this but you must follow the diet too.
If you can't afford it then ask for help.

Don't forget the lemons. Little yellow magic balls. You can eat the whole fruit. Have lemon water throughout the day.

Read the stories of those who got well on the protocol and look at the photos that Karen has recently posted of how Mel looks now and then read his story.

It will inspire you.
Listen to the calls in MORE COMMUNICATION which answer all your questions .

The freckles(little round brown bruises?) will go as you get better. MY legs and arms had dozens of the things.... all gone now, though my granddaughters still come and go.

Don't forget the skin is the biggest organ in the body. The skin tells it's own tales.

We all got mites from the hens but got rid of them with clove oil rubbed into the hair and sprinkled around( the fox took the last of the hens). But I didn't get Lyme/ Morgs from them.

I realize that it came years earlier but it was only when a period of great stress caused exacerbation of all the symptoms.
That's when I found out what it was, and so I found Mel.
Like so many others he saved me for which I shall always be grateful.

Just as you will be.
God Bless.


Brenda's journey from Texas

6:04:52 PM

Hi all!

Touching base with my howicuredmorgellons friends with an update on my journey.

I am ordering my 4th month protocol supplements and oh so many thing have changed over these last months.
In the past months my sores healed and some small new sores appeared on my legs, feet and scalp and they too are almost completely healed with no new ones in sight! I haven't seen any fibers at all in a couple of weeks. None.

I put different oils on my body and scalp like coconut oil mixed with tea tree oil or lavender oil and have not seen any fibers at all in at least two weeks.

I've gotten better with my alkaline diet and am learning to cook more foods so am not just eating salads and raw vegetables like I was in the beginning. I still can't get my 18 year old son to eat what I cook for me ( lol ) so I frequently serve a couple of dishes at mealtime. Maybe one day he'll choose something that I eat! Ya never know!

I have more energy than I've had in a long time.
Not like my old self, but I'm better. I go to the gym and swim. So I am getting up and getting out. This is a significant change.
I couldn't get out of bed almost 4 months ago.
I have lost over 30 pounds which is a good thing. It will not be a good thing if I lose any more weight as I'm looking a bit skinny.
I still have problems with my concentration and memory.
I have a chart that reminds me when I have taken my protocol supplements and medication.
I really struggle with remembering if I've taken them or to take them.

New symptoms have appeared such as numbness, pain and tingling in my hands, legs and feet, ringing in my ears and what my family doctor diagnosed as blood clots in my legs. I was so scared. I have lupus and made a special visit to speak with my rheumatologist today about these new symptoms and our conversation totally blew my mind.
I cried all the way home with tears of joy! I told her about how I thought I had contracted morgellons and about my alkaline diet, our supplement protocol and Mel and his website. I just spilled my entire story. With her office full of patients and a hectic schedule, she listened to every word I spoke and then said if that happened to her she would be so afraid. I told her about the doctors who told me I was delusional and how my family doctor told me my Lymes test would come back negative before she even ordered the test at my insistence, and then it did come back negative. After she listened to me she said " Brenda, I believe you have Morgellons and Lyme's disease and would you mind if I treat you for these?" Can you believe it? My prayers for professional help were answered today. I'm still crying! I am picking up my prescription for antibiotics in a little bit and am so grateful.

I am grateful to God. I am grateful to Mel for sticking around after he got well and for being there for all of us who are still sick and rallying us together, supporting us, helping us to move towards healing. Thank you Mel!

I am grateful to all of you who share you insights, testimonies, recipes, stories... I read them and I am a part of this band of warriors with you. When I feel weak or alone i go straight to this website and the forum and read and I feel stronger and not alone.
I am thankful to God that he hears my cries for help and He answers me! With Gods grace, I am a better warrior because of howicuredmorgellons.

I have made choices that I thought would have been difficult for me make but they weren't. I cashed in retirement investments so I could afford the protocol supplements.
I never dreamed I would have made that choice.

I haven't looked back. I want to be well. My first payment just came in as it took many months from completing the paperwork to actually getting a monthly payment.

I can't wait to make a donation for supplements and to arrange for Mel to call me.

I can see a light at the end of the tunnel!


Laura (aunt)

12:39:14 PM

Once again, this proves why people need to remain on this website. The protocol is based on research as well as with people who have lived with and conquered this disease. It is reassuring to know that they never stop learning about the disease and then take the time to pass it along to us.

Thank you to the amazing leaders of this community for continuing to bring forth the truth. The best part of it; they are led by our Heavenly Father.

"Great peace have those who love your law, and nothing can make them stumble." Psalms 119:165

In Christ Love,


Anne **

11:14:18 AM

Throw someone a lifeline

I am not a recipient of the He Cures All Foundation because I can afford to buy it every month. I joined the Monthly Movement (making a donation every time I order the protocol) because I can’t imagine being one of the many people on the waiting list who are desperate to get on the protocol.

I see the finish line from this disease (thanks to the protocol and coaching from Mel)– I know what hell it is to suffer from it and I want to do my part, however small, to help someone else. If you are suffering from this disease, then you know too – any small donation you make will make a difference – throw someone a lifeline -they will be forever grateful.


2:53:39 PM


God Bless You and your generous heart!!

Your commitment to the "Monthly Movement" not only thrills me, I know it thrills Mel as well as the current recipients of the He Cures All Foundation and what we are VERY prayerful will be the recipients of the future!!!

As you mentioned these are the people on the waiting list who are DESPERATE to get on the protocol and to get some relief from what we all know is a devastating disease!!! We also ALL know not only is relief found here but total and complete health restoration is found here too!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the lifeline you are "truly" providing others!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,


4:21:50 PM


I was thrown a lifeline when I needed it most.

By God, Mel and the He Cures All Foundation.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

After losing my home, my career, my finances, in part due to Morgellons, I became homeless after also losing the support of my family and friends. No one could possibly believe that this terrible co-infection of Lyme disease could possibly be real. It must be in my head and I'd totally lost my mind is what friends/family and doctors kept telling me.
For more than two years.

I knew I had to be my own advocate and that I was not even
remotely crazy, nor was I imagining fibers and eggs coming out of my skin since I had tons of photos to document and prove it.

Morgellons is very real and many in this community are also suffering...and getting better from this dermatological manifestation of many are now referring to Morgellons.

The He Cures All Foundation threw me a lifeline when others wouldn't and turned their backs on me.

For that, I will be eternally grateful to Mel and John Burgstiner of Logos Nutritionals for supplying me the outstanding supplements that I desperately needed to start rebuilding my life again and to get back on stable ground.

Now, a few months later, I am no longer homeless and am now staying with my parents, who along with the rest of my family now believe that this disease is real and that it devastated my life. There has been a lot of love, healing, prayer, nourishing food and Logos Nutritional supplements that are helping me piece my life back together again...still one day at a time.

I'm finally in a place where I was able to make my first donation to the He Cures All Foundation help the next desperate person in line.

I make $10hr working 10hrs a week, but at least I now have a safe roof over my head, a bed to sleep in and nourishing food. I don't have a car, very few clothes or shoes, but I have signs that my health is improving and that is all the hope that I need right now to know how much a blessing Mel and this community of individuals have been to me.

For anyone reading this, who is desperate to get well,
your time is coming soon.

God hears your cries for help.
Never give up hope.


lacy **

11:29:42 AM

Hi everyone,

I would like to speak of WPS to anybody who is new to the protocol. Don't be afraid . When i first took it, i had herx issues .
There was stuff coming out from my body. I was afraid and stopped it for a while.
However i restarted it again , one week before the Lyme cycle. I cannot tell you HOW MUCH this has helped me .

Unfortunately. I have a huge bald spot on my head because of all the hair infected with morgellons goo that i pulled out.

However I feel so much better. I just want to encourage those who are new to WPS, dont be afraid . I know it may sound scary and taste foul but it really truly helps.

I want to thank Mel for this protocol because it really changed my life.

I use to try all other protocols even make my own ! But the symptoms never go away . Now , my body symptoms are completely clear, although my scalp is still extremely infected ( I would love to know how long does it take to heal my scalp) , i feel that im on the right path.

Please don't skip WPS, when on the protocol, its not the same and really adds value into allowing yourself to heal.



11:19:45 AM

Hi Lacy,
You are on the right path. Mel and others have recovered. I am almost there and I had 2 surgeries and 3 rounds of prescription drugs.

Mel has what I call the freeze head treatment to eliminate the head issue. He jokes that you will not be happy when you do this, but it works. Mel states slow and steady so for my situation I waited to do this treatment until I felt stronger. I used Kleen Green until started this process, but my opinion Mel's head treatment seems to work better to eliminate the infect. I notice other posted where they did this process as soon as Mel suggested.

Put pitcher of water in the fridge to be really cold. Every morning when you get up pour the cold water slowly on your head. It will be shocking but gets much easier after 2 or 3 weeks. I think your body adjusts to it. Make sure the water is really cold since that helps eliminate the infection. Maybe pour over the bathtub/shower. Then over the sink use a comb and remove as much as you can. I used a cat comb, but be very careful if you use one not to hurt your head. Mel used a regular comb. Remove as much water as you can from your head then pour 91% alcohol on your head slowly then start to comb again. As you improve you may have to let the alcohol sit for few minutes prior to combing. I think the alcohol suffocates the infection that is why it purges out of your body. You have to remove the infection that is why Mel states better out than in. Mel thinks cold kills the infect that is why the freezing water is so important.

After the head treatment I took a cool shower and used Dr Bonner soap or African Black Soap on my body as well, but not my head. I washed my head in the evening. I also found the goo would show up on my hands after this treatment so be aware and monitor your hands. I just sense something was on my hands and rubbed them together over sink to remove stuff. You do not want to spread it back onto yourself so just be aware. Now I do the head treatment morning and evening since the weather is so hot and humid where I live. Sometimes I shower and sometimes I don’t. I shower now because I want to not because I have to.

I read that a man did this head treatment and never got sick and he live until he was in his 90s. He stated that all infects go to the scalp so manage the scalp then you manage your health. I thought that was interesting.

Be patient. Be diligent.

Take Care, Nan

PS. Your head may get dry from this treatment. I used Kiss my face Lavender shea lotion or Dr Teals lavender lotion on my head and body. Yes, I use body lotion instead of conditioner on my head. Need to keep your skin moist and this works best. Conditioner just made my hair dull and does not really help my scalp. I got this idea off the internet. I have long hair and it looks and feels so much better since I did this.

PSS. I had a little bald issue on my head, but once did this treatment the hair grew back.



3:28:52 AM


Thank you for all your suggestions, I really need them. I haven't lost anymore weight which is good.

If I could give myself a percent of where my daughter and I are at I would say about 65% healed.

We've came a long way from where we started without the He Cures All Foundation this would not be possible. Without this community it would not be possible.

God has blessed this community
I'm grateful to have found Mel.

My GOD continue to bless this website and all its greatness.


3:15:22 PM


Hello fellow Warriors, I hope all is well with everyone.

I was so happy to hear everyone's voice on last week's conference call and I just want to thank Deanna for all that she has done and all that she's doing for this community and all that she's done for me and my daughter.

Everything has been going okay I'm still struggling with my weight as most of you know im trying to find a balance on good healthy foods to eat while trying to gain weight.

My symptoms are still not as bad as the beginning and getting better everyday.

I want to think this community I want to thank Mel Peter and John.

God Bless you all.


12:53:59 PM


Hello everyone, I hope all is well. Sorry I haven't got a chance to talk to any of the new members but im happy your here.

I haven't left the webside I'm still here you guys were stuck with me forever, I've just been really busy, my daughter Started school which is a whole new Responsibility in its own, Coming up with lunch ideas for her.
My work Schedule Change so I was unable to attend the conference calls I really miss everyone.

I'm Probably about 68% healed I know I have to take it slow because of the way I have to eat now. But anyhow I've been reading everyone's post and pulling Strength from each and every one of you to try and keep pushing forward.

My God Continue to bless this website and its community



9:42:38 AM

Hello Everyone,

Many of you reading know me as a fairly frequent poster...especially lately as I've started to experience more and more success.

I'm better, and can finally see the possibility of complete recovery.

There's a clear reason for this positive change...I started getting better when I made a commitment to this protocol.

I was not an easy took me almost a year to decide to jump on board. During this time, I was voraciously searching for answers. I was all over the internet...taking notes...trying so many things, and spending BIG money...with very minimal results.

This site...Mel's site...was one of the ones I followed that year as well. I wasn't sure...there was just SO much out there...but I finally made a decision to come on board for the following reasons:

1. Mel actually had MD. There are people out there who have had other types of issues that have some similarities...but collembola and other related issues are just the tip of the iceberg...the vector for some of us...and though they are horrible indeed...MD is a cosmic nightmare with no comparison.

2. Mel is actually well due to his diligent efforts and acquired knowledge...and he has stayed well for ten years.

3. Mel has generously and freely shared his knowledge to help others experience the same recovery...and has also done this for years. Over these years, his knowledge base has expanded and evolved, and as a result, he has a unique skill set and perspective about this disease like no other.

I came to these conclusions after reading and observing incognito for almost a year. It took a long time because I really couldn't believe one person could do all this so unselfishly and with the ever growing demand from the explosive increase of people with this disease. How could he keep up? Was he for real?

This was a man who promised God he’d help others...and anyone who's experienced MD knows the hellish symptoms that can get bad enough to drive a person to the brink. Mel had these plus Lyme and Mercer...and when they sent him home to die, he experienced a profound spiritual moment that led him to know he would recover and to also make a promise to God that he would help others once he became well.

That was ten years ago. He got well. He is still helping others.

When my symptoms flare up I'd promise anyone, including God. anything for some relief...but once better, most of us would probably easily forget or let it go...I know I would. I consider myself a very good person...but life gets in the way...and who in the world can afford to donate almost every waking moment to helping others for free?

It took me almost a year to contact him because it took me that long to really believe he was for real.

Once I realized he was past amazed and impressed.

I contacted him via email. In a very short time he wrote me back. I gave him my phone number and he called me. His kindness and caring was unbelievable to me because I know I was one among so many and he’s just one person. I could tell he would have given me his right arm...his knowledge...his expertise...his time...and his attention for not one spite of the fact he’d recently started offering one on one coaching for a very reasonable fee.

I felt it was only right that I book a coaching session and did so. Mel called me and gave me my paid for time...and then called again...and again...and never asked for more money. I wouldn’t allow that to happen though…how could I take advantage of such kindness? The more I listened, the more I realized it wasn’t just me who got this “deal”...Mel over gave to everyone.

I booked more calls...and they’ve paid off...because as these coaching calls continued, I learned more and more...learned things to change and tweak and try...and as a result...I've gotten better! Over these months, I’ve realized everything he’s told me has hundred percent...which is batting 1000 and eons beyond anything else I’ve read or tried from any other source...and it was so much cheaper than so many other things I tried that barely worked or didn’t work at all.

It’s not an easy fix though...and that’s why those of us in the trenches need so much support...but there was Mel...cheering everyone on to keep on trying and keep on pushing...constantly giving of himself to others. Being a person who is in a service profession myself, I can testify to the fact that giving that much of oneself emotionally comes with a cost to the person giving...but Mel does this for everyone.

Anyone reading this can tell how I feel about Mel. Over these months we’ve become friends, and even one might say I have a bias. Perhaps this is true to some degree...but my profession requires me to be analytical...and it’s a hard thing to put away at the end of the day. I’m good at observing, gathering data, analyzing it, and drawing conclusions because I have to do it every day...and I went into overdrive in analyzing the data before making the decision to start this protocol and then the one on one coaching sessions...but there is no doubt the decision has paid off.

In short...Mel added up. He’s the real deal, and he delivers. The information on the site is invaluable...but I believe the one on one coaching has saved me months in recovery time. Mel has listened and has very quickly been able to pinpoint areas I was missing or doing wrong. He’s offered suggestions and every single one of these I’ve tried has garnered a positive result.

This is a complex illness...and this site offers so much free information that it’s almost overwhelming. That’s how I felt...overwhelmed...but the one on one coaching made things clear and easy. It saved time and I believe has greatly accelerated the time it would have taken me to get to this point in my recovery.

So...if anyone else feels this same overwhelm or any type of confusion, you might want to consider fast tracking your recovery time with one who can offer knowledgeable on one coaching sessions with Mel.

Warm regards,



9:52:37 PM

Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel – what 1 on 1 coaching and the protocol has meant for me.

I am probably a lot like most of you – a normal person who was in total disbelief when I realized I had contracted Morgellon’s. Scared, confused and in a frenzy on trying anything I could read about to get rid of it.

I actually know how and why I contracted this disease. After picking fruit from a tree I knew something was wrong several days later when I noticed a rash and itching on my arms and could see (and feel) something that was tunneling under my skin. After numerous trips to doctors and hearing the infamous line of delusional parasitosis I landed on trying a protocol from another website (if that’s what you could call it) and never saw another doctor. I suffered severe itching and rashes and saw all of the horrid things most of you have or are experiencing. I was lucky as I did not experience any lesions or fatigue. I was a prime target to catch this as I was under a lot of stress from work, not getting sleep. binging on sweets and drinking waaayyy too much.

After 4 months of hell I landed back on Mel’s Page (the first time I had come across it I was afraid of the protocol) because I didn’t take the time to read and at first glance thought that it was way too much to do). I immediately signed up for 1 on 1 coaching – I had to talk to someone who understood what I was going through and had been cured – it was a lifeline for me. No one knew what I was going through except my husband, and as you all know, this can be a very isolating and lonely disease to deal with – you feel like a pariah and just keep thinking how much you want your life back.

I can’t say enough for the comfort, hope and resolve my calls with Mel have given me. In the beginning I spoke to him every week – and as I got better and understood exactly what I needed to do I didn’t feel the need to talk as frequently. However, anytime I have a question I send Mel an email and within 24 hours or less he is giving me a call – the cost of 1 on 1 coaching is not very much and the comfort you receive to know that what you are experiencing is normal and will pass is invaluable.

I can’t say enough about the protocol either – after 2 weeks I stopped having the feeling that something was biting at my feet, after a month the itching subsided and today, after 8 months I feel like myself again – I still have a little way to go but without the protocol (I’ve never missed taking it once), the WPS, and Mel’s 1 on 1 coaching I know I would not be where I am right now – if you are hesitant about anything just ask to speak with Mel – get your life back like I and others have done – it’s possible and it works. I never cheat on my diet either – the price to pay is too great - I’ve discovered lots of recipes with coconut flour and almond flour with stevia if I need to make a treat.

I’m following my four P’s – Prayer, Protocol, Perseverance and Patience - and it’s working.

Thank you Mel!



11:19:55 AM

Hello Cassandra and welcome!

If you are on Mel's protocol and have completed the first month of the protocol which then adds what is called the Extension Kit, you are actually taking one of THE best antibiotics you can take; the Logos Nutritionals, Olive Leaf Extract is all natural and a VERY clean product as are ALL the Logos products.

If you are not on the protocol, I suggest you read the FAQ's and get started right away!!! I also suggest you read and follow the SUM of the parts... outside supplements and protocols are not necessary unless in extreme cases where the individual works directly with Mel or John.

I have been on the protocol almost 13 months now and am 90% healed from chronic lyme, morgellons, candida, epstein-barr, babesia, mycoplasma AND rheumatoid arthritis. So PLEASE believe me when I say this protocol works EXACTLY as it's laid out for us... no outside supplements, medicines, or other protocols are needed and will in fact inhibit our recovery!!!

Please do keep in mind that part of the healing process can and does mean that we will get worse before we get better. For me though the biting and stinging subsided immediately when I started the protocol and cleaned up my diet. If I had a biting or stinging sensation it was typically always a result of my body not being ready for some type of food I ingested.

Again PLEASE read the FAQ's, print them out and if you're anything like I was early on you'll need to read them again and again and again!! This is MOST DEFINITELY the place to heal but we do have to follow the protocol as it's designed not as we want to design it!!!

I hope this helps!!!

God Bless!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,


7:28:56 PM

Hi Cassandra,

I'm not a doctor, but I do have both Morgellons and Lyme Disease. My doctor does recognize both and in the past I've been on antibiotics and other prescriptions to treat them. For several months I was using these along with this protocol, though at the time, my adherence to the protocol was far less than stellar. I limped along keeping my nose above water for a while and then started improving, though slowly.

About nine months ago, I got serious about sticking to the protocol... and things improved...and at a bit faster would have been faster if I didn't occasionally fall away from the protocol and diet for a week or so...usually on a holiday or when I have my grandchildren...but even when I allowed this to happen, I could get back on the protocol and get back on track within a few weeks. And so, with this method, I continued to improve, though my progress was still fairly slow.

About three months ago, I made a decision to get off all prescriptions and really stay on the protocol, and I've done both with a couple of exceptions (more about that to follow). What resulted was the most dramatic improvement I've experienced in the twenty months I've had these illnesses. I only used the supplements on the rid of the antibiotics and other prescriptions...and in less than 90 days, I've experienced a remarkable improvement. As a matter of fact, I returned to work this week after being off for summer break for almost six weeks...and several people have commented on how much healthier I look.

I can only assume this improvement has come from sticking to the protocol exclusively...which has meant stepping away from prescriptions.

But...I'd said there's more to follow and so here it is. I've had my grandchildren for over two weeks...they just went home a couple of days ago. It was wonderful...I loved seeing them, but it was challenging to do everything I needed to do for myself and take care of them too (they're both preschoolers, so they require a lot of energy). I started off pretty well...but after a few days, I fell away from the protocol...and then I succumbed to the temptation of proximity to all kinds of foods I'm not supposed to eat. Fatigue was certainly a factor in my poor choices, but I suppose I could have done better if I'd been more disciplined.

So now it's time to pay the piper. The last time I had a slip up I was still on antibiotics and other prescriptions. Now I'm off all prescriptions except for the recent addition of hormones which doesn't seem to have created any problems so far.

It's still a little early to tell how I'll bounce back this time, does seem to feel a bit different than it did at this point in time in my recovery from past slip ups...and I really do think the difference overall is related to my stepping away from so many prescriptions and staying (with the recent exception) true to the protocol.

As mentioned, I'm not a doctor, but I am pretty good at analytical thinking...and going with a more natural approach makes obvious sense to me because these are toxic diseases. It's common knowledge that prescriptions are land mines of almost wonders how much thought of risk / benefit actually goes into the decisions of the drug makers to market certain drugs. I'm not against prescription drugs across the board...I definitely believe some are beneficial and in some circumstances would be the best choice.

Unfortunately, we as consumers now have to figure out when to make what choices. This is probably the biggest difficulty in people getting the treatment they need to get well. If one listens to, and adheres to the advice of those who worship at the alter of hard core medical treatment only, then one might experience not getting well.

That's obviously what's happened to people who are reading this post right now. If the medical community had responded to these diseases with recognition and appropriate treatment, then that's where people would have gone and that would have been the end of it.

That's obviously not what has happened, and so people have been forced to try to figure this out on their own. I thank God every day for Mel who was the trail blazer in figuring out what to do to get himself well and who has been beyond generous in giving his support back to the community of toxic illness sufferers. I don't know where I'd be without Mel...I've realized over the last few months that everything he's told me has worked...though the things he says to do aren't a quick he says, "slow and steady"...and I think that's really hard for most of us.'s really even harder to drag along doing this and that and then look up and a lot of time has gone by and you realize you're still not well. That's when I realized that if I'd done what Mel had done for himself earlier on, I'd have probably been well by now.

On an additional note, I've also noticed improvement when I've stepped away from toxic cleaning solutions and other toxic chemicals that are a part of our everyday lives. Since this has helped me and others, it would make sense that actual treatment of these diseases would have to be centered around a natural approach.

I think I'm not alone when I say this is a hard concept to actually accept. For one thing, it means having to think on one's own and not putting all of one's faith in the medical community which, in our culture is up there with God and Jesus. In my opinion, it feels like such a betrayal that these diseases are ignored and even vilified by most of the medical community, and I believe that mindset was the biggest obstacle I faced in finally making the decision to choose a plan of action.

There was just so much information out there that I kept going back and forth. I also think there was some actual grief...a true grieving process over feeling so let down by the medical community. After all...if one cannot put one's trust in our doctors, then one is really in a scary place.

It occurs to me that this is just one snapshot of what is happening to our whole health care system. So...maybe we're the lucky ones. We get it. We now see we have to take health care into our own hands in some circumstances. I'm not talking totally...but definitely with toxic diseases.

This type of approach to healing has so many other benefits though...and I now believe that taking responsibility for our health by adopting healthy habits and prevention is probably going to be a big part of the answer to the current health crisis for each of us. The upside of healing from a toxic disease with this natural method is improved health in other areas and an awareness of what it takes to become and stay healthy.

So...lots of food for thought Cassandra...and ultimately, you'll have to make your own decision about what to do related to taking prescriptions...but you do have a lot of evidence from those of us here on the site that a more natural approach is better. I look at success...and I see success in those who are following the protocol which is a completely natural approach.

My best to you,




11:51:16 AM

Hi Linda,
Peter is correct. You will need to read and learn how to heal. It is inside and outside job.

Check out the protocol page for the inside work. Also, diet and PH levels are another critical piece to healing in the inside. I never heard of PH level, but it does work.

Check out Mel’s freeze head treatment for outside work. I just posted details under WPS – This Stuff works to Lacy today so should show up later today or tomorrow. Also, MMS baths really help. I wanted to state I never had hair issues or discolor issues mentioned by LD in this thread. MMS or WPS is new concept so there is some worry, but I had no issues with it. I started taking baths as soon as possible and felt great. I did get tired, but I had a lot of other things going on beside this bath and illness. I did have issue with my laundry getting stained since need to put MMS/ WPS in the water first and stir prior to adding the clothes.

I always knew and trust this protocol or I should say this change in life style mindset. Change is hard and this illness is hard, but Mel and Peter have made it easier.

I would strongly suggest you go to the conference calls on Friday or Saturday. It is very helpful to talk to these guys and others. I put the details below. Also, put the link below for recorded meetings.

More Communication is Better



Times, phone number and access code are listed below.

Conference call line 712-432-3011, access code 664059

Friday's Coffee, Tea with Me BYOQ
• 4:00PM-5:30PM (Pacific)
• 5:00PM-6:30PM (Mountain)
• 6:00PM-7:30PM (Central)
• 7:00PM-8:30PM (Eastern)
Saturday's Coffee, Tea with Me
• ..9:00AM--10:30AM (Pacific)
• 10:00AM--11:30PM (Mountain)
• 11:00AM---12:30PM (Central)
• 12:00PM---1:30PM (Eastern)
Sunday's Prayer Meeting

• 3:30 (Pacific)
• 4:30 (Mountain)
• 5:30 (Central)
• 6:30 (Eastern)



1:50:02 PM

Hi Jino,
just wanted to say I hope your scalp treatments work- bentonite clay (make a paste) might also help - and I made a nice soap blend that had Dr Bs peppermint soap -some activated charcoal - five drops wintergreen or eucalyptus essential oil - and would use that as a shampoo. Let it sit - and then spray scalp with MMS.
And not playing doctor here -
But the reason I wanted to reply to your post was the comment you made about the liver.

In my reading and learning (and we are all learning together here ;))
Well the liver is always strained when someone has an illness.
As our body's filter - it is likely that it has bbeen stressed (maybe clogged) years before any signs of illness appeared.
Sometimes microbes (from drinking water - food - etc) hide out in the ducts and stay dormant for years - then later change roles.

Other times - our liver is just overworked and it has been clogged - missing the enzymes and pancreatic juices needed -
And so supporting the liver is the first thing that is usually done with Any formal cleanses - like before anyone does certain herbs - they usually support their liver for months - for example - my cousin struggled with shingles for years and only found relief when some special herbalist helped him clean his liver (slowly) and his gallbladder and then worked up from there. He had to add in supplements - etc
Now.... when it comes to MOrgellons
The liver support and cleansing is why Mel's protocol works.
I know this might sound like a big sales thing - but this protocol works because it addresses the liver -
It does this in more ways than I understand - but after using it and learning more and more - and trying so many other brands -to come back to this -
This comprehensive protocol here helps support the liver (the Liver CS) and the complete thymic formula (my fav) was actually created to help heal hepatitis (a liver infection) and i believe all of us with morgellons have liver issues (and heavy metals and fungal sludge and various nematodes)
Another reason this protocol works is because it is synergistic -
And you can read all about it here throughout posts - but it helps all of your organs and systems.
the team of people that have made these formulas do a lot of research -
They study what helps absorption - what works with what - what a sick body needs-'what is safest - what is most effective - etc
So this is why the protocol works.
And you see - some of the research I have skimmed seems to indicate that a major hormone imbalance also played a major part in the breakdown of the immune system with morgellons patients -
Likely a hormonal imbalance for years leaving one vulnerable -

And Mel's protocol has supplements that have glandulars and stuff that nurtures hormones and various firing in the body.
So in my very humble opinion
Of course you have liver problems
Your whole system is afflicted !
And so if possible - try this protocol for 90 days (or even 30) and see for yourself !
It really works
Mel (and the others) have tweaked it over the last decade - they have been on a mission to improve and stay open to new tips and to fine tune and expedite the protocol as much as possible -
This is what they have dedicated their lives to - and they keep striving to learn and understand more about Morgellons - Lyme and other chronic conditions -
And sadly - when you only turn to allopathic care - they don't understand root causes - of whole body synergy!
Anyhow - I know it might be tough for to jump in on the full protocol - but it is something I want to personally invite you to seriously consider - the protocol starts slow - to help your body not have too much healing shock - and dude - want to hear some good news?
When you use this protocol - your body gets super strong - and the quality of life goes up because physical health is everything!

I was jus talking to a man in the hot tub yesterday - he is retired and we started talking about health and nutrition - I try to listen when people share their ailments or past health stuff - but I also chime in as god leads - and this guy has had cancer four times - and still uses plain ol sugar in his coffee - and he never really learned that cancer was an immune system failure.
he asked me if I thought coffee was ok - and when I heard he used so much sugar - wow - I was more ok with his coffee (and told him to maybe add baking soda to the grounds prior to brewing) but the sugar he uses still??? Wow -'sugar suppresses immunity and has been found to correlate with cancer (not that fungal infections cause cancer - but almost every patient with cancer has had some type of fungal overgrowth- some say every patient has it ) anyhow - he had cancer all these times and never once was told about helping improve his immune system - and never once was told about how sugar suppresses immunity - and when he said he could never give it up - I reminded him that - um - yes he could . ;)
(Because those of us morgellons warriors have learned that we can give up stuff we never thought we could - and we end up satisfied and healthy)
Not to ramble about sugar
But as I left this nice man - (and I wrote down logos website and reminded him they offer a money back guarantee) -
I was reminded how clueless most (not all) but how clueless many doctors are about real healing and what the human body needs to rebuild its terrain.
And trust me when I say that logos products are worth your money - I shake my head as I write this - still baffled as to how they make such good products - but the investment in your health will pay off in priceless ways.
Also - the wps (mms) in the protocol likely cleans and scours the liver and system as it removes pathogens - such good stuff.

Well hang in there as you deal with this tough health challenge-

Read the archives here and listen to calls

- people are getting better here -

I hope you can get healed too.



11:58:42 PM

Well...everything seems to have happened little by little...and forward two steps and then back one step...or sometimes two...or three.

You start to get used to the pace...even dull yourself out inside your mind to try to deal with it (in between having denial tantrums). You tell yourself slow and steady over and over again...and things move at a snails pace...but wake up and...could it be true???? Things are suddenly better...much better!!!

I'm not well yet.

I'm not in the 90% club yet.

But I might just be putting my toe in the water of the 82.5% club pretty soon if this positive breakthrough holds.

The fatigue issue is greatly improved.

The skin manifestation is decreasing in size, shape, and amount of fibers, etc. that are a part of the whole daily exfoliation "adventure."

The tickles are almost gone...almost afraid to even type this one out loud...don't want to tempt fate...this is the thing that drives me to the brink the most.

And...the most exciting part of all is I can now look in the mirror and see myself again...instead of seeing a pale thin fragile looking ghost with big rings under her eyes, I now see someone with life left to live. I look like I've come back to life!

I've been on the protocol for about a year...but not on it with commitment until six or eight months ago. I'm not good at counting how many weeks or months like some of you...wish I'd kept better track, but...I'm just happy when I can tick off all the things to do to get every day.

So...anyone new or thinking about trying this...please know that this does work...and you won't get sicker trying to get well. I started out eighteen months ago with a fist full of prescriptions and now I don't take any...nada...none. And...interestingly once I ditched the Rx and stuck to the Lyme protocol (because I have both), I started getting better at a faster rate...(relatively speaking because recovery isn't ever "fast" with Lyme or MD).

It's like this. If I could tell my last year's self what I know now, I'd say, get on the full protocol, clean up your diet and do it NOW... and then...stay consistent. Participate in the forum...and read read read. It works. I fooled around way too long because I just REALLY wanted to find a faster way...but...that dog won't hunt.

This protocol will take you where you want to go!!!

So...with all of this being said...I'm doing a very cautiously optimistic happy dance tonight!



Jenny S

6:06:55 AM

Congratulations Karen.

I have enjoyed following your story of perseverance and determination to rid yourself of this mess. I hope newcomers continue to receive the message of the importance of getting on and staying on the complete protocol.

I believe you have done this all while working full time plus, correct? I'm certain with your continued efforts, you will see 100% soon.

I have been on for 6.5 months and have achieved 70%. It's amazing to me how good 70% can feel compared to the misery of life before the protocol.

Thanks for the inspirational update!

God bless.



3:27:47 PM

I missed the Friday conference call last night as I fell asleep early.I had every intention of joining the conference call this morning (Saturday) and slept right through it as well.I seem to be sleeping more than I ever have in my entire life but I'm thinking my body must need it as I heal.

I listen to all the conference calls and prayers every day and am continuing to read all the forum posts.

I am my second month using the protocol supplements and diet. And I am already seeing improvements. Some of the things that seemed to be a significant issue are no longer an issue at all but new things do seem to be popping up.
For example, I rarely see any of those things that feel like tiny grains of sand that a little over a month ago were a huge issue. I am seeing some little hairs appearing when I apply my nightly coconut oil mixed with essential oils. Until recently, I never saw these.

I follow so much of the advice I've read by folks on the forum and want to thank everyone who takes the time to post and help those of us that are new. I still read the post from the very beginning and find useful information given by people that I don't even see making posts today, I assume because they are healed and have moved on with their lives.

I believe God led me to this site so that I could be healed and in thankful prayer have promised Him that when I am healed using this protocol, I will be devoted to helping others be healed from this awful disease as well. I don't know how a God will use me but I do know that in some way, I will help others with this disease.

Since the majority of the medical community does not admit this disease exist, the only thing new and existing sufferers have is each other. All of you, especially Mel with this site and his wealth of knowledge, continue to help me more than you can ever imagine.

I go to Whole Foods with my grocery list made from the recipe forum( I know I can't eat everything yet but I'll have what I need when I can!). I have a list of essential oils and will be shopping for them and a diffuser soon.

I study the forum and I follow the input of those that seem to work. I rarely get the crawlies on my scalp and shoulders anymore although I still have the sores in my scalp and bumps on my shoulders.

If I eat a food that doesn't agree with me I get the crawlies in my hands and feet. The crawlies are always enough to make me never eat a certain food again. I hate them.
I mixed my Logo Whey with Almond Milk and it tasted so good. Twenty minutes later I had the worst whole body crawlie experience ever! I read on the back of the almond milk carton pure sugar cane! Whoops! I broke the No Sugar rule!!I accidentally bought the wrong almond milk.
I tried everything I could think of all day kind to increase my alkaline level to no avail. It was a miserable day. My lesson? Read the ingredients in everything I eat before I put it in my mouth. It's not worth the consequences.

I'll be listening the the conference calls I missed and
will try to stay awake for next weeks calls. I am so amazed at the level of fatigue this illness has had on me.

I'm thinking that for me, sleep is part of the protocol!

Thanks to all of you for your most helpful postings and for sharing your experience, strength and hope.

God Bless you all!



6:28:42 PM

Hi everyone,

It's been awhile. As my post said parasites and pathogens are in my spinal cord. It's been a painful part of the journey. I go through contortions.

Since the beginning i needed to find something that can cross the blood-brain barrier to target them. I have tried frankincense essential oil since it crosses over the barrier. It's a good tool to help me to reduce the pathogens/ parasites avctivities and reproduction. However didn't do the trick.

God has helped me once again! A friend of mine called me to tell me about Cistus tea. Upon research it is a Major biofilm buster! Not only that it crosses the blood-brain barrier which I've been searching for all along. It's finally here. I only used it for one week. I feel it's working. For a long time my spinal cord has been stagnated. I feel this is pushing the parasites out of my spine into other parts of my body like my knees. Within this week I started to get lesions on my knees and both of them itch and hurt. I'm so happy they're coming out.
In turn, I feel more stable body motion wise. Jehovah God truly is the hearer of prayers Psalms 65: 1, 2. Check out the tea see if it'll be a good thing for you. It's helping me to make progress. Teas are powerful tools... but this one is amazing! I am grateful.

I hope this will be helpful for someone else,



12:43:17 PM

Mel tells us to read read read...and I do...but there's still so much to learn. Case in point...I finally stared reading a bit more on the Logos site. Was reading about Magnifizyme...I noted that it includes an ingredient called serrapeptase. Was very interesting to note that serrapwptase is an enzyme used by silk worms to break down their cocoons when emerging.

AH HA, methinks! All of this exfoliation extravaganza I'm constantly doing may benefit from this enzyme as an added ingredient. I've been using a concoction of coconut oil, papaya powder, essential oils...sometimes food grade diatomaceous earth, etc., and it's been pretty effective. However...considering the fact that there's a fiber component to the skin condition aspect of the disease, I reasoned that the serrapeptase in the Magnifizyme might address same topically as well. So...I tried it today. Opened a Magnifizyme capsule and emptied it into some coconut oil, and WOW! It was a noticible difference...the first thing was having a couple of those long fibers rise to the surface much more quickly than is usual for the time I spend in exfoliating. Amazing! I kept going with it and was thrilled to note the loosening and purging of the particles was going much more quickly and with greater results.

For this time I just used coconut oil and the Magnifizyme powder...wanted to isolate the new mixture idea to rule out the influence of any other of my usual additives. This sure seems to have helped me...and I hope it helps others too.



2:56:55 PM

Hello everyone,

Great conference call today!

It's always great when our instincts are validated. It gives us more confidence in ourselves.

I am 12 weeks on the protocol and am better and stronger everyday.

I love it when new people come to the calls because I know all too well the desperation that come with this disease. You're looking for relief from something that you can't even wrap your mind around and when you finally make your way to Mel's website, you are physically, mentally and emotionally spent.

Changing my diet is key to healing and trying to keep my stress level down is essential. As soon as I noticed a change in my body, albeit a small one, after only two weeks taking the protocol, I knew that God had led me to the right place.

I think I responded as quickly as I did because I took a prebiotic/probiotic instinctively while going through chemotherapy, radiation and post surgically.

That Eureka moment came to me while on the call today when Peter brought up Logos prebiotic supplement. I love the way God answers little questions that are in my mind. I was so excited to hear about the prebiotic product from Logos through Peter.
It was something I had questioned myself about over and over. I believe it is why I responded as quickly to the protocol and I truly believe it will become another piece of this puzzle that is Morgellons.

I thank everyone on the calls and on the forums that have selflessly posted and helped everyone who comes here seeking relief, answers and renewed HOPE, faith and strength. You will find it here.

It is hard to see, when you are sick, the joy and lessons you learn and continue to learn throughout this journey. For me, God needed to get my attention. He healed me from stage 4 cancer and He doesn't do ANYTHING halfway and so I BELIEVE that getting Morgellons was necessary for me to know, I had Lyme disease, so that I wouldn't continue on to get diagnosed with things that Lyme mimics such as MS and Lupus.

NOTHING mimics Morgellons so getting it has made me seek knowledge and treatment through natural supplementation and a lifestyle change that includes diet, exercise and consistency.

I truly believe that learning how to heal my body through the help of this website and all the people here, is the way God is going to keep his promise to me of this cancer never coming back.


Thank you all, for holding me up and for all you do for everyone who finally make it to this place.

God bless and keep you all.
Tiffany R.

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