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12:11:22 PM

Hello my fellow warriors!!

I just made my August 2018 "Monthly Movement" donation and it felt soooo good to know that I can AND will give back to this community!!!

Who is with me this month????

Remember there is NO donation too small or too large!!! Give what you can, when you can AND if you can't give, please pray for the continued success of the He Cures All Foundation!!!

God Bless each and every one of you!!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,

11:25:28 AM

Hello All..!!!

As I believe most of you know, I've been off fighting some toxic demons but thanks be to God and to this Protocol, I am winning!!!

I am also back!!! I'm back to encourage each AND every one of you to join me in getting back to our Monthly Movement campaign/commitment for the He Cures All Foundation!!!

As a reminder to those of us who have been around for awhile and for those that are new to this LIFE CHANGING community.... here's what I'm suggesting when I refer to the Monthly Movement...

Won't you PLEASE consider joining me in making a commitment to fund the He Cures All Foundation monthly? Each month when you receive your AMAZING Logos products via mail, simply click on the "(Click here to help toxic disease sufferers)" tab at the top of this website and make whatever tax deductible donation you are comfortable with, $5, $15, $50 or more. I guarantee if each one of us does this we WILL return to making a difference in no time!!! I am confident that Mel will report that to us just as soon as we do!!!

So if you're like me and you've asked yourself how could I "ever" repay Mel, John, Peter, this website, this community and above all my God who brought me here in the first place, for what they've done for me and my health... here is your answer, your sign, your simple solution!!! :)

Commit today and make a HUGE difference in someone's tomorrow!!!! We all do better at ANYTHING in life when we are held accountable so if you'd like to be held accountable let us know that you are in and that the He Cures All Foundation can count on you returning to or beginning your monthly contribution from this point forward!!!

If for any reason you cannot financially make this commitment, please pray for the success of the He Cures All Foundation and as you regain your health please consider joining the He Cures All "Monthly Movement"!!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers, my fellow past, present and future warriors!!!!

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