How I Cured Morgellons

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4:45:10 AM

It is more than three weeks since I found a fiber in my hair or body.
The funny thing is that I did several things.
1. Changing diet. I don't consume dairy, except goat cheese once in a while. I buy coconut and almond milk.
2. Instead of regular ice cream, I buy low sugar coconut milk ice cream
3. Buying news pillows and pillow and mattress zip covers.
4. Puting any type of oil (olive, avocado, coconut, etc) on my hair, before shampooing and condition my hair.
5. Mixing skin lotion with a just a little bit of unexpensive antibiotic / antifungal lotion.
6. Instead of trying to untangle my hair, when I found a suspicious tangle, I just cut that piece of hair and throw it immediately in the garbagge can outside my home.

I don't really know what helped me, but I think the most important thing was to stop consuming dairy.

12:11:48 AM

Mary - I really like the post Ellen wrote explaining her take on grains and the body's reaction - the thread Ellen, her new year post was really good about explaining her take grains clearly ..

I hope all confusion is gone :-)


11:47:14 PM

I'm sorry for any confusion ... Purging is a way for the body to eliminate toxins which is a good thing ... I have got to a point in my recovery where I don't have noticeable purging but if I were to eat something like quinoa for instance my body would have a toxic reaction and the quinoa or grain would fuel the growth of M and purging would occurr ... I've worked so hard to stop the purging but something as simple as eating buckwheat, rice or any grain would send my body into a reaction that would lead to purging.

I used dry saunas a lot in the beginning of my recovery and it did help very much with purging, because I had such an excessive amount of toxic build up in my body.. The way I see it it's like this - imagine your body like a house, if you never clean your house and it gets so full of garbage and waste eventually the garbage will start to over flow out of the doors, windows because it has no where to go but out ... I see it as slowly cleaning your house till you get it into a more manga ble state .. Better out than in is true but why fuel a reaction of purging? I hope I didn't add to more confusion :)


12:04:38 AM

Hi Nicole,
I' m A little unclear on something and your recent post hit on it again, so I'm hoping you can clarify for me.... I've been under the impression that purging means stuff exiting the body and that this is a good thing. Something to be encouraged as it is better out than in. I see posts of people using saunas and rubbing oils on their skin to encourage purging. So, you see my confusion when I read that grains increase your purging and you take this as a sign it isn't good or your body. Sorry if I'm completely missing something. It wouldn't surprise me! :) warmly, Mary

9:14:55 PM


Just a reminder that dairy equates to mucous and acidity. Any form of dairy is therefor not a good food choice until one is much further along in working the protocol.


12:23:05 PM

I love a enjoy eating plain whole milk yogurt sweetened with stevia sometimes I add some almond flour just to give it some yummy texture but I agree with Suzanne plain yogurt is good - additional probiotics ans really it just works I never have a dietary relation from it! However even te high quality grain cooked well - do not process in my body properly and I have major reactions from theses foods - quinoa, buckwheat, rice just about kill me but everyone seems to handle these foods differently so - I suggest when eating foods you question may cause a reation eat a small amount and wait - see how u feel, sometimes it may take a day or two but in my case I would notice increased purging ... It seems no 1 persons diet is right for everyone but the outline is basically the same :-)


Lois B

3:07:19 AM

How can u have unsweetened plain yogurt if it is dairy?
John B

10:52:43 AM

Excellent suggestions Susanne! So glad to hear that you are doing better...



5:58:34 PM

Hiya susanne,

Welcome as always;

Thanks for your input, although I am not a diet expert.

John B might have a thought or two.

Glad you're back.

God bless, never give up Hope!
Susanne **

3:52:50 PM


8 to 10 glasses of purified water per day
Fresh vegetables
Green vegetable juices (try adding a Granny Smith apple to the juice for flavor)
All fish except shell fish
Free range or organic chicken and turkey, eggs
Lemons, limes, fresh cranberries, Granny Smith apples
Well-cooked grains: brown or wild rice, millet, buckwheat, amaranth, quinoa, spelt, teff
Pasta made from any of the above recommended grains
Beans and lentils
Raw fermented foods
Essential fatty acids like flax oil and olive oil
Plain unsweetened yogurt
Unsweetened rice or almond milk
Raw almonds and seeds, raw almond butter
Herbal teas like chamomile or peppermint
Stevia or SweetLife

Sugar intake: sucrose, fructose, maltose, lactose,
glucose, mannitol, sorbitol, galactose, maple
syrup, brown, raw and date sugar, honey and
artificial sweeteners
Wheat and yeast
Alcohol, soda, coffee, ciders
Condiments, sauces and vinegar products
(mayonnaise, catsup, MSG, pickles)
Dried or candied fruits such as raisins or dates
Processed fermented foods such as soy sauce
Fruit juices
Fruits, except those listed above
Dairy and cheese

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