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10:02:51 PM

Hello, Linda and Timothy!

Linda, I am sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your post. My school year is winding down in three weeks, and I have been very busy as a result. In addition, the senior class asked me to be their inspirational speaker at graduation, which is a huge honor. I hope you and Mackenzie are doing well and that you are not working too hard! I will definitely give you a call soon so that we can catch up.

Timothy, thanks so much for checking in! I just read your post. It really sounds like you have made some substantial progress since you began the protocol! From whatI recall from your earliest posts, you were concerned about your home. I am glad to hear that you will be moving on once the COVID situation subsides. I am moving to North Carolina at the end of July or August...depends on when our house sells. My house has never been an issue: we just cannot afford to live in Massachusetts on my retire income. Plus, North Carolina has much better weather, and I will exercise more as a result.

Once again, Linda and Timothy, so awesome to hear from both of you! You are both in my prayers!

6:19:56 PM

Checking in to say I hope you are doing well Jamie :)

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