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9:50:43 PM

Hi Jason,
Good to see you back.
Seems like a bad joke some days huh?
We all have our theories as to if this is catching.
And I have not seen any absolutes.

My theory( for what its worth ) is this:
*This stuff cycles(reproduces every 5 weeks)
when it does you get more sores, and more little white flecks(eggs)
At this time I think I am contagious.

This is just a best guess as to what should be done, but also I never :
* allow people to wear any of my clothing,sit anywhere I have been,use my combs,or hats.

Hope this helps! Keep asking questions and you will learn so much here.

Pamela Mae

8:35:28 PM

sorry i lost the net 4 a while but im back on . this feels like a jokes being plaid on me. dose any one know if its cachy

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