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10:31:48 AM

Good Morning everyone and Welcome,

I am locked in my chair and available to any coaching customer today Tuesday until noon PST.

I will keep you posted of my daily availability as finding a new home to continue our ministry is imperative.

God bless,

Some one once said Mel's coaching is the way to go, I agree with them!

4:53:14 PM

Hi everyone,

This thread has great information concerning coaching and how it works.

If you are new to the forum, you might be surprised to find out that you can call Mel at your convenience during the following times if you have purchased coaching.

Monday-Friday 6 am until 10 am (Pacific)
Saturday 6 am until 8 am (Pacific)
Sundays 6 am until 10 am (Pacific)

The system that Mel now has in place is very helpful for all who would love to learn from the years of experience Mel has in helping people find their way through the fog of this disease to health.

After all, that is 7 days a week (at certain times) that Mel has made himself available.

Everyone can benefit from this, so please take advantage of it!

Please read Mel's post below for more detailed information on coaching.

Thank you, Mel, for making yourself available so much to this community, helping and encouraging toxic disease sufferers to stay on course, and telling us that we CAN overcome this disease and get well.


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