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How I Cured Morgellons

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2:54:55 PM

Dear Deanna,

So sorry to hear of your rough start to the new year. You are right about the protocol being a way of life. I am very grateful for these beneficial supplements that I learned about after battling MD.

In addition I am grateful for Mel, Peter, John B. and the many wonderful people I have met through this website. My friends without faces as I so often refer to them. Most importantly, i am grateful to our Savior for getting me through the roughest times in life.

I have made my monthly donation to The He Cures Foundation and thank you for your continued help support of this community.

“The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped... Psalms 28:7

In Christ Love,

6:29:43 PM

Hello Fellow Warriors,

I may have "literally" been in the trenches of the battle field this month, starting the year with an upper respiratory infection which caused a high fever and severe dehydration which UNFORTUNATELY caused me to faint in the shower on the morning of January 8th. After being out for nearly 30 minutes I awoke to a VERY frightening and unfortunate scene that included slicing my eye lid open, busting my lip, chipping my tooth, severely bruising my tailbone, ribs and more.

After a day in the ER where they stitched me up and ran a TON of tests they determined I had an upper respiratory infection and sent me home.

Sadly, one week later when my fever reached 104 I ended up back in the ER and this time with pneumonia... which I am going to guess I got as a parting gift from my trip to the ER one week prior.

So yes, I've MOST definitely been in the trenches... BUT... I would not be back at work today if it weren't for this Protocol and the baseline level of health it has given AND continues to give me!!!

For this reason AND sooooo many more, I made my Monthly Movement Donation today and I am hoping and praying that you can and will make one too!!!!

This Protocol doesn't just help us with Morgellons and Lyme it helps us with Life!!!!

Please consider joining me in helping another today!!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,

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