How I Cured Morgellons

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2:06:41 PM

. . .like this particular thread of testimonials . . . it discusses what works for an individual . . it recognizes differences in people's bodies and environment . . doesn't make dictatorial mandates to follow that often are too prohibitive for poor morgellons victims . .who often too poor to buy protocols . . these people on this thread aren't trying to sell some exotic product. . .

10:47:16 AM

Yes, Alexie. I usually just showered before I got this disease. But when I first had this rash and sores, I read about what people were putting into their bath water and how they would soak in it for a long time. I started to buy some products to use for a soaking bath when I read further about people getting this disease all over their bodies, on their face, ears, nose, hair, private parts. And I thought, maybe soaking in a bath might spread the bugs or parasites all over my body. So I decided against bathing. I believe "my quarantine" worked because the sores just stayed on my lower legs - mostly just one leg. Thee sores are mostly healed now after a year. I haven't counted but I'd say I now have less than 10% left open and raw with the rest scars or slightly raised mounds - they almost look like bruises. The first ones healed are now fading a little and are flat.

4:18:30 AM

Are you saying you didn't bathe in a bath tub for fear of spreading the sores to the rest of your body, Marilyn? I hadn't thought of that.
David R

2:38:16 AM

Marilyn - I too try to isolate the diseased areas of my body by wrapping them.

I want to give a warning as my gift to the New year by saying what did not work for me - Adhesive tape and Band Aids.

I wrapped large bandages around my legs and arms and fastened them with adhesive tape. . . then covering them up with long sleeved shirts and khaki pants.

Whoa! . . a few hours later the areas where the tape touched my skin were on fire with a rash and long strips of new red, itchy nodules. In one fell sweep - I doubled the number of those devastating enflamed skin lesions. That was last summer - I still have them - they never healed - sometimes they send out raised lines like tunnels and create new lesions.
Kim S

12:29:26 AM

Like your format, Marilyn. Am happy to contribute a New Year's gift just discovered.

Stage 3: THE EYES.

Just yesterday, accidentally stumbled across a remedy for my eyes:

Hydrocortisone Cream - Maximum Strength by Natureplex.

Had impulsively picked up a tube in The Dollar Tree store for only $1.00. This Cream also helped ease inflammation on remaining 6 open lesions out of about 79 scars that I have counted mostly on my legs, but a few on my shoulders, upper arm and one cheek.

Just rubbed a very thin layer of cream across each closed eyelid, the side of each eye and under the eye, being careful not to get any in the eye itself.

Amazing. Worked in several ways. Immediately, eyes stopped itching. Redness of eyelids, skin and even red eyeballs disappeared. Could see better without any glasses . .better than at any time in the last 6 months.

My skin is very sensitive and I had never tried using a hydrocortisone cream on Morgellons, because it had never worked for anything else in my whole life . . such as mosquito or flea bits or any allergic reaction. I do believe there are stages when one thing works that didn't work before.

11:33:19 PM

Stage 2: I would say most of us are in the next stage where we try many herbs, medicines, practices, applications and protocols.

Stage 3: I would say that is the End Game where most of our visible lesions have healed, most or all visible moldy and thready, thickened skin has disappeared from our skin, our aching muscles and bones have stopped hurting, and we just feel healthy and free quite a bit of the time.
Marilyn **

11:24:52 PM

Happy New Year. My resolution is to conquer the Morgellon plague this year of 2010.

I'd like to contribute a practice or two that worked for me or is working for me now that is compatible with Mel's Protocol. I wonder if others would also be interested in contributing a practice and the stage of the disease where it worked. I have noticed that an application or practice may work at one stage and not another.

Stage 1: Red or Dark Pink terribly itchy pimples appear on the body and turn into fierce, inflamed large lesions and craters. (Impossible for most victims not to scratch raw and turn pimples into lesions.
Practice: I never took another bath after I suddenly had these intense, itchy lesions appear on one of my legs from the ankle up to the knee. I just took showers. I put the leg in quarantine, wrapping it first in strips of gauze, then holding the gauze in place with an elastic ace bandage - separating that leg from the rest of my body night and day. (Also separated it from my family.)