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10:35:09 AM


Thank you for moving this great thread forward. What a lot of information!

Kash and Cora, I hope each of you will give an update on how you are doing and if you are on the protocol now. I am sorry that I did not see either of your posts at the time they were made.

Peter, God bless you for sharing soooo much great information in this thread. Your great ability to teach really shines through.

By the way, I am NOT the cheryl who posted below on 4/21/13. My posts have cheryl spelled with a capital C and not a small c.

I guess that can be confusing. I think I have seen another older post made by the other cheryl. I hope she is doing well now.

Laura (aunt)

7:56:01 AM
Great Idea Aunt Laura!

After Saturday's conference call, I realized this community is cycling through a new group of members.

I started reading over previous threads and found great information in this thread and wanted to bring it forward for all the "Newcomers".

Hope you find all the information helpful as you begin your journey!

In Christ Love,

Previous Post:

The first thing Mel always tells a newcomer is to read, read, and then read some more. Just in case you haven't done that yet, let me suggest a little outline.

Start in the FAQ section and read each one more than once (especially if you are experiencing brain fog) so you understand the sacrifices and challenges that lie ahead of you. Invest the time to listen to some of the Conference Calls (start with the last one first). You will likely find the answers to all of your questions and many that you may not have considered.

The "Follow the Journeys" page chronicles the progress of fellow Morgellons sufferers as they work towards total recovery.

If you have only recently begun to experience symptoms, then that will bode well for you. The sooner you begin the process of rehabilitating your bioterrain, the better your chances of a quicker return to health.

Mel teaches that you begin with Sovereign Silver and the nutritional support from Logos. The Burgstiner Wellness protocol, (Morgellons Support Kit,) will address any nutrient deficits you may have and begin the process of restoring integrity to your body's immune, digestive and detoxification systems. Then his protocol instructs about how you go about adding one of the Logos Extension Kits and then WPS_.

It is the sum of these parts that, over time, return homeostasis and bring forth remission.

We rejoice with you and welcome you here as you begin your journey back to health.

Please keep us posted on your progress.

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