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8:17:17 PM

Hi Ellen,

I have wanted to sit and write you a thank you for being on the call and I apologize I have not done so sooner!

Also, as I recall I didnt let you get a word in...sorry about that also...I just let it ALL out and whew all off my chest...thank you for understanding!

I am in the Health field and feel in my best interest I might pursue another field so that has had me wrapped up these last few days...I am sure you felt the need to "self check" down the list of your life and that is where i am right now.

Ive been extremely tired..sleeping well but waking up exhausted..

I feel like its healing not a bad thing..doing my best with that.
I have some cleaning to do but sleep is my priority to nite even though the thought of not cleaning will drive me bonkers lol!

I hope this note finds you well and may God Bless you always.

And many thanks again. Mel and I are playing phone tag but hopefully we can talk soon.

Your friend in Mass,

9:28:27 AM

Good Morning Ellen,

I am new to this forum and just had my 1st call with Mel.

I am also from Massachusetts.
I have read and re-read and re-read your story....and I think in a strange way because you are from Massachusetts also reality has sunk in for me that this is here ..its's not a bad dream that I am going to wake up happened to Ellen is happening to Kelly right her in my own back yard.

I am blessed to read your story and recovery...your strength is beyond amazing...I see alot of my own story in yours but Mel told me to stop crying...I try really hits me out of no where...I am a very strong, intelligent fun loving woman and my life has been ripped out from underneath and Im mad about it!!

Seeing your journey lifts me up when I am so down...when the tears are flowing..when I am mourning my old life..I will never be the same after this and hopefully I will be able to live my life again as yourself and write about it to inspire other.

Thank you for your truthfulness...your strength in adversity and most of all your courage...God Bless you always.

I told Mel that he could give you my number if you have a moment..

thank you Ellen.

A New New New Warrior from Mass,

10:02:20 PM

Dearest Ellen,

I too want to thank you for your journey, and the two conference calls you were on. They're very encouraging. Even just yesterday I listened to the Ellen of Troy conference calls three consecutive times throughout the day, it truly gave me hope.

I agree this disease challenges us in every aspects of life, and it definitely require spiritual strength to combat this war.
I believe the same 1 Corinthians 10:13 if God permits it we can handle it because 2 Corinthians 4:7 he provides us the power beyond what is normal.

Thank you once again, you truly made a great contribution to this fight. Many of us have benefited from your example, meanwhile you humbly went through this experience.
This reminds me of 1 Peter 5:6, one of my favorites "humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God, so that he may exalt you in due time."
Dear Ellen, you've done it and he did do what he's promised.

Love with appreciation,

4:36:31 PM

I just read your story. My story is so similar to yours. I got infected in May 2015. I consider myself so lucky that this site was available to me by the Mel and the other warriors like yourself who paved the way for the rest of us so we could combat our disease sooner. I consider myself "almost cured". The only symptoms I still get are burning scalp (especially in the back, where it ALL STARTED last May), and my forehead gets burning and prickly every once in a while. Like you, I believe it happens from something I ate.
Thank you so much for your story, it gives me hope!

6:59:57 PM

Hello Nan, (and Peter)

Thank you for your post. I think you are right that if you were sick for a year, you may not get well as soon as those of us who started the protocol sooner. I can usually tell when someone has the strength to follow the plan and get well, and it sounds like you are well on your way!

To answer your questions:

I got these symmetrical large bruises, only in the beginning. They went away after the first few months. They weren't typical because I had no pain when I touched them. That's why I was frightened. I knew it was not like any bruise I ever had.

For tests – I went to my doctor with the page on this site that recommends the tests needed. I just printed it out and gave it to my doctor. When the results came back, she dismissed anything odd, saying the results were still within the normal range. For example, my body temperature was low, even though normal for me was 98.6 my entire life. My white cell count was high, my vitamin D was very low.
I lost 15 lbs in one month, a lot for someone 5'. My test for Lyme was negative and my thyroid level was ok, but I think better testing from another doctor might have produced different results.

What I decided to do was not fight the medical establishment any more because I was too tired to keep trying to find a sympathetic doctor.
I just followed the diet and protocol and got results pretty much from the start. It's not easy, but I always felt that the plan I was following would be a healthy way to live and that by following the diet, I would be prolonging my life.

Keep up what you are doing, and continue to reach out.

Best to you,


4:51:04 AM

Hey Ellen...Hey Nan

I have no doubt that "others are following you closely here." This is how you make this site flourish! Love you guys!


6:35:54 PM

Dear Ellen,
Thank you for this post. It provides the steps for hope and healing. I am so thrilled you are healthy and cured of this disease. I have listened to your conference calls several times and they have been so helpful as well. One of your conference call was the first one I listened to. I was so sick and wonder how am I going to do all this stuff. I did as you suggested and asked for help from neighbors, co-workers, friends and strangers. I looked pretty bad and even the manager at the drug store helped by ordering extra tea tree oil, and anything I needed. I did not like to drive when I was really sick and could walk to this store so her help with supplies was so great. Also, like you, I was concerned about the MMS in the protocol, but knew that this is the critical part in order to regain one’s health.

I have been on the full protocol for about 9 months. I had been ill about 1 year prior to finding this website so thought it may take more time to get my health back, but I am at the stage now where I wash my sheets 2 times a week and clean the house weekly with vac and mop with non toxic items. I found my head still itches and my theory is it is caused when I eat something that my body is not ready for (i.e. berries and kind bars). I just use the lint brush on my head & body and stop eating that item then try it again next month. I may have to do a little spray of Kleen Green mixture on my crotch which stops the head itch. It sounds funny, but effective. This disease likes warm areas and one’s crotch is probably one of the warmest areas on the body. I have some static electricity return this last week, but checking the weather channel I found that we have had a lot of thunder storms lately in the surrounding areas and my guess is that has contributed to this returning symptom. Again, I take the lint brush many times across my whole body and it seems to go away. If not to humid outside standing in the sun helps too. My biggest issue is lack of focus and fatigue at this time. I thought it was over, but has returned these last few weeks. It is bad where I have to set a buzzer to take my vitamins (protocol) since I space out sometimes. I think I am ready now to try to see a doctor again, and get some test to see if any other issues may surface. Mel agrees and suggested I make my place colder since this disease does not like cold and also, as you mentioned, it should help with dehumidifying. Now, I will look at switching to cheaper electric company to see if I can keep cost down. Mel’s other idea was go to kosher butcher and have a hamburger. I thought that was funny suggestion at first, but my thought is I may have iron issue so a friend suggested kosher restaurant that is open 24/7 in the city so getting hungry thinking about it. I do appreciate the help provided by you, Mel and others.

In this journey I must say I agree with your post about one’s spirit and will to win; I think it is 80% of this battle. Do as much as you can and keep trying. Keep good thoughts forefront is critical to moving forward. You must follow a plan and believe you can do it. A plan can be found thru out this website, like your post below; follow the protocol as it is documented, have a clean diet, drink lots of water, clean your environment, strong spirit, community that can help, research and learn, document your journey to note if need to ask for help or make adjustments, manage your budget, exercise, rest, give yourself a break if not perfect, be mindful, slow and steady, stay calm, stay strong, and keep doing it. You did it! Awesome!

I do have a couple of questions.
1. You documented that you had large round bruises. I have some on my legs. I thought it was from moving furniture while cleaning so thought it was interesting when you mentioned it. Have your bruises gone away like the rashes and other symptoms?
2. Also, you mentioned you went to the doctor for all the test; blood work, heavy metals, metabolic series. If you have any more specifics on what test let me know. Per Mel’s input I have asked Bill for Lyme doctor, but think I better have some more understanding of these other test as well.

Thanks again for sharing and caring.
Cheers, Nan
Ellen **

2:52:21 PM

My name is Ellen. I post on various threads on Mel’s site and on my thread, "A New Warrior from MA".

After getting very sick with Morgellons in August/ September of 2012 and after a year on Mel’s protocol, I can confidently report that I am cured. Others new to this disease need to hear stories with a positive outcome to give them hope to push on. I have said this repeatedly - there is nothing special about me. If I can get better, I believe anyone can. Everyone's body is different, so it will take different amounts of time for each of us, but believe that you will get well too. Curing myself of this disease wasn’t easy, but now that I have been through hell, I think I can tackle any health issue that comes along. I'm a different person today – hopefully a better, stronger, wiser person.

I don’t know what initially infected me, but in July of 2012 I got some bites that were very large and itchy, and after spending thousands on pest companies trying to rid my house of insects, I slowly cleaned my environment on my own. I took out my carpeting and now have just tile and wood. In the beginning I washed my clothes, sheets, floors and surfaces every day. I assume that I killed every living thing in my house except for me. Now I can do sheets once a week and can clean the house less often to maintain it. I also ran a dehumidifier and set it at 46 %. Supposedly mold and some bugs don’t thrive unless the air is more humid than that.

My daughter, who is a scientist with a PHD from Columbia University, found Mel’s site while researching my condition. My symptoms included: lots of black specks, white, salt-like specks, some crazy colored fibers, low body temperature, a horrible red rash on my neck and chest, tiny, scaly bumps on my legs and ankles, terrible head itching, cuts that wouldn’t heal, large, round bruises and a constant feeling of being nauseous and dizzy. We were both looking at bird mite sites, bed bug forums, everything - but never got to the cause of the infestation. The only thing I found in my house was fungal gnats (identified by one of the pest companies.) I will never forget when she said, “Mom, I think you have this thing called Morgellons." I had come to the same conclusion from my searching online and was terrified. I began to get my documents in order for my family in case I got any sicker.

Armed with information and encouragement from Mel’s site and the community surrounding his protocol, I now had a plan. I went cold turkey and eliminated all sugars, flour, dairy and acidic foods, felt better within a few weeks and dramatically better after starting the Logos Nutritionals supplements and MMS. The reason I started on the protocol and stuck with it religiously was because I was feeling like I was living a nightmare and I had nothing to lose. I knew I couldn't continue the way I was. I stayed close to my loved ones if only by email and phone, and came to a better appreciation of life. I didn’t know, and still don’t know if I was contagious, but I spent a lot of time by myself that Fall. Now I realize it gave me the opportunity to rest, which is vital to getting your health back.

I was lucky I could keep my part-time job, and to have supportive family and friends. I was also careful, however, who I chose to confide in. My PCP doctor did all the tests (blood work, heavy metals, metabolic series) I requested, but then asked that I see a psychiatrist. As a professional in Human Services, I was angry and insulted, but replied in a cheerful voice, "Sure!" I have since changed doctors.

This disease taught me to be patient with others, and we need go easy on ourselves too. To think we have brought this on because of something we did is pointless. I have no idea how I got sick, but because of unknown parasites, and the toxins in our food and environment, I believe everyone is at risk. I was not sick with any other disease or with a weakened immune system, but I did have to go on two rounds of antibiotics that summer for an infection.

I couldn’t sleep in the beginning due to the fear and also due to the constant itching. I got a prescription for Ambien which gave me terrible side effects. I weaned myself off of it after two months, and by that point the itching had subsided, so I was able to fall asleep.

Some things that helped me . . .

For breakfast I have an egg with an English muffin (Ezekiel flourless) with organic butter and either a detox tea or Red Rooibus tea. I sometimes make omelettes with 2 eggs and add vegetables and a nondairy/non-soy cheese. I alternate that with Ezekiel cereal with almond/coconut milk, unsweetened coconut, ground flax, chia seeds, and cinnamon and Stevia to taste. Sometimes I add berries. Or make a smoothie with those ingredients and add organic spinach or kale.

For lunch I have a salad and I try to put 5 items in each time as well as a protein. So that may be lettuce, peppers, tomato, cucumber, red onion, cabbage, broccoli, avocado, or whatever veggies I have. I add cooked chicken, quinoa, or an egg on top. My favorite dressing is lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. Minute Maid makes a lemon juice with nothing added, in the freezer section of stores and it saves money.

For dinner I have soups or fish, chicken or once in a while grass-fed beef. I like to roast a variety of vegetables with olive oil. I use a lot of onion, garlic, cayenne, curry powder, cinnamon and other spices. I never felt I had to eat raw everything, and I got better with a variety of cooking and preparing. I do try to get everything organic and local, but I'm not obsessive about it. I just do the best I can. I'm kind of an ADD cook, so I never follow recipes but just try to prepare foods I like and adapt them to the protocol. Not always easy, but doable. I have used coconut flour, almond flour and brown rice flour in recipes as well as pastas made from brown rice and quinoa. I think the most important thing is to avoid white flours, white rice or anything that we convert into sugar.

I never used coconut oil in my cooking because I couldn't get used to the taste, but I do use it on my face every day. Mostly I use olive oil to cook with. When I wanted a treat I ate Kind bars - the dark chocolate and sea salt have only 5 grams of sugar and I felt like I was eating a candy bar. In between meals, I snacked on almonds, too. Nuts are very filling. And for more calories, I made guacamole and ate it with chips called Beanitos, also available everywhere. They are made with lentils and black beans, are GMO free and really tasty. I also try to have hummus and tabouli on hand to snack on. When I started to add fruit to my diet I relied on berries and apples. I bake apples with cinnamon and have that for dessert.

I know the foods and supplements can be costly, but here's what I did. I paid the bills I had to pay and got behind in others. I got a loan from a family member. I am still in debt but now I have my health back. Please don't let finances keep you from getting what you need to get well. Think about who in your life can help you, then make a plan to pay them back later when you can. For me, financial support from the He Cures All Foundation was not an option (although I certainly received a lot of loving assistance from Mel), but there is always a way if we are determined enough.

I took the supplements and MMS EXACTLY as described in the protocol page. For the record, I NEVER mixed protocols. If you do, there is no way to know what is helping and what is not. As for the MMS, I never got the nausea and GI herx. What did happen to me is that at 15 drops I got a terrible headache and dizzy and felt like I had to lie down. The feeling that it was unbearable passed after a little while. I was keeping a diary so I was pretty tuned in to my body at that point. I knew I was at my max. So even though the MMS seems scary, I think it is absolutely key to getting rid of this disease. I was fearful of it, but now I know that I didn't need to be.

As for cleaning, I used Borax, Arm and Hammer laundry detergent, and Kleen Green in my laundry and dried everything on high heat for a long time. I sprayed Kleen Green in my car, my boots and shoes, on the insides of my coats until I felt that I had that under control (after a few months). I washed my floor with a Swiffer and some type of cleaner that was non-toxic. I changed these periodically. I showered with Dr.Bonner’s soap and washed my hair with peppermint or tea tree products found in my health food store. After showering, I used unscented mineral oil with a few drops of tea tree, lavender, peppermint or neem oil on my skin.

These are things that worked for me, and I am not suggesting they should be followed by everyone, but I did spend a lot of time and money on a lot of products before I eliminated stuff that didn’t work. I never used Diatomaceous Earth, and think it could do harm.

In one of my first posts I wrote the following quote . . .

'We should ready ourselves to meet trials: the small and big ones of each day. They are the trials which we cannot help but encounter from one day to the next. It is a matter of realizing that God permits them not to discourage us, but so we can grow spiritually as we overcome them. There are two temptations to which we are vulnerable in these moments. One is to think we can go it alone. The other is the opposite, that is the fear of not making it, as if the trial were greater than our strength.'

I am grateful to all of you for your stories. I still read every single post on Mel’s forum, every day. If you don't have the caring support you need from people in your life, know that it is here in this online community.

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