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8:37:35 PM

Good Morning Everyone and Welcome,

When we implemented these changes as mentioned in the initial post in this thread, our primary goal was to create a more focused group of toxic disease sufferers.

To quote an old friend, "With that being said" I believe we have more than achieved this. All one has to do is look at the

With eleven thousand less people, the website served one million more pages read than the previous year. Look how the pages per person read more than Doubled !
Our primary goal was most certainly achieved.

I have talked with more people in 2018, who were more committed to restoring their health than in the past.

My other hopes have not been as successful, but they were of a personal nature. So be it.

My two major hopes were achieved and of that I am very proud!

God bless you all,

Those who do not give up HOPE get well.


1:19:23 PM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

As you can see from the charts, this years attendance has surpassed last years attendance for August. That makes this years August the largest in the history of the website.

Even more amazing is this year in August, more pages per person were read and the most amazing part of it all is, this year in August a subscription was needed to read the website.

Please remember when you subscribe to the website you are aiding us in helping others!

God Bless you all; It's really true that those who did not give up Hope got well


ps: Come to the Coffee, Tea with Me conference call, always Free and be sure to follow on FaceBook

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