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3:33:26 PM

Calling ALL our Monthly Movement supporters!!

We "need" your support now MORE than ever!!!

Although it is ABSOLUTELY wonderful reading about the health restoration of Jen + 5, Chrissie AND the sudden addition of Thomas... We currently have 4 recipients waiting in the wings for enough funding to be added to the He Cures All Foundation so that they too can begin their healing journey!!!!

If you've been called to bless another this Easter Season please do so today by supporting this VERY worthwhile cause that is MOST definitely CHANGING lives!!!!

As a reminder, 93% of EVERY donation goes directly to the recipients. All you have to do is read some of this thread to see just what this means to a toxic disease sufferer in this community Receiving The Protocol!!!!

Thank you in advance for upholding your Monthly Movement

Remember NO donation is too big OR too small when we are Saving lives!!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,

12:46:03 PM

I think that it is great that Thomas is being handed a helping hand for three months from the foundation. I'm happy for you Thomas that you still have your medicines to help you:-)

We are so fortunate to have the foundation.
Thank you to Mel and to the caring people who donate to help others.

It truly is a lifeline.

It is also heartening to hear that Jen and her family are slowly but surely gaining their health also,thanks to the foundation.

God bless everyone who donates,

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