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How I Cured Morgellons

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2:06:41 PM

. . .like this particular thread of testimonials . . . it discusses what works for an individual . . it recognizes differences in people's bodies and environment . . doesn't make dictatorial mandates to follow that often are too prohibitive for poor morgellons victims . .who often too poor to buy protocols . . these people on this thread aren't trying to sell some exotic product. . .

10:47:16 AM

Yes, Alexie. I usually just showered before I got this disease. But when I first had this rash and sores, I read about what people were putting into their bath water and how they would soak in it for a long time. I started to buy some products to use for a soaking bath when I read further about people getting this disease all over their bodies, on their face, ears, nose, hair, private parts. And I thought, maybe soaking in a bath might spread the bugs or parasites all over my body. So I decided against bathing. I believe "my quarantine" worked because the sores just stayed on my lower legs - mostly just one leg. Thee sores are mostly healed now after a year. I haven't counted but I'd say I now have less than 10% left open and raw with the rest scars or slightly raised mounds - they almost look like bruises. The first ones healed are now fading a little and are flat.

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