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6:30:37 PM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

As we pass the halfway mark of the third month I am happy to report that things are moving along the way we expected when we started with subscriptions. Visitors are down a little although the number is misleading due to an algorithm that doesn't count logged in members individually. We will have that corrected next month and look to have higher regular visitor numbers.

Pages read continues to climb which certainly would indicate a more serious participant and you can see from the picture that we matched the first months subscriptions at the halfway mark which is very encouraging.

I might add that today we completed our second You Tube video, a live taping. I covered all the subheadings of our website. The producer explained to me today that she would like continue with a series of interviews which will include call in shows and a special show at the end of may, "Meet The Manufacturers." The title of the series "Mel Friedman, Toxic Disease Pioneer."

Always remember when you subscribe to the website you are aiding us in helping others.

God Bless you all; It's really true that those who did not give up Hope got well


1:02:43 PM

This is an excellent community and an excellent website!

The wealth of knowledge gleaned here is powerful stuff!

Anyone not sure whether they should fully join up and
pay the five dollars... you will not be disappointed.

This website contains nine years of helping toxic disease sufferers restore their health, all the knowledge and information you need to help you fight Morgellons and other toxic diseases.

On top of that you can join weekly conference calls every Saturday, Where We share our experience, our feelings, thoughts, wishes, hopes.

We even have a prayer meeting Sunday, It is not mandatory,
but each week it grows and fellowship follows prayer and
people from around the globe get to talk with one another.

It is wonderful not to feel alone.

We learn from each other and from Mel and others who have healed their bioterrain and fought this successfully.

Five dollars is pennies, is your health not worth it?

Join the community and you will not be alone in this anymore.

We all fight it together. We all help each other in times of strength and in times of weakness.

Join up now, Start your journey back to health!

God bless,

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