How I Cured Morgellons

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11:15:15 PM


My body's decline can be attributed to several things, and heavy metals and toxins are just one of them. I won't recover by just focusing on one thing only, but my doctor feels that many of my issues are related to the heavy metal burden. If I hope to regain my health, then it has to be addressed. It can take months or years to detox out this stuff.

11:04:03 PM

Julia -

I am taking a prescription drug twice a week in addition to Vitamin c IVs. Also, the supplements and vitamins I am taking will chelate over a longer period of time. On my own, I do far infrared saunas and ionic foot baths. I know the foot baths are controversial, but I feel they help.

Tests I have had done:
-Liver Detoxification Test:

- ALCAT Testing for Food Intolerances

- GI Health Panel by Diagnos-Techs


12:05:57 PM

I did heavy metal testing over a year ago (before I realized what I had ) and they found abnormal levels of lead. Took some drops daily under my tongue for several weeks until the bottle ran out but this in no way helped w morgellons symptoms so save your $$. I am focusing on the tests they advised and have just sent in my samples for testing.

11:38:00 AM

Sorry I see you are getting a detox Med. I am just wondering if my mother and I should take more than the OAT and Fecal testing. In other words what are the tests that your Dr. prescbibed for you?
Julia aka JDB

11:29:52 AM

gigi, How do they get the heavy metal out. Do they give you something for detox? Also did you have other test besides the hair analysis?

11:48:59 PM

All -

Just a followup on the testing I had done. After my initial update, I had a heavy metal provocation done. This is where you will take a drug for a short period of time (3 days) to pull metal out of the body tissues. Urine is collected for 24 hours and analyzed in the lab. Though most of my metals showed up "within reference range", a few were elevated, like barium and lead. The problem is that there was enough cumulative metal showing up which indicated that I have a high metal load, so its important that I detox these metals out in order to move forward in getting well.

In additiion, the provocation test also pulls out essential elements, and indicated that I was deficient in a lot of vitamins/minerals, the worst one being B12, which was almost undetectable in my body tissues. The blood tests for b12 can be misleading and don't really indicate what level of b12 can be used by the body tissues.

I also discovered how different my hair test was compared to the provocation test. The hair test can be good at showing what you've recently been exposed to and what your body is good at excreting. The provocation test is better at indicating your body's burden of metals.

I will be taking another metal provocation test after a 4-month timeframe to see how much I've improved.

I certainly am learning a lot on this journey to get my health back!
I urge you all to get tested for heavy metals. I believe it was a key to my rapid decline in health.

9:32:41 PM

Hi Michele... !

It really would do no good for me to post all of the foods I am intolerant of. Each person is different. Besides, I have over 80 that were identified (it included broccoli and chicken and cucumbers), and you may be reacting to foods that are safe for me... If you cannot do testing, then I would recommend following some type of elimination diet to see if your symptoms are food-related. Food intolerances for me show up as rashes on the skin, but some people get joint/muscle pain, headaches, etc. If you google 'how to do an elimination diet', there are many resources out there. Here is one that I found as an example:

In the meantime, you should try cutting out some foods associated with common food intolerances, like yeast, gluten, nuts, fructose, and dairy to see if your symptoms improve. Also, for this disease, I believe it is important to not eat sugar and eat organic, whole foods. Throw away your processed foods...

I hope this helps!

11:31:35 PM

Thanks for your info. gigi22! Can you please post what foods your try to stay away from? I too get terrible rashes on my cheeks, neck and back. Thanks Michele
Susanne: Deb2., Pam, or whoever

12:33:01 PM

I wasn't trying to discourage, in summation my motive was to ENCOURAGE those who come on here and yet cannot afford the testing or doctors.

(anyway, I have already written to GPlains last eve, they only take payments if availabiliy on Credit card, and again some of us dont have CC).

Pam my insurance coverage is restricted to Palm beach county.
Is there a woman I can speak to directly GP
regarding payment arrangements, to see if they can work with me?

12:08:17 PM

To Susanne,
Pamela took the words right out of my mouth (she is always much nicer than me).
It will be a VERY long time before the 'government' or 'medical community' does anything about this disease. I don't know how old you are, but if you think back to when Lyme disease first came out, it took a very long time for anyone to get help. Fast forward 30 yrs, and there are still doctors that do not believe it exists!
When on great Plains web site, I did notice that they WILL set up a payment plan if you want.
In my mind, the money doesn't matter if you don't get well.
As Pamela has stated many times......Great Plains also have doctor referrals.....that's how I got mine.
This is NOT the forum to say 'why you can't', this forum is for people 'willing to try'
Pamela Mae

11:37:33 AM

Dear susanne,

Are you interested in having testing done and in bettering your situation?
Did you call Great Plains and tell them you are on medical?Or medicaide,I am not sure where you are with all that ?

There are people with medicare /medical and their testing is paid .

Please do not assume GPL does not do their best(far and above main stream medicine in coverage)
They are AWESOME.

You need to call GPL first before getting discouraged and discouraging everyone else,and know that others have been encouraged by taking ahold of their own life situations.
Others were also very pro active and focused on getting well and taking responsibility for their health,plus were amazed at what showed up in the testing.

I have government insurance and they paid 95% of my testing.

Also the government does not even need to recognize this as a disease-Great Plains looks at root causes behind the disease and is pro active in ways other labs are not,and this I am so grateful for.

Therefore,GPL goes at underlying research of bacterias,fungus,and parasites and what it takes to kill them off.

GPL has also pioneered much with children who have autism.
They have had to somewhat swim against the current to treat autism with a holistic view first.
They did it.

Sara,thank you so much for your kind words,it is humbling to serve.The benefit of serving is seeing the ones who are encouraged and on the road to health.
Yes we are so deeply grateful to gather the data,or trying in our own feeble way.
We are so hopeful in the findings,and it is our joy to serve.

Blessings to you all,
Pamela mae

5:27:22 PM

All -

I had not even thought of doing a food sensitivity test or even a detoxification test before my doc suggested I do it. Eliminating sensitive foods has improved my skin. Sensitive foods were keeping my immune system busy and causing my skin to be really inflamed and rashy. I wanted to be sure to post this in the event it can help someone else with this as a problem. Foods I was sensitive to included chicken, broccoli, cucumbers, and coffee! Who would have thought!?? I'm also learning to stay away from gluten.

The Great Plains Testing sounds great. Clearly, my test results did not show much detail in the way of pathogens. When I asked my doc if we should type the fungi, she said, at this point, regardless of what it turns out to be, she is going to continue to treat me the same... strengthen the immune system, build up the body, repair the gut, etc. She did recommend an antifungal herbal formula, and will be retesting me in a few months to see if any improvements had been made.

When I hear about the testing others have done, it really removes the mystery of morgellons for me. Yes, there are things that will always be a mystery surrounding this illness (fibers? specks?), but with the testing results, we have solid things to work towards in regaining our health back. It's not just a shot in the dark.

And for those who cannot afford to do testing, there are protocols (Mel's, Mr. Common Sense's..) that can help, regardless. We can also learn from others who are doing things which are helping them, like various skin treatments, far infrared, heavy metal chelation, etc, etc.

2:36:09 PM

Hi Sara well said yup I agree correct on your synopsis .. I just wanted to bring attention to the other side

1:07:44 PM

Hi Susanne and all,
I hear what you are saying, and it is true, many cannot afford the tests. But my understanding of it is this: Those who do go through with the testing are not only finding answers for themselves, but are also helping to build a database of information which could potentially be helpful to all.
Wishing great health for all this Christmas.

12:30:48 PM

I agree with all your testing,
with all due respect to everyone-
(this is NOT directed to anyone controversially but merely me 'speaking out')

the problem some morgellons sufferers may have is the money resources for these testings.. though 'these' may all be in our best interests. . .often the morgellons syndrome creates domino effect with financial restraints. .these people still need to be encouraged with or without the testing and with or without doctors; some cannot afford physician services as well.

Further, I am assuming these tests are $700 minimum, correct?

Until the government recognizes this as a real disease, and can then provide clinics and things of that nature, In the meantime, MANY will not be able to approach this through medical means (many may not even have computers). .and we will still need to be there for each other with help and support to relieve sufferers, (carry each other's burdens: Gal 6). I AM IN THIS RACE, WITH OR WITHOUT THE MEDICAL FIELD BEHIND ME.

I stand firm.
God bless and Holy Christmas to all
Pamela Mae

4:07:41 AM

Hi Gigi22, This is Pammie Mae ,nice to meet you.

Your post is very interesting.
I wish everyone would get 'testing' in their minds first off. :-)

Through the journey mel and some of us have been on with the transition in his protocol we have discovered these very things.

* mels protocol hit fungal,bacterial,and parasitical involvement ( he was blessed to get well,it was his key)
*we also found that everyone is a bit different in body make up so a few things needed tweeking

* finding Great Plains we see they read their tests in a GREAT more detail than other labs,and they prescribe according to everyones very unique body needs.

* * * GPL read more Bacterias
* * * GPL read more Fungus species
* * * GPL test for parasite involvement
and now I have learned that their blood testing also reads more along those research levels.

Blood work goes along with the testing due to the way the morgellons effects the body systems(thyroid,adrenals,pancrease,and all pathways systems as well as immune function.

I find it necessary to strengthen and support my body systems,support the immune system,and balance PH.

The supplementation recomended by Great plains does not only include presciptive agents needed,but also natural herbs,vits. needed,which are individual for each person.

Some of these agents include a natural substance which helps chelate and helps with moving the Bio film that often forms due to the Bacterial involvement,therefore blocking the bodys ability to absorb and to remove toxins or bacterias etc.

We have found with those tested so far everyone had
Fungal (maybe many types)
Bacterial(maybe many types)
Parasitical( some had up to 4 natural anti parasiticals that were needed)

Nice to meet you once again.
God Bless
Pamela Mae
gigi22 **

12:42:23 AM

All -

I thought I would just share this for anyone that is interested. I did not have the Great Plains Testing done, though it sounds wonderful!

My symptoms started almost a year ago. I came back from the tropics with a very odd feeling.. turned out to be an infection in my sinuses. After a number of rounds of antibiotics, I was left with a systematic Candida infection. My M symptoms came soon after that. I was able to get relief from the bugs, crawling, stinging, and biting.. mostly through boosting the immune system, antifungals, and skin treatments. Now, I am left with very little internal symptoms and an occasional itch.. still some problem skin... I am still pulling the larva-like things from the skin.

I am not following the protocol, but thought people might be interested in what my test results showed. My doc, unfortunately, did not use Great Plains, but I can definitely see an advantage to using them. Note that the protocol I am on is mostly diet/supplements/vitamins/minerals/enzymes/probiotics with some natural antifungals under doctor's supervision... I am not on antibiotics due to my fungal/candida issues.

My new doc ran several types of tests on me. Here is what was found:
- Blood tests revealed a slight problem with the thyroid.
- The detox testing showed an imbalance with the liver pathways. It showed my Phase I functioning too fast and my Phase II pathway is underfunctioning. This can cause toxins to accumulate in the body and cause damage.
- ALCAT testing for food intolerances showed that some foods I was eating all of the time was causing me issues. I was getting rashes on my skin quite frequently, sometimes soon after eating. I've been eliminating the problem foods from my diet and my skin is starting to improve.
- The stool test done by Diagnos-Techs, Inc was most interesting. It indicated:
- Low Pancreatic Enzyme Output
- Indication of a slight Gluten Intolerance
- Moderate Growth of Alpha Hemolytic Streptococcus
- Moderate Growth of Gamma Hemolytic Streptococcus
- +1 Rhodoctorula species (yeast?)
- +3 Saprophytic fungi

The doc was surprised to see the saprophytic fungi show up.. but I feel that mold/fungus played a very large role in my illness...

The next test I am doing is a heavy metal provocation test. My hair test already revealed high nickel and cadmium, but this test will check to see if other metals are problems.

Many of the issues that came up in my testing can be corrected with nutritional support (liver detoxification, thyroid, immune system boosting to fight pathogens)... so I am continuing with my protocol. My diet is also important to recovery, as I cannot eat foods that feed the mold/fungus/candida, and I have to stay from foods that I am intolerant of..

I will update on the results of my metal testing...

Hope this helps someone.