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9:56:26 AM
Mel Believes Seven people are responsible, Marie, Ruth, Chrissie , Freddie bean ,Anna, Cheryl And Karen and of course GOD!


It's so wonderful that you are doing so well!

I'm sorry you have had to deal with additional medical issues the past few weeks, but I'm confident this protocol will address this as well and it will be short lived!

It's amazing to hear the difference in your voice this past weekend filled with strength and hope!!

This post is such an encouraging testimony of the healing in progress to those who are just starting to explore this website and those of us here before you!!

The UK visitor numbers have increased tremendously and I believe you and Chrissie have a huge hand in that with your posts!

I also have forgotten who I used to be, BUT I do know that with great hope and faith we will come thru this far greater than we can ever imagine!

'But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Galations 5:22-23


In His love, Tracy
Freddie Bean

4:41:18 PM

Dear All

Just an update of my original post (see below)
I am doing really well and have been on the Logos protocol for three months, I have now managed to a few more words out at the Sunday fellowship meeting and at the Saturday conference call's, soon they will be hoping that I didn't say so much LOL.

I see that there are many UK visitor coming to view the site and I just want to say the site is just great and can be a life saver for so many, So please don't be worried about joining us just try the site out for a month and come and say hello and see what we are about, you don't need to give your name just make one up, you do not need to tell us anything you are not comfortable with, just remember we are all in the same boat just needing someone to show us the way out of this disease and this is truly the best place to come.

Thank you for all your words of encouragement at Sunday's Prayer Meeting, I haven't been myself for a couple of weeks due other medical issues which may or may not be connected to Morgellons, who knows with this disease!

Some of you may know that I believe I had Lyme's Disease 20 years ago the doctors didn't know what was wrong with me and put it down to depression, yes I was depressed being told I had depression when clearly I was very sick, for three years I wasn't able to work, it might have been longer. Then in time I gently got back to a less challenging job and manage to live a somewhat normal life.

Then a few years back I started having what I know now as brain fog I thought I was going crazy, I didn't relate it to the illness I had back in the 90s as I was virtually house bound back then anyway after a brain scan and "therapy's" I was told that there wasn't anything wrong with me and told to take a few tablets, of course these didn't work but I just did what I was told and never spoke about it again, in my mind I thought I knew what I had..... Alzheimer's, so just had to get on with it....

Then at the beginning of this year I felt the crawling sensation, so fumigated the house and pets of "fleas" ...I know now this was the worst thing I could have done, using these awful chemicals and as the crawling continued and go much worse I fumigated again and again!!!

Doctors weren't any help, if only I knew then what I know now I wouldn't have even gone to them, I am now classed as delusional on my notes, shame they are so ignorant to such an terrible disease but Hey ho no changing their minds at the moment so we just have to get our heads down and get this thing sorted out our selves no

I think I was very lucky to find this site so quickly after the start of my skin issue, I started the low carb and no sugar straight away and this made such a difference this was a good start and I am so very thankful to Mel and everyone else for all their input in helping the newbies like me to get a grip on this hideous disease.

My protocol from Logos arrived on Saturday so will be soon starting on the real road to recovery, I am so wanting to be myself again, I have nearly forgotten what the real me use to be like ;)

It was great to hear that there was someone new from this side of the pond at the prayer/fellowship meeting, just keep coming along and on Saturday at 5pm (our time) if you can make it and get to know and learn from all those in front of us, don't be alone, I am so glad I made the move to join albeit as you will have notice I don't say a lot!

Freddie x

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