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5:17:51 PM

Hello, everyone.

It has been a long time since I posted in my own thread, other than in response to someone else.

I am enjoying my “summer vacation” from teaching because it is so permanent! Retirement has allowed me to get more restorative sleep (I have even begun to dream again, which means I am experiencing deeper levels of sleep instead of insomnia). I am hydrating myself better from the time I get up until the time I start to wind down for the night. My stress level is way down. I have refused to allow my mind to become stressed over my upcoming move to North Carolina...or anything/anyone else, for that matter. I absolutely cannot follow a strict keto diet without a gall bladder, so I am working very hard to eat in a way that is plant-based and gut-healing. It’s a process. All of my issues started in my gut a long time ago. It’s time to finally resolve them.

I have had some students reach out to me already. I guess they miss their teacher a little bit! It’s really nice to hear from them. It tells me that I made a huge difference. Even though I made a lot of bad decisions for myself related to my health over the course of my 32-year career, I absolutely did not make a mistake about teaching adolescents. I have so many incredible and positive memories that keep me going when this illness brings me down.

I’m also working very hard at staying calm and positive. I am finally reading the Bible from start to finish. I read every day: sometimes a lot, sometimes just a little. I have made my way through Genesis, Exodus, and Leviticus (oh, Leviticus was a tough read!), and have now started Numbers. I pray every day. Interestingly, I hear God talking to me a lot more. Perhaps I just needed my life to be quiet enough to hear Him.

I keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you all!


2:50:05 PM

Hi, Linda! I hope you and Mackenzie are doing well!

Retirement is already wonderful! I need to get the hurdle of moving done next. I hate packing boxes, I really do. Karen and I are gluttons for punishment, in more ways than one.

I hope your stomach is better!

Love you, girl!

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