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How I Cured Morgellons

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11:12:55 PM
Yes Mel, I felt just like that.

Hello, all.

I just finished two marathon night’s worth of grading junior research paper rough drafts...almost 50 of them! My little cherubs had to draw parallels between the Salem witchcraft trials (we just finished studying “The Crucible”) to another modern “witch hunt.”
My experience the past two days taught me a few things:

#1: We are all experiencing a “crucible,” the test of our lives, by fighting Morgellons or Lyme or both.

#2: I’d like to start a “witch hunt” of my find the person(s) responsible for these terrible scourges that have made all of our lives so darn difficult!

#3: Even six months ago, I would NOT have had the stamina to spend 8 hours, both days, grading pretty much non-stop. It made me pause. The “old Jamie” could do that. The “new Jamie”? Well, not, I am choosing to interpret that as a sign of progress in the right direction...that I am developing more stamina due to the protocol and all of my ongoing efforts to plow myself through the recovery process.

#4: That the community on this forum is amazing and is largely responsible for why I have made such substantial progress recently.

#5: I am starting to think less about “being” sick because I am “feeling” less sick.

#6: I need to retire because I don’t WANT to grade 50 research papers in two days after 31 years of relentless work!

#7: I really do love my students.

#8: It’s 11:10 pm, and the WPS is about to kick in.

#9: I hope the rest of you are asleep, and I am the only one up!

#10: Mel will be mad that I am still awake, so I will expect a tongue-lashing.

I continue to pray for all of us!

Jamie S.

7:41:59 PM
It made me realize how far I have progressed since I was in his shoes.

Hello, everyone.

It’s Friday night, and I am thought I’d post about an interesting experience I had after school today.

I met a dear friend at a local restaurant (she had two glasses of wine, I had lemon water!). When I arrived there, one of my former students from my FIRST YEAR OF TEACHING (!) 31 years ago was sitting at the bar with the mother of one of my current students. He and I have run into each other many times over the years because he has remained local.

He asked me why he hasn’t seen me around in a couple of years, so I told him that I had been battling chronic Lyme. Oh, my, that is when his floodgates opened.

Apparently, he has been suffering with terrible fatigue and terrible joint pain for several years. He described how he can barely drink alcohol—it makes him feel terrible (that hasn’t stopped him yet...he was having a beer while I was talking to him...and, yes, I told him to stop a lot of other things!!!). His doctor is my former doctor—the one I left because he refused to believe that anything serious was wrong with me. I told him he has to get himself to a doctor who will do the CORRECT testing, so I gave him the name of two Massachusetts doctors who will be perfectly willing to help him with that. If anyone on the forum is from MA and has any other doctor recommendations, I would love to know so that I can give him additional options.

I could tell by the look in his eyes that he is in that early “frustration” stage...trying to get one’s PCP to believe you when you tell him/her that you are truly suffering...and the doctor has nothing to offer. I hope he follows through with the testing. I told him to get back in touch with me after he gets his results. I also encouraged him that my experience with antibiotics had convinced me that they were not the way to go.

It’s funny how God gravitates us in certain directions. I had no plans to meet my friend until 1:30 today. She just happened to contact me. I just happened to be at that restaurant when my former student was, and he and I have always had a good relationship, so he trusted me with something that personal about his health after not seeing me for a number of years. It made me realize how far I have progressed since I was in his shoes.

Perhaps that was God’s way of saying to me, “Keep plugging along, kiddo, you are farther along than you think.”

I look forward to Sunday’s conference call!

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