How I Cured Morgellons

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7:22:45 PM

Hi G,
Never smoked, not even one try. I have always cared about nutrition and have always been a very healthy eater for 30+ yrs. I even took courses in nutrition. I have never been overweight and was an athlete when younger. I made a lot of our foods myself so my family ate healthier pancakes, muffins, etc. I would never buy processed products from the supermarket. I never ate anything with preservatives, artificial ingredients, etc. Did not even buy sodas or desserts. So, personally, I don't believe that this effects only those that have not lead a healthy lifestyle.
Sherry Taylor

6:23:40 AM

hi there, sherry here.
Let's not blame the victim here though...this is contagious and related to something wrong in our envirnment.
I've already responded re never being a smoker..this critter produces a chemical like that produced from tobaco though. There are many chemicals from tobaco smoke and the burning process..which people could be exposed from other sources as well.
I just read a thought in a blog that the real culprit may be plastics, or polyester. How do you clean that out of your body?
It makes sense. I used a lot of those Mountain equipment bottles. Why does it take so long to find out about this stuff? Mind you i
I'm grateful they found out..but I've been drinking out of those bottles every day for at least several years. Sincerely, Sheryy

10:44:36 PM

I smoked for 30 years and finally quit 9 years ago.
Auntie M

1:13:26 AM

I have never smoked anything in my life. I had bad asthma as a child. Both parents smoked so I was exposed to second hand smoke for 17 years. Then, lived in a smoke free, rural community for 20 years. No one smoked there. Also stopped eating sugar there, which greatly reduced my allergies and asthma. Did not eat sugar until my mid '40's. Then, for 15 years ate junk, including sugar. You're looking at the results.

I've lost 85 pounds. HURRAY and other than the parasites, which are decreasing, my body is feeling better than it has in 30 years (even before I became overweight).

3:37:43 PM

Hi Everyone,

Aunt M,

I did not hear you say whether you smoked or not?
Thank you so much everyone for sharing.

Sherry Taylor

6:04:50 AM

I have never smoked and always eaten healthy food. I think exposure at a time when you are vulnerable is the key. who knows how people get agrobacteria in their blood other thatn through plants (vegetables) that have sucked them up from the soil that was 'messed with'(GMO bacteria and fungi and nematodes). I am horrified to find out how little the government has done to protect the environment from bad science which has been motivated by money(big business...not mentioning any names but you know who I mean) I read early on that some people have different immune systems which cause them to 'react' in a particular way that makes the symptoms worse...but you have no way of knowing if you are one of those people...but if you got it you probably are. another thing I read more recently about the frogs all dying off in South America(flesh eating fungus)...they are now saying it doesn't just affect amphibians but they have no data on it yet. the think pesticides may have had some effect in making them more vulnerable. I come from a healthy dad died recently at 93 and his before him lived into his 90's. We have always eaten well...fresh and organic when possible. I have noticed some of my favourite things not tasting as good and all looking the i love corn on the there is only one kind and it's kind of looks like the good kind...just doesn't taste as good. I just heard it's all genetically modified now. I'm so disappointed i liked the different types. Our choice is disappearing. Yes I'm trying to eat better go more to raw and alkaline...make my own things from scratch...I did that anyway...but yogurt, sprouts. I'm trying to forgive my family(just kidding) for locating in steel town, Hamilton, near many chemical factories...who knew? Plastics are a big culprit in this too. If you are going to create a worm that can eat up toxic waste...better make sure it dosn't eat up toxic people too. stuff like Cadmium...I've done chelation for years is nest to impossible to get out...that rubber tires burn...has it in it. Yikes. so here we are. At least we are halping each other and I thank Mel and other Morgellons sites for all the support every day in my heart. Sherry Taylor from BC Canada
Auntie M

7:31:44 PM

It my understanding that smoking and drinking alcohol feed the fungus load in the body, so they contribute to the damaged terrain that allows Morgellons to flourish.

11:12:43 AM

Morgellons sufferers as a whole are dealing with chronic toxicity, so stopping a habit that contributes to your toxic burden is certainly a very positive step in the right direction.

11:12:31 AM

Hiya G,


I was a smoker and quit in 2003, I encourage any one who smokes to try and quit ASAP !!!

welcome again,
God bless,

8:49:52 AM

Formerly a smoker, I quit on November 14th 2009.
Definitly after becoming symptomatic, I had also spoken with some folks in Canada quite some time ago who had claimed that they had gotten BETTER after quitting smoking.
For the record I quit all forms of tobacco , did not use a patch, pills, or "other substitutes"
God is stronger than my addiction.
G **

8:45:02 AM

In an ongoing effort to help understand the possible underlying causative factors of this condition, and anything else relating to the terrain of the body..
please can each of you state whether you smoke cigarettes or not..and if you already have quit , whether it was before or after becoming symptomatic.
Thank you!