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6:29:51 PM
Those who did not give up HOPE got well!


Welcome to the forum. I'm glad you decided to post, hoping to help others. I'm also glad that the posts you've read have been an encouragement to you.

It's great that you've already been on the protocol for six months, and were feeling very well for weeks until the holidays. Now that you're back on your regimen, I hope you feel better soon.

You're right that you need to take time to heal. It's good that you've decided to make that a priority in your life.

A lot of family members and friends don't want to talk about this disease. It's hard for them to even understand that something like it would exist.

Thankfully you had and continue to have Mel, this website, and the protocol to help you.

I love how you wrote in your post that you are keeping your eyes on the prize of restored health and can never give up hope or trying. That positive attitude will help you recover your health.

Mel always says that those who don't give up hope get well.

God bless.



6:24:41 AM


It's very good to hear from you!!:-).

Im glad that you've been on the protocol six months and that it is helping you. It''s great that you get that it's a process and that it takes time. There's no quick fix here. Hence we have got to hold onto hope like you do and keep working at it. It's like slowly peeling away layers of an onion! Bit by bit as we heal from the inside out, 'slow and steady,' as Mel puts it.

Its excellent that you wrote in to help others. You remind others to stay steadfast and true to the diet as deviation can produce the itchy and scratchy show on the skin!!!!! Argh. But, at least you know what to do now to reign it back in.

You remind people that it's, 'better out than in,' (another famous Mel catchphrase). So that when struggling people can see beyond the symptoms to the bigger picture; in time, if the, 'sum of the parts' is adhered to, all will be well.

Oh boy we so need patience and perseverance (and tons of it!!!). But it's very difficult to do this alone. That is why this supportive community is sooo helpful. Mimi, you, and anybody else in the same boat reading this, feel free to reach out to us. No one needs to be alone. Join our free conference calls at the week end, (see "more communication is better" thread). Calls are free from America or cost very little via Skype from around the world.

You have made that first step in connecting with us via this first post. We welcome you here Mimi. You can talk to Mel, first call is free. Coaching one on one with Mel is very helpful and reasonably priced. Fellow community members will reach out and phone you if you need a friend who understands exactly what you are going through.

You make such salient points re sufferers learning to just.... Breathe!!! And yes self pity and stress is as bad as sugar, it feeds this disease fast. You are soo right, we need to do our best to stay calm when in the storm, in order to rest, recuperate and ultimately heal.

We all need to have a sense of, 'normality,' amidst the confusion and chaos of this illness. True, it's not for the fainthearted. but Mel doesn't call us, 'warriors,' for no reason .

I can tell Mimi that you are ready and willing to fight this until the end. Good on you!! :-)

We hope to hear more from you.

Best wishes,

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