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Jamie S.

8:35:44 PM

Hello, everyone.

Before I begin, I will start with a funny story from school.

I collected some one-page writing prompts about Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible. They were rather abysmal. Kids spend too much time on electronic devices—hardly any of them read for pleasure anymore. Really sad. Anyway...I was giving them feedback on their essays, and I made them laugh when I told them that I never wanted to see them

I have, what I consider to be, a very important question.

It’s about the “debris” issue. Honestly, I have read a lot of posts about individuals who really struggle to clean up their environments. I know that everyone experiences Lyme/Morgellons differently, but I really haven’t had an issue other than these things:

(1) In the beginning, for about a year, I used to see what I can only describe as “white dust” on furniture. It never “moved” or anything. Now, I don’t really see it much anymore. It literally could have been dust. My husband has always had a maid come in and clean every two weeks, and he has always been absolutely obsessive about a clean environment: he’s always wiping up something!

(2) On the inside of some clothes, I periodically see what I call “white stuff.” I have always assumed that it was skin shedding or a function of all the detoxing I have done from medications and now supplements. It’s more likely to be on cotton clothing, and I obviously see it better on darker clothes. It doesn’t “move” or anything.

(3) I have never seen a single thing in any bed that I have ever slept in. No black specs EVER. When others describe the black specs, I don’t know what they mean. I’ve never seen any kind of debris in my bedding. Or any of the bedding in the house. And trust me, I HAVE LOOKED because I am so darn paranoid.

Have I just been lucky? Am I missing something? I did move from the apartment where I first started having symptoms to the house I live in now, which thanks to my husband and myself, is SUPER clean. The entire downstairs is hardwood; the upstairs bedrooms and one small study are the only carpeted areas. The basement is bone dry. We are both pretty OCD about cleanliness, for different reasons.

No one else in my house (husband, two stepchildren) have ever been bothered by Morgellons/Lyme. Not one bit. Is that the norm? It’s bewildering that I could be the only one bothered if I have an “infestation” in the house.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!


Jamie S.

8:12:57 PM

Hello, everyone.

I missed everyone this past weekend because I didn’t attend Saturday or Sunday conference calls. Boy, I felt it. I would have cried too hard on Saturday, and on Sunday, I went to my granddaughter’s birthday party; she just turned 10. She’s not my “actual” granddaughter. I fostered a former student for a year that was homeless back in the 1990s. She has blossomed into a wonderful wife and mother. Since I do not have children of my own, she is my daughter. Her daughter considers me one of her grandmothers. They are blessings to me.

First of all, I need to specifically thank Mel, Karen, and Donna.

Mel, you received my email and went right into action. You set me up with Donna, and we had a very lengthy phone conversation today. You did good, as usual!

Karen, thank you for the lengthy reply to my email. I definitely will ask my Lyme doctor to run those specific tests. I had countless tests, but not those specific ones. Test results tend to cause me a bit of anxiety, but it’s important to get regular feedback. I will try to start tracking symptoms again: I tend to start and stop because my life is too darn busy with work.

Donna, our phone conversation today made me feel infinitely less alone. It was great to share our stories and the many similarities. I look forward to future communication! I’m so glad that you are beginning to see the light!

I had a very difficult weekend. Very difficult. I had today and also have tomorrow off from work, and it has been great to decompress a bit from school. I always feel better when I can stay at home, sleep in, and not have to be on the go all day long.

Tomorrow, I am going to try one of Donna’s suggestions: I am going to make “egg muffins” for my breakfasts. Ironically, my closest friend in the world, who knows I have Morgellons/Lyme but doesn’t have either herself, suggested the same basic idea because I was looking for a better breakfast routine.

I continue to beat the crap out of my hair. Today, I did another hair concoction with Neem oil shampoo and three essential oils. I mix it up and do something different almost every single day. Plastic caps are really cheap at Sally’s. I have noticed a reduction in the creepy/crawly sensations, which is a blessing.

I plan to participate in Saturday and Sunday conference calls this upcoming weekend. I am very much looking forward to them. I will be house sitting/pet sitting (which I would not have done even six months ago), but I need to live my life and not worry about every little thing. If nothing else, it will give me a much-needed break from home. Animals are comforting. It’s also NOT tick season in New England, and we just had another 24 hours of snow.

I continue to pray daily for everyone, especially on this site, who struggles with Morgellons, Lyme, and other toxic diseases. God has this, even when we cannot convince ourselves that He does.

Jamie S.

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