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8:45:39 PM

Hi Jamie,

This is just a quick response because I’m writing it on my phone but I wanted to say how impressed I am with your very smart summer choices. You will surely reap great benefits from your plan, and I hope you report in to us often about your plans, progress, and triumphs.

On another note (pun not intended but it would have been a good one)...I LOVED the video of the singing school secretary. School should be fun and that school must be just the best. Thanks so much for really made me smile.



8:11:30 PM

Hello, everyone.

I realized today that I hadn’t posted to my original thread for a while. Today was the last day of classes. I have two half days of exams (Thursday and Friday) and then three days of professional development next week. Exactly a week from tomorrow, I will not have to be in school. Woo hoo!!!

My student Nichole, the one who has a tentative diagnosis of MS, is graduating this Saturday. I’m so proud of her. She has just had an awful senior year: her mother died right before it started, and then she became so dreadfully ill. She is still blind in her one eye. That may very well be permanent. She continues to be upbeat despite how miserable she usually feels. Once she graduates, it will be easier for me to broach the subject of perhaps going on the protocol. I cannot really talk to her about that while she is still a student.

My former student Nichole is about the same in the wake of her double strokes. I will see her and her daughter Claire this Saturday after my school’s graduation ceremony; Claire’s final gymnastics competition of the year is taking place, and it will be fun to watch her do things I could never do! When she gets on those parallel bars, it is terrifying to watch! I’d never want her to fall!

I have had a minor rough spell lately. I had a really twitchy lip issue. Mel suggested that I double up on the Monolaurin; I have been taking 6 instead of 3 a day for about a week. The Monolaurin has definitely helped, although I have been a bit more tired than usual...I’ve taken a lot of naps after school...pretty much every day for two hours. Karen was kind enough to send me some of the extra Monolaurin that she had because I apparently only have to double dose for a short while. I think I will stay on it through the upcoming full moon period and then take myself off and see if the twitching has completely stopped. I also had a bad experience recently taking apple cider vinegar straight for two weeks. It burned the heck out of my throat and made my esophagus hurt every time I tried to eat. Donna helped me to figure out what was going on. Within two days of stopping the apple cider vinegar, I felt so much better. After I give my throat a break, I am going to try taking it mixed with water because I did notice some benefits to it while I was using it. I know Mel can just swig the stuff: not me!!!

I have big plans for the summer in relation to my illness, my first priority for the vacation.

(1) I am sleeping in every single day. If I need a nap in the afternoon, I am taking it.

(2) I am not staying up late. I am going to maintain my regular bedtime.

(3) I am making a 30-day book of meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I am going to figure out all the carbs, alternate choices so that I don’t get as bored with the diet as I currently am, copy recipes.

(4) I am exercising every day.

(5) I plan to pray and read the Bible religiously on a daily basis. I haven’t decided where I will start yet.

(6) I will, of course, take the protocol religiously and at the same times this summer.

I am traveling in August to the South for a week. I will be in Hilton Head and Savannah, GA. I’ve never been to either place. I have travelled before with Morgellons & Lyme, and I am very careful.

I guess that is about all for now. I keep all of you in my daily prayers and hope the summer brings healing to everyone on the forum!


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