How I Cured Morgellons

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12:06:34 PM

I love that you are posting on this, Mel! I had put the dates on my calendar for my next 5 week 'breakout', so I wouldn't be taken by surprise by it and get scared. Like clockwork, it came and I began to deal more forcefully with it than usual. It did discourage me, even knowing that it was just the I was so much better the weeks before. But then, remembering that once this week passes, it will be much better again gave me that peace back. Also, I looked back recalling the last 5 week breakout and this one was so much less than that hopefully by next month's cycle, I will have conquered it by the agressive approach this cycle. I need to follow your advice about the carbs and breads!!! Thank you for all the advice. I also believe that prayer is essential and God can and will heal this if it is His will!! Blessings to all in Jesus Christ! Gina
pamela mae

10:06:36 AM

it truly is influenced by the very God of heaven that everyone should come here find rest and hope.
I am so blessed you did too.
Please email me Michelle and I will help in any way I can to help you to get your testing and answer questions about GPL.

Bless you my friend,
Pamela Mae

3:28:46 AM

Mel, I thank all the gods and the universe that I found this site. I just thought I would have to live with the creatures in me or just die. I just could not look at the pics on the Internet anymore. I found your site 2 days ago. I am learning so much and hopefully I can be tested through Great Plains in the near future. So weak and tired now. Thanks to you and all your wonderful followers. I see a light.
Hug to all, Michele
Mel **

11:21:44 PM

The Reproduction Cycle

I am not a doctor or a scientist, but I have always felt that Morgellons has a five week reproduction cycle. That is because even as I started to get better, every five weeks I would seem to go backwards.

I first thought it was the medications but, but of course that's not the case; It's those little devils trying to hatch. The really good news is that as you get better and change your diet this will cease to happen.

For the most part, how long this will take depends on you. Until I changed my diet to radically reduce refined carbs, sweets, breads and pastas, it did not totally go away.

Although this is the first time I have broached this topic, now seems to be the right time as more and more of you have mentioned this to both Mae and John B. I have on many occasions talked with miss Pam about this subject. Today I say to you all, try and figure out your 5 WEEK cycle.

I figured out my cycle, started taking MMS twice a day (DURING THAT WEEK) and it helped. Then I asked Miss Pam to try this and after she figured out her cycle, she tried MMS twice a day, and said that it helped her too.

During THIS time, we both took two less drops each of the two times. So no matter how many drops you take once a day, during your cycle WEEK take two less drops twice a day. (10-2=8, twice a day is 16) THIS IS ONLY AN EXAMPLE!!!

Normally people become frightened during this setback week and some break protocol,(NOT GOOD. On this subject I am sure there will be many questions. Please allow me three more days to finish this report and next Monday I will start to field all questions on any subject. Thanks!

God bless you all,