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12:06:34 PM

I love that you are posting on this, Mel! I had put the dates on my calendar for my next 5 week 'breakout', so I wouldn't be taken by surprise by it and get scared. Like clockwork, it came and I began to deal more forcefully with it than usual. It did discourage me, even knowing that it was just the I was so much better the weeks before. But then, remembering that once this week passes, it will be much better again gave me that peace back. Also, I looked back recalling the last 5 week breakout and this one was so much less than that hopefully by next month's cycle, I will have conquered it by the agressive approach this cycle. I need to follow your advice about the carbs and breads!!! Thank you for all the advice. I also believe that prayer is essential and God can and will heal this if it is His will!! Blessings to all in Jesus Christ! Gina
pamela mae

10:06:36 AM

it truly is influenced by the very God of heaven that everyone should come here find rest and hope.
I am so blessed you did too.
Please email me Michelle and I will help in any way I can to help you to get your testing and answer questions about GPL.

Bless you my friend,
Pamela Mae

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