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8:36:12 AM

Good Morning everyone and Welcome,

This snowy Morning ?

As it has been since I started the website on holidays I make myself available to those who wish to talk; So

Thursday 6 AM till 1 PM PDT.
Friday 6 AM till 1 PM PDT.
Saturday 6 AM till 9 AM PDT.
Sunday 6 AM till 10 AM PDT PRAYER @ 11 AM PDT.

Back to our normal schedule next week.


11:00:37 AM

Good Morning Everyone and Welcome,

I'm continuing to make a few adjustments as I settle into my new apartment.

After three years of no designated day off, I will start taking Wednesdays off in order to run errands and do chores.

To adjust for this, I will be expanding coaching hours on other days...

Mondays 6 Am to 11 AM PST.
Tuesday 6 AM to 11 AM PST.
Wednesdays off
Thursday 6 AM to 11 AM PST.
Fridays 6 AM to 11 AM PST.

Saturday 6 Am To 8 AM PST.
9 AM PST. Coffee Tea With Me ( It's FREE)

Sundays 6 AM to 10 AM PST.
11 AM PST. Prayer and Fellowship ( It's Free)

My original offer is still available to past coaching customers. Please email me if you have purchased coaching time in the past and are unsure of your available remaining minutes. My email address is (

Active coaching customers:
Some of you might not be aware of the convenience of our new approach to coaching. You now have the ability to call me when YOU NEED ME THE MOST, as opposed to the old way of being in a rotation. This will also add to the economics for all of you, as you can use your minutes as your need arises.

Any potential new customers have the ability to try our coaching for a fairly nominal charge.(See Below)

One on One Coaching pricing:
$50 for 40 minutes
$100 for 90 minutes
$200 for 210 minutes

Maximize your time when your need arises!

Always remember that no one is denied coaching because of lack of money. All you need to do is go to and fill out the proper paper work in Get Help section.

God bless us all,

PS. Over 90% of those who have had Coaching Restored their health.

PSS. They never gave up HOPE; I refused to let them.

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