How I Cured Morgellons

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9:50:43 PM

Hi Jason,
Good to see you back.
Seems like a bad joke some days huh?
We all have our theories as to if this is catching.
And I have not seen any absolutes.

My theory( for what its worth ) is this:
*This stuff cycles(reproduces every 5 weeks)
when it does you get more sores, and more little white flecks(eggs)
At this time I think I am contagious.

This is just a best guess as to what should be done, but also I never :
* allow people to wear any of my clothing,sit anywhere I have been,use my combs,or hats.

Hope this helps! Keep asking questions and you will learn so much here.

Pamela Mae

8:35:28 PM

sorry i lost the net 4 a while but im back on . this feels like a jokes being plaid on me. dose any one know if its cachy

1:44:58 AM

Jason, We all thought about going to a small island. .

You will learn alot here.
God bless
Pamela Mae

10:49:52 PM

Hey Morgie e-mail is
Pamela Mae

10:47:31 PM

Dear Jason,
Please don't give up hope, we are here for you. I have had this for 6 years. We ave wonderful answers for you.
Please immediately e-mail my private e-mail, it is very important that I talk with you.
God Bless you
Pamela Mae

1:28:39 PM

Hiya Jason,


AS you may have already sensed,You have come to the right place,WE have all been morgellons sufferers and
the web site is designed to help people get better.

The girls who have responded to you are getting better and I say THANKS GIRLS!

Please allow Me to give you Jason a little outline to get you started back to good health!

1)Lets try and find you a morgellons educated doctor in your area, Please contact;
Pamela has developed a good network of doctors.

2)Lets get you to read as much as possible on our web site.Use the search engine feature to answer your questions in the order which you feel are important!

3)Study the protocol page, The first steps to better health.

4)If you have any questions now or after reading for a while;send your phone # to my e-mail address and I will be glad to give you a call.

Thanks again girls!

Welcome Jason
God bless you,

10:02:27 AM

There is absolutly hope!! I was almost dead!! Get on the Protocal and get tested at Great Plains. Go to Pam's web site to get the info. You want to use a doctor that ses great plains. Pam has been able to get doctors for a number of people. I had the testing done and it showed alot, but I did not use a great plains doctor which I think is a mistake. I now have an appointment with a doctor that uses great plains testing because they know how to interpret and use the results. I am very hopeful that this doctor will put me on the right path to finish this god foresaken journey.
You can do this!!!!!!!!!!!

8:30:55 AM

Jason...absolutely there is hope! Although I've never been as bad as some, last year, I could barely function. I could barely work. I was struggling with brain fog, severe fatigue, feeling ill.. I had a very severe candida infection, stinging, biting, crawling... lots of fibers.. and bugs (springtails and gnats). Today I have almost no internal symptoms.. no biting, no stinging, no crawling, no bugs... I still have some problem skin and fibers and larva in the skin.. but I have improved tremendously and feel certain that I can become symptom free. Many people here have improved tremendously as well.

You are not alone. Read the posts.. check other forums for help as well.. find a good doc and get some testing done. Follow Mel's protocol ...people are getting better from it.
jason **

1:17:25 AM

is thare eny hope 4 us? my name is jason and i think i might have this morgellons. i am 40 yrs old and my sintoms started about 3 to 4 yrs ago i was finly dignosed with staff infection the mrsa i dont think thats right, my sintoms match all of the morgellons iam getting worse and dont no what to do i all ready try to keep distence from my famly i live in mn and thinking of going to small iland thank you 4 this sight