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9:26:51 PM

Hello Everyone,

My name is Neil and I'm a new member here.

I am about 4 weeks into the protocol and I am feeling a night and day difference from were I was.

It was a little overwhelming at first for me; where do I start? What should I eat? What should I not be doing? etc.

I realized quickly that I could benefit from one on one coaching from Mel. Within a few minutes of conversation I felt like I've known him for years.

He's a straight shooter and down to the point (kind of reminds me of boot-camp).

The few times we spoke helped so much when I felt hopeless.

Mel and this fantastic community he's built is just what I need. So if you decide one on one is for you, be prepared to take suggestions because Mel will point you in the right direction!

God Bless,

9:40:54 AM

Hello Coaching Customers,

I brought this post back on top because of it's importance to my Coaching customers.

I asked you all to use this, because I believe it will enable you all to get the most for your money!

As we continue to grow I have decided to make it easier for my coaching customers to have me available when their need arises.

I keep notes on each and everyone of you and will be happy to accept your calls when you need me the most.

Starting Monday April 2nd, 2018,
I will accept calls from my coaching customers:

Mon-Fri. 6 am PDT until 10 am PDT
Saturday 6 am until 8 am PDT
Sundays 6 am until 9 am PDT

If you have had coaching in the past, you should have my phone number.

If you are new, no worries I'll be calling you shortly.

If you have lost my phone number, and are a coaching customer, just email me and I 'll be glad to send it to you.

Lastly, remember no one is denied anything from our website due to lack of money.

Just go to, go to the get help section, fill out the proper application, and send it in either to my email address or our post office box.

I truly HOPE this will make it easier for all of you!

God bless,

It is true, that those who did not give up HOPE, got well.

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