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3:54:22 PM

Thank you, Jamie, for such a beautifully encouraging
post and your prayers! I absolutely believe the reprieves are given as the hope of what will soon be a full healing for each of us. His strength is given to us during our journey, especially those days when you are not even sure how you will take your next step! It truly is an incredible journey when our hearts and minds stay steadfast on Him!!
I was sorry to hear you are not feeling well yourself. I will be praying for you as well. We are all so unique in our healing, hills and valleys as individual as we are.
My "theme" verse...few words but huge in power...
Keep standing strong, Jaime! We WILL cross that finish line in His perfect timing!
Thank you, again, for your kind words and the beautiful verse! it warms the heart :))
In His love, Tracy

2:24:41 PM

Hey Tracy,

I'm SO sorry to hear you're going through such unmitigated H-E-double hockey sticks. There IS a light at the end of the tunnel I will share with my usual (sorry not short) backstory first. I want to share this because I was sitting where you are and it scared me SO much...and almost all of that is in my rear view mirror now. I share it for you and to encourage anyone reading this post because we all go through this.

I was bitten in May of 2014 and then dealt with what I now know was collembola for almost a year and a half. I was able to almost get rid of that with diet and insane bathing and cleaning, but apparently the devils had left a parting gift of Lyme and M. Those symptoms surfaced in October of 2015 along with a horrible resurgence of collembola. I went back to battle with the collembola and was able to beat it back down but then started going down physically with Lyme and M. I'd read enough about collembola to recognize the symptoms of M, but it took another few months to get diagnosed for Lyme and fortunately also diagnosed for M by my Lyme doctor. I wandered in the cyber wilderness of anyone and everyone's protocol...AND...medical intervention from my understanding but Rx prescribing doctor for over a year. Overall, Rx don't work if you're new and reading this...don't torture yourself.

I didn't start the protocol in earnest until January of 2017. I'd found it in March of 2016 and took it sporadically but was still in hysterical mode of not knowing who to believe so I took a bit of this and a bit of that all the while getting sicker and sicker. The protocol started turning things around in 2017, but since then there's been a crazy journey of terrible purging / herxing episodes like you describe that have tapered off slowly over the years. All of which were horrible but all a definite part of the healing process.

Fast forward to June of 2020. I'm SO much better...not well yet...I want all of these annoying symptoms gone, but my symptoms are now on a short list. I believe the end is in sight, though I want to be careful to say, even at the end, these devils will morph, move, and resurface in ways that would make even the bravest knight fighting dragons want to go into the corner and cry like a little girl. The trick is not to let the weirdness of it play with your head because then you become a fountain of cortisol and offer the pathogens a buffet of all their favorite treats.

It is SO hard to remember that this herxing / purging is a GOOD thing. When they're coming out, they're not inside your body doing damage. Peter reminded us of the benefit of symptoms on a conference call a couple of weeks ago...and I was so grateful. We need to hear this often. Mel constantly says's one of the Great Eight...but...still the weirdness of it makes us crazy and forget it's a good thing.

I also had to learn that some of the purging was detoxing. We're not only killing off pathogens, we're building our bioterrain AND detoxing all the toxins accumulated over the years. Our bodies are doing heavy work throughout this journey!

I remember the day I put my foot on the side of the tub when bathing and it left a black print. I looked at the bottom of my feet and there was a black tar-like substance coating. Freaked me out to the max, and I almost took the skin off with my Bath and Body bristle brush, but I later learned that the cells on the bottom of your feet are the largest in our bodies, and this allows things in and out. That's why things like foot baths are effective...whatever you're soaking your feet in can get into your system through the skin...AND toxins can come out through the skin.

If you're reading this, you know that it seems like it will NEVER goes back and forth...and then resurges...BUT...if you hang in there and see this as a grand Exodus, you will celebrate every single purge with the confidence that this is yet one more step along the way to recovery.

For anyone new reading this...I'm about to say what I've said before so many times...but I also know there's a LOT to read on this site, so here it is again. If you read that I've had this for so long and that makes you discouraged...don't be. The reason my journey has been so long is because I've worked all the way through this...and have worked two jobs since June of 2017. I've also had to finish a big home renovation project on my own, sell my house, move, and then do major repairs to the "new" house I bought afterward holding down two jobs all the while. That part has happened over this last year which is why I haven't been around much. I also have a hard time making myself take the WPS consistently because I hate the taste and because it makes me herx a little along the way...and I can also be inconsistent with taking the protocol if I get busy. I also get weak with the diet from time to time. I'm either really really good(most of the time) and cooking up a storm times. I'm also 64 years old which slows me down some too.

However...please compare my journey to Donna's. Her journey shows what can be done when one gets started early and is consistent. Even if you don't get started early...the consistency and total compliance to the protocol will speed up the process dramatically. What's amazing to me is how well I'm doing considering my inconsistency with the sum of the parts. I believe this is a testament to the power of the supplements. I often think I'd have been doing the happy dance long ago if I'd been consistent.

That being said, since the isolation of the pandemic, I've been more able to stay on the protocol, and my improved results are a direct reflection of my compliance.

So...Tracy...I'm telling you what you already know, awful as it is...celebrate the herxing and purging. The pathogens are just mad they're getting forced out of your body and they're showing their ugliness on the trip out. They don't like being evicted!

Anyone new reading this...please don't let the nightmarish aspects of this disease scare you into paralysis....I say that because I've allowed this to happen to me at times...and those were blocks of time wasted. Also please remember there's a time delay aspect. The earlier into your treatment, the slower you'll see the results. As you get better, you'll start seeing the results speed up. This drag at the beginning along with the scary purging can stop a person in his or her tracks and lead to despair and thinking nothing can be done.

Not true.

Hang in there.

Tracy...prayers for you and cyber hugs galore. You are a brave warrior in good company with so many others in our community. Can't wait to celebrate with you when you get better.



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