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How I Cured Morgellons

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8:38:08 PM


Hello Everyone!

Hard to believe I'm already going into week 20 of the Morgellons and Lyme protocol!

I am so grateful to God for Mel and this website!

A light in the darkness of toxic disease!

This journey does take courage, strength, hope, and determination which I must rely on my Father in Heaven to equip me with.

The past 30 days were more exhausting than ever with a steady herx of fatigue and severe nausea, much sleep and rest filled my days.

I am so very thankful for Mel's One on One Coaching during this time. He recognized from the extent of my symptoms that my body was more sensitive to the WPS than others. He had me reduce the total of 12 drops I was on down to 10 total drops for a month.

It took almost 2 weeks for my detox pathways to catch up, and oh what a wonderful reprieve I experienced!!

Being able to take a walk on the most beautiful sunny day can do wonders spiritually, physically, mentally & emotionally!!

I highly recommend the One on One Coaching with Mel, he cares, he's lived this for himself and will guide you where needed.

I always look forward to the Saturday conference calls with Bring Your Own Questions or a guest speaker.
So much is learned during the call and knowledge is power!!

Sundays Prayer & Fellowship is an amazing time shared together with the Lord.

Though these toxic diseases are very difficult, to say the least, one common thread that I am blessed by is how God, our Creator, the One who directs our paths, is doing a beautiful, mighty healing within each of us, not just physical, but a far greater work thru our trials and tribulations to perfect us and to bring glory to Himself!!

Thank You Father for Mel, John B., Jill, Glenn, Cathee, and John of Invisible Gold...brought together to bring hope to each of us on this journey to regain our lives!!

Stand strong and never give up hope!!

1:01:26 PM

I want to encourage anyone who may be overwhelmed at this moment in time to hold fast to the hope of a greater future!

I've come to realize as my body is healing, it can be very unpleasant and exhausting at times physically, emotionally, mentally...but I know THAT I KNOW the protocol is working as it should!!

My trust is in my Creator, my heavenly Father to guide me through this every step of the way.

Mel is a testimony of seeking God when he was stricken with Morgellons, being led by The Almighty to the solutions to get well, in continually seeking Him in obedience and keeping a promise to help those of us thereafter! ALL TO THE GLORY OF GOD!!

Here is a song I encourage you to listen to in the quiet and stillness...Came To My Rescue-Emmy Rose.

He is our hope! Seek Him today!

(Psalm 46:1 God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble.)

In His love, Tracy

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