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Freddie Bean

1:29:59 PM

Hi Cheryl

Ha ha I'm now thinking you must know me... did you go to the same discos as me!? ;) as you are so right I love Cupid another one that I know/remember all the words to :) Hey I can dance to that one no problem a real soul dance.... love it love love it! :)

I am ashamed to say I didn't know Gene Pitney sang country music...he was pretty good at it wasn't he! I was fed western films from a very young age I was a real John Wayne fan. Not sure if I have seen the man who shot Liberty Valance but I do remember the song vaguely so maybe I have.

I was talking to a gentleman who is in his 90s yesterday and we talked about music and gigs and he said when I hear certain music my whole body comes alive, I said yes yes and mine too, he said he wished I could have gone to the dances he put on as I would have really enjoyed them...I wish I had too :)

Freddie x


7:53:00 PM

Hi Freddie,

I'm glad you enjoyed boogying to Little Anthony and the Imperials :-) I can't remember ever hearing "Better Use Your Head" by them, but I liked it.

I remember Gene Pitney. He was such a talented guy. I liked the song of his that you sent a lot.

Do you know that Gene Pitney sang a couple of Country Music duet albums with George Jones? I saw them on YouTube. I wouldn't expect their voices to go well together, but they sounded great.

My favorite Gene Pitney song, "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance", is one that he recorded for a movie. They used to play it when I was a kid and I really loved it. The movie was a Western, so the sound goes with the movie.

I don't know if you like that song, but I bet you will like this one. Here is one of my all-time favorites, "Cupid" by Sam Cooke.

You can't boogie to that song, but it sure is pretty :-)

I hope you are doing well.


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