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12:55:17 PM

Hi Cheryl!

Yes, I'm in my 12th week. And yes, I listened to Bill M and so encouraged! Thank you!

Your kindness goes deeply into my heart and I give thanks to our Lord for you and His healing within your body!

It's been a blessing to hear your voice on the weekend calls!

For weeks I've felt as if I'm on a steady herx with nausea, diarrhea, bloated abdomen, severe fatigue, and brain fog (sludge is more like it!) Since the start of protocol I wake every 2 hours to urinate, so I know that detox pathway is working very well:) And I'm able to fall right back to sleep each time! I do count my blessings!

Through Him, I can do all things, He gives me the strength, the peace and the comfort!!

Hello Anna!
As far as feeling my facial bones, I believe it's the pressure of the bacteria's in my sinuses pressing against the bones in my brow area especially (very full there) and my cheekbones, jaw bones. I also believe my lymph system is on overload throughout my face and neck, though I can only speak of what I can feel and see as well as researching the facial lymph system.?? I can just feel the constant drainage trying to press through from the top of my face down.

I'm trying to learn more at this time as my sluggish brain allows:)

In His love, Tracy

11:06:50 PM

Hi Tracy,

I was wondering what happens to your bones in your facial area because I think I get the same thing. Can you explain it?


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