How I Cured Morgellons

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1:13:10 AM

Wow - what an awesome group you all are... I will write to Pam in hopes of finding the right Dr. All my life I believed myself to be such a strong person - but this is well it is beyond words really. Thank you Mel for this site and all of you for your guidance... I hope to hang in and proactively move forward, at times that is so not what I feel like doing...

You are all very brave and strong and winning... so I will make my words positive and my thoughts right minded........ I will, we all will survive this and be stronger for it.
Again, thank you to all of you! I don't even know yet what a Great Plains Dr. is.......... but am reading.
Pamela Mae

2:23:15 AM



Pammie Mae

3:55:31 PM

Hiya Patty,


You have come to the right place, WE have all been morgellons sufferers, and the web site is designed to help people get better.

1).Lets try and find you a morgellons educated doctor
in your area, please contact Pamela At morgellons, she has developed a good network of doctors.

2)Lets get you to read as nuch as possible on our web site.Try using the search engine feature to answer your questions; Try this; put cleaning my
house in the search engine, you will see five or more pages come up, this should help you. then put the questions you wish in the order that's important
to you!

3) Study the protocol page, The first steps to better health.

4) In the event you have questions after reading,
then send your phone
I will answer any question you have at that time.

Thanks Pamela for your quick response!

Welcome again Patty
God bless,
Pamela Mae

2:09:21 AM

Hi Patty,

So nice to meet you.

We have all been where you are,please hang in there.
Hopefully we can hand off to you some of our experience so that you do not have to spend more money than necessary.
This can be bankrupting.

What I wish I had done even before getting tested ' is to go first to a Great Plains recomended Doctor.

Even though they do not call themselves 'MORGELLONS' doctors,I believe most are out of the box research doctors who are advocates for people with difficult disease.

I believe the best way to get your prescripions and to be sure you are on the right antibiotic(many of us needed different antibiotics) is to have the testing done by the Great Plains recomended Docs so they can pin point the necessary meds.

And then follow the protocol set out.

Blessings and it is nice meeting you,
Pamela mae
You may email me at
with the state you live in and I will see if I can give you the name of some docs in your area.

11:58:08 PM

What is most recommended for clearing house, car, computer of Morgellons?

Also - what is the recommended way to get Bactrim if your Dr. doesn't believe in Morgellons?

I am just one month into this nightmare and appreciate any and all support!
Many thanks,
John B

11:47:47 PM

Thanks once again Mel for your patience, dedication, determination, compassion and enthusiasm.

I continue to marvel at your transformation. It is hard to believe that a year ago, you were told you had only a few months to live. Once you purposed to become an empty vessel used for God's glory, He began turning your suffering into blessings... for your health and for others... and He has only just begun.

Isn't is wonderful to see God's hand at work in our midst?
Pamela Mae

4:47:03 AM

Mel man,

Respectfully submitted,my deep gratitude and appreciation for all your open communication,
personable emails,and dedication to immediate and continual phone support for many here.
It brings hope to all knowing you are still doing well.

Praise God
Pamela Mae

Pammie loves you
Kim S

6:30:00 PM

How AWESOME Mel, so glad to hear how you are doing!!! Praise God !!!

5:15:03 PM

Hi Mel,
thank you for your kind comment, but no thanks are needed. Now that I am better (not 100% cured) I can think more clearly, but I haven't forgotten (or ever will) where I was 2 to 3 months ago. I know that when we are really sick, it is hard to get a handel on things and concentrate and function properly. So even though I may sound harsh to some at times, my heart and goals are pure and that is to help anyone I can.
The real thanks go to you Mel for putting this site out there!

4:41:20 PM

Welcome Mel, (SMILE)
It is great to learn how your health is. I am so pleased and happy to hear this. It gives hope to life for all of us. The wish list is so blessed. I want to thank you, pamela Mae, Deb 2 , John B., and Mr. CS for being an integral asset to a superior support healing team. Tis amazing how all of you work together. Blessings, Rose
Mel **

3:11:34 PM

Hiya All,

Last couple of days I have been very quiet. I have been reflecting on the status of my health.

I have been watching how you are interacting with one another. I have been very proud of you ALL.

My health is the best it's been in over six years. I am thinner, stronger, my skin is very healthy (good amount of moisture or oils). I have not had a Morgellons sore in over nine months. I have already started to cut back on my prescription drugs, with no ill effects.

As I often said, when dealing with fungus it will take a year to15 months to be sure you have eliminated this problem. I will continue to take natural anti-fungus drops, despite the fact that Oil of Oregano tastes really horrible.

I will continue to take the wellness protocol from Logos Nutritionals in order to maintain the good balance in order to stay healthy. I will watch my immune system carefully and use MMS if I feel the need. I will continue to bath in MMS as I really like the effect its had on my hair and skin! I will continue with my morning dose of Molecular Silver as I like the energy I get from it. I will also follow the instructions that I get from my testing @ Great Plains labs.

With all this said, let's get back to you!!

This is my wish list:

1) That you keep the discussions of the newest miracle down to a minimum.
2) You do no harm.
3) You all get better.

Now I want to thank PAMELA &DEB2; you both have healed the most and have become very helpful in trying to keep everyone else focused. Thank you both very much!

I am not a doctor; I am not brilliant,

God bless you all,

P.S. Thanks also to JOHN B & MR.COMMON SENSE