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7:26:48 AM

Hello everyone!

Made a donation to the he cures all foundation and wanted to encourage everyone to consider what they might be able to give.

Thank you Mel for your hard work! You are a blessing to many

Love always,
your friend

1:30:32 PM


Thanks you so much Peter, I'm smiling :-)

God bless you,

2:41:41 AM


I would like to lift you up and thank you. Your post made me realize that all you need to write a beautiful testimonial is a keyboard, a venue, and you. Your post is a gift and will surely add a new glow to the lives of people who read it. God bless you!

Strength and Love,

7:48:28 AM

Hello, hello Hello..

Just had a lovely little letter from the parcel company to tell me that my parcel has arrived in this country. Woo hoo!!!!

So it was very simple, paid customs over the phone and tomorrow is D day!! The D stands for delivery!

The protocol will be delivered then by an all singing, all dancing parcel man :-) Well, maybe there won't be any singing and dancing from him, I elaborate just a tad, but there may indeed be singing and dancing from me :-)

I have my colloidal silver all ready here too, it's a good one 80percent ionic and 20 percent particulate (as I know the sovereign is ionic and that ionic best to fight pathogens). Looking forward to getting the meds!! :-)

Deanna and Karen thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement!

Roll on tomorrow!!!

Thanks you so much everyone who has donated to the foundation, it's sooooo great to be able to get the meds!!

Love Chrissie

2:35:30 PM

Chrissie, Thanks so much for sharing your story! You have had quite a battle and are an amazing warrior, my friend!! Your post covered so much but what stood out to me the most was the following statement...

"This is my only chance at getting better and I cannot thank everybody enough."

I for one am beyond grateful that God has blessed me with the ability to participate in the "Monthly Movement" as sadly there are MANY others with a similar story!!!

Thank you again and PLEASE do keep us posted on your progress, I'm sure I am not alone when I say that I am VERY excited to witness your healing journey!!!

Peter, Thank you VERY much for your kind words!! As you know ALL the glory goes to God for allowing me to heal enough to give back as you have done for so many years!!!

Thank you ALSO for the donation... we can, we will and we are making a difference with the "Monthly Movement", Chrissie is living proof!!!

To All, As a reminder the "Monthly Movement" is a simple and easy way to give back... each month when your AMAZING Logos products arrive you simply make a donation (REMEMBERING that no donation is too small) to the He Cures All Foundation. If you cannot afford to donate please pray for the success of the Foundation so that others may be blessed with the same opportunity for healing as we have!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers!!!!

11:57:06 AM

Hi Everyone,

Just made my monthly donation to the He Cures All Foundation to help others.

As we all know, this disease is so difficult...but for those who cannot even afford the basic protocol, it becomes impossible.

Please join me in helping others. We are all so blessed to have this site and Mel's help at our disposal.

Let's all join together to help him continue to help others.



11:01:26 PM


Thank you for sharing your story!

I'm sure I'm not alone in looking forward to cheering you on in your journey back to wellness.

Sounds like you've been through the wringer on your housing situation. I hope you've now landed in a place where you can be comfortable.

Please keep all of us updated on how you're doing.



3:58:22 PM

Thanks Deanna :-)

I appreciate your kind words.

Yes, it's important isn't it to let people know just how much it means for people to get help re the medicine from the foundation

.. Especially, in a world where we get belittled, labelled, wrongly diagnosed and sent away.

It's a HUGE thing!!!


7:30:04 PM

Hello Deanna

I pray God continue to bless you and the work you are doing here. Today, I will follow your lead and fulfill my commitment to the "monthly movement" you have authored. I pray that everyone who joined will also give. May God provide for you all.

In His Love,

10:41:43 AM


I'm very very happy and touched and shocked in a lovely way!!! I just got a call from Mel.

I had spent the morning going over all the ingredients in the extension kit trying to think of the most important ones to try and buy for the second month of the protocol. Already absolutely delighted that I'm receiving the basic protocol that the, "He who cares all foundation," is sending me.

it is probably flying through the air as we speak between continents :-) Nope it just arrived.
Well, Lo and behold what did Mel say to me? That we would figure out the extension kit that I would need as well as the
receiving WPS!!! I was like, "No way!!!" he said, "yes!"

Now it's not often I'm speechless :-) people who know me can attest to that. But hey I was speechless for a while.
I can't really believe it's happening, but it's going to:-)

Six and a half years it's been. Six years of being falsely diagnosed with DOP by doctors who don't have a clue, including infectious disease doctor and dermatology. I went to a psychiatrist to prove them wrong.

I suffer from anxiety, yes but I'm not delusional. And he proclaimed, 'delusions,' I cried in front of him like a little child.

Over the years starting in 2012 I started to read Mel's forum and particularly the stories of people's journeys.. The two lovely ladies I forget their names, Justin, Peter.. When my morgellons deteriorated badly in 2013 the whole year I read these stories over and over and listened to Christian radio day and night, the lesions were very very bad and here I was in severe despair. I clung to the stories, they were a life raft.

I'm on my own, isolated and whilst I was very sad others suffered, it helps to know you are not alone with this Sci fi like weirdness doesn't it!!

But I never in a million years thought I would get the protocol. I cobbled together this and that and I took WPS myself at one point , but the herxheimer reaction was severe because I wasn't on enough detox products and my immunity not strong enough.
I caution other people not to do that, because you are out on a limb if you don't have the right products alongside you to nourish your body.

I have had several flare ups of this disease being bad, have long standing candida caused by penicillin 22 years ago. Insect bites have flared it up, infected clothing,insecticide made it very bad (I read afterwards that permethrin depletes immunity allowing pathogens already in your system to take hold).

wifi has flared it too, even trying to use a tablet made me flare up badly with morgs I was so freaked out. . I feel the electricity with the mobile phone but I handle that, just.. thank God.

I have moved five times in five years. At first I left the bird mite infested house took nothing, I don't recommend that as the morgellons was already in my system I didn't know what the black fibers were at that point.
Left the next flat it was moldy and damp and freezing cold, the next flat had a leaking sewage pipe outside my window and faulty drains.. Had to turn on washing machine to drain the kitchen sink, the shower smelt of eggs, sulphur. The next flat there was a sewage leak in the garden and when they zapped it, it went through the flat up through the floor boards as the landlords son had fitted pipes himself erroneously, it ruined my bed and everything stank of sewage. I got novovirus for over a month and was nearly homeless for the second time. Took this flat and there was insulation fluff blocking the central heating for ten months, eventually it was condemned and it broke but it had been very dangerous. All of this on top of other health issues I have endometriosis, migraines, digestive issues, anxiety and I'm pretty sure undiagnosed aspergers. I find dealing with things very very stressful. I might be a big grown up, but I get overwhelmed by difficulties very easily and am highly sensitive too, good for empathy but it's not always easy to live with.

I kept wondering if I was being punished or if someone was wishing me harm. A few years before the bird mites I left my home as my abusive ex kicked the door in, in the middle of the night.. So I moved sixty miles away to be safe . I didn't know anyone, but I thought I was safe in my flat . Only to be swarmed at by bird mites and get lyme and morgellons.

I have Big issues around feeling safe. I have no family support and avoid people because of this disease. I haven't had a hug in many years, I don't like being touched although I was a very affectionate person before. How i would love to be able to cuddle another person again or even have the touch of a hand, the gentleness of it would be soo lovely.
Each time I feel despair over morgellons and the general sense of no safety in my life, I pray over and over and God does help when there is nothing else to hold on to, he holds us up.

It was a dream to get the protocol, especially since I live in another continent thousands of miles away. And now to be told not only am I getting the protocol but indeed extension kit and WPS help too.. I cannot believe it really. Am I in a dream?

No, it's actually real. Wow!!

So, here I am.. The reason I tell you a bit of my story is to share with you a recurring theme of me not feeling safe in my home, or with my belongings often, or definitely not feeling safe and secure in my own body.

Where am I at present with morgellons symptoms? They are a law unto themselves up till now. The damp and the rain of which we get a lot makes them worse, the heat makes them worse, electromagnetic sensitivity, I follow a very low carb diet.
I dream about potatoes, but I don't eat them :-) Creamy mash is my idea of a little taste of heaven. But, you know, cauliflower is a good substitute it really is. You learn to adapt and accept what you can have.

Is it all a spiritual journey we are on? I guess everything teaches us and this all does teach us in such a difficult way.
So, you see how my sense of safety and security is always being knocked off its axes.

Also, my dog has morgellons too and a myriad of other health complaints (I have to give her chemicals that are pretty toxic so we are safe re fleas as I cannot be around any biting insects and not good for her either ) . I adore her but would never get another animal after she goes because of insect, Parasites, morgellons. I think having an animal makes things a lot more difficult, though I will love her till death do us part. She's my best friend and she loves me dearly too:-)
But I cannot control the things outside my flat..the insects etc.
So. After dealing with all of these difficulties and feeling unsafe a lot of the time.. To be now told.. We hear you, you need help, we understand what this disease and illness is doing to your life.. Not only that.. But guess what? We have tools you know that you can work with. We have experience and hey we are going to give you these tools!!!!!



"This is my only chance at getting better and I cannot thank everybody enough.

Thanks you Mel so very much and all the people involved in the foundation.

Thanks to all the people who very kindly and compassionately have donated to each and every one of us who are getting help.

I know no one takes this for granted... Not for a single second. Because when this is bad it's like being in hell isn't it. And only others who have suffered or do suffer know exactly what I'm talking about.

We wish we could go back in time and erase it. We can't, it happened. This is the only hope we have, which is to fight it properly with the correct medicines and diet and slowly but surely watch our immune system get stronger and stronger.

It's wonderful to be able to be given this chance in a lifetime to fight this.. Properly.

I know it won't be easy, Mel said I will get sicker as the meds fight the disease. But it's a journey to take us back to the heart of ourselves before the disease came.

We are not this illness, but sometimes we are buried under it aren't we... So the people of the foundation and those that donate are effectively helping to pull us out from the rubble that surrounds us and weighs us down. So that we can be strong enough to ensure toxins, or insect bites or electromagnetic stress cannot floor us .SO we can fight the lyme, morgellons, candida, bartonella etc and in time watch symptoms being attacked and getting less and less.

The medicines will provide a structure and a framework for the immune system and we won't be knocked down like a little tree with no roots.. Not any more.

We will fight back and gain in strength. And then, we will see ourselves again beyond all this trauma and difficulties.
We will be able to breathe and relax in our own skin and be able to feel safe and secure again.

To feel safe and secure is the most important gift in the world.
So, thank you Mel.. From the bottom of my heart :-)

10:12:21 PM

Jenny S, Thank you for your donation AND for your reminder that even if a month or more goes by where for some reason we can't participate in giving back to the He Cures All Foundation... Let's all be sure to do it again when we can!!

Chrissie, I am sooooo happy to hear that you are the newest recipient of the He Cures All Foundation!! I do remember reading a little bit about your story in another thread previously, if I remember correctly you've been battling this affliction for quite sometime? Maybe you could tell us your story in this thread? I think it would be wonderful for people to see how their donations are "truly" helping another!!!

To All, Last but not least, my September supplements arrived on Friday and even though I have had a busy weekend filled with TONS of rest time.... I will be making my September donation tomorrow morning. I hope you'll join me in the September 2017 Monthly Movement so that we can make October 2017 better for others!!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,

11:14:48 AM


thanks a million!!!

I'm so excited about receiving the protocol!! :-)

God bless you and all the people who help the foundation!

Chrissie :-) (Scotland).
Jenny S.

1:40:12 PM

Hello All,

I just made a donation to the monthly movement!
I had been making small monthly donations prior to Deanna officially starting this movement, but we recently had some financial road blocks we needed to get over.

We had to add my youngest to a bit more of the protocol and my husband has started with the basic support kit. This puts 2 of us on the full protocol and 2 of us on partial.

We also had a move that took us a few months to recover from financially.

My point in sharing this is that we had to take a couple of months off of giving to either Mel's go fund me site or He Cures All, but now we are back!

I would like to encourage people to continue to give on an ongoing basis even if you have to take some time off for whatever reason.

I am so thankful Mel and for this protocol and feel so fortunate to be healing from this and to see my family healing.

What an amazing cause to contribute to.

I want EVERYONE who encounters this disease to get help.

Prayers to all of you!

Jenny S.

11:50:23 AM

Hello all..!!!

Happy last day of Summer or happy Fall eve, either way I'm hoping it's a happy day for you and yours..!!

I thought today was a GREAT day to remind all our "Monthly Movement" contributors to remember to make your September contribution as WE are making a difference!!!

I've received wonderful news that an individual who has been on the waiting list for quite some time will begin to benefit from the He Cures All Foundation. What an INCREDIBLE blessing!!!

If you haven't joined the Monthly Movement yet, please consider joining us today!!! Wouldn't it be wonderful to add another recipient soon?!?!?

The Monthly Movement is SIMPLE and EVERYONE can participate!!! Each month when your AMAZING supplements arrive you simply thank God for allowing you to be blessed enough to afford these products and then you further God's kingdom by sharing his blessing with others!!! Simply click on the "Help Us Help Others" button, follow the VERY simple prompts to donate and REMEMBER no gift is too large or too small!!!!

If you've been blessed enough to have your health fully restored and are no longer receiving monthly supplements, pick any day of the month you choose to participate. Perhaps the date you originally started the protocol, the date you took your last supplements or maybe just your favorite number between 1 and 28 whatever it is... know that your contribution today can and will COMPLETELY alter someone's tomorrow.

God Bless and thank you for your time!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,

1:44:43 AM

Hello to all,

This foundation is the real deal and I thank everyone who has blessed others with their gifts of money, prayer, time and energy. This foundation seriously has helped in giving me my life back. I'm getting better each day thanks to the generosity of others, which is something I was a little skeptical of considering the sources of this and the chance of being re-exposed via chem-trails, etc.

I also want to encourage anyone battling morgellons to get on the protocol. This protocol is very comprehensive and attacks this enemy in so many ways, not just one or two! With all these co-infections we battle a protocol like this fits the bill.

Another thing, please stay the course and don't give up or stop the protocol too soon thinking you've beat it. That's a huge mistake because it will come back with a vengeance. I've seen it happen so just a heads up.

Your body needs all the weapons available and they are all right here.

I've been on the protocol since Feb of this year. When I look at my before pics I can hardly believe it. I'm getting so much better I feel like my old self many days now. ?

God bless and thanks


11:36:22 AM

Hello everyone and welcome.

As the parrot once said to the donkey, "Hey Mel, you made a boo boo!"

"Oh really, where?"

"In the Lyme Protocol with Extension".

Therefore it pleases me to announce our first ever contest. Its Free, Its FUN and everyone who finds the boo boo will be entered into the drawing for a prize (a 3-Pack of WPS with Citric Acid) this Sunday at the end of our prayer meeting following fellowship.

Limit one entry please! Send to:

Did you know that those who did not give up HOPE got well!

God bless,


4:41:06 PM

Chasity & Mary,

Thank you both for your absolutely beautiful posts, for sharing the love of Christ with others through your words, your prayers and especially through your continued contributions to the He Cures All Foundation!!

You have both been an important part of my healing journey and I am beyond grateful that your support within this community has allowed me to reach a point in my recovery that I am able to give back!!!

God Bless you both!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,

6:03:23 PM

Thank you, Deanna,

For heading up the Fundraising committee for all those that need financial assistance for the protocol.

I will continue to contribute and I hope others do, too.

I was fortunate by the grace of Our Heavenly Father, to be able to continue working during all parts of this illness, start to end, and so I was able to pay for the protocol without assistance.

I pray daily for all Morgellons sufferers, for their healing and conversion, so that they may all know Our Heavenly Father and how much he loves us. This may be the great good that comes from this health crisis as God always brings good from the pain and suffering of our broken world. I believe He answers prayers so that we might believe in Him, know Him and spread the Good News to others. I also believe that though He doesn't want us to suffer, due to the free will He has given us, He allows suffering and we can offer it up to Him, in unity with the suffering of His only son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, so that He may use our sacrificial suffering for good of others and even ourselves.

I also believe that He wants Mel to provide this space in the internet to connect us all in support, to share the cure, and provide funding for those that don't have financial means to access the cure.

To share the Good News for those that don’t yet know It.
There is a cure.

We are called to evangelize and do works (Matthew 5:14-16, Matthew 25: 14-30, Matthew 25: 31-46,
James 2: 14 , 17, 24, 26, and John 15:1-17)

God Bless your good work, Deanna and all those that contribute to the needy among us,


11:33:08 AM

Scripture makes it clear that God blesses us not so we can live with greed, but so we can bless others. God loves a cheerful giver.

When He sees that someone is giving freely out of love, God blesses them more. I have been so blessed and in return am honored to bless others.

It warms my heart that Deanna, Mel and many others give freely from their heart. Every little bit helps.

Please join this wonderful cause and bless a sickly family who needs our support.

Isaiah 52:7
How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, “Your God reigns!

1 Thessalonians 5:11
So encourage each other to build each other up, just as you are already doing.

Hebrews 13:16
And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.

God bless!


12:04:04 PM


Thank you for your continued commitment to the Monthly Movement!! As I know, you know... this makes a HUGE difference in the lives of others!!!

Jen + 5,

Thank you also for your continued commitment to the Monthly Movement and for your wonderful update on your beautiful family!!

Additionally your words about not being helpless when it comes to helping other are sooooo VERY touching and soooo VERY true!!!

For anyone else who received there August supplements and has not yet made there Monthly Movement donation, PLEASE consider making it today!!! It's NEVER too late to help another find their way back to health as soooo MANY of us here have!!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,
Jen + 5

10:02:57 PM

Hi All!

Once again, thank you Deanna for all of the effort you put into Fundraising. I am so incredibly greatful for the The He Cures All Foundation.

My children are getting getting better and better right before my eyes, and I have overcome my setback from last week. We have started our 3rd month on the protocol and I thank God every day for making a way for us.

At the same time I can't help but think about those other families that so desperately need to get on this protocol but can't. I am a firm believer that we reap what we sow and that we will be held to what we do "for the least of these." We obviously don't have much but I have committed to pay it forward by contributing what I can to the monthly movement - I know God can take what I give and multiply it.

Mel has dedicated his life to helping others get well. He doesn’t have to and he didn't have to share his protocol with all of us but he has started something wonderful and I am proud to be a part of it. I will proudly make my contribution, no matter how small.

There's a feeling of helplessness that comes along with this disease, but I have learned that when one feels helpless to never give up, and also to find a way to turn the situation around so that instead of being helpless you become helpful in whatever way you can. This is one of the most important elements to overcome helplessness and how wonderful that we can do that through this awesome Foundation!

2:20:29 PM

Hi Deanna

"Thank you" for continuing your work on behalf of the HCA Foundation. I will stand along side you and make my September donation today. I hope others will follow your lead!

In His Love,

2:39:08 PM

Calling ALL "Monthly Movement" partners; past, present and future!!!

As sad as I am to see August come to an end... the truth of the matter is, it's almost over!!!

Have you received your AMAZING supplements this month? If so, have you made your "Monthly Movement" donation yet?

If you happen to be blessed enough to be someone who has reached complete health restoration but have also committed to join the "Monthly Movement", have you made or will you make your August donation?

I received my August 2017 supplements on Monday and made my "Monthly Movement" donation today!!!

I, Mel, the current and FUTURE He Cures All Foundation recipients are all praying that you too will make your donation today and MOST certainly brighten someones tomorrow!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,

2:22:20 PM


First and foremost, WELCOME BACK!!! This community is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and we are soooooo BLESSED to have each other!!!

Thank you also for your kind words, I am TRULY grateful that I can give back to a website/community that has without a doubt GIVEN ME MY LIFE BACK!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,

4:08:22 AM

Hello Everyone,

I am so happy to see the fundraiser up and running.

Mel told me of the terrific job Deanna and others are doing to assist members in the fundraising efforts.

I have been out of commission for the last four months due to a major move and health issues. But I am back and ready to begin (again) the healing process and to assist others as much as I can.

I pray GOD gives us the strength to keep pushing and helping each other fight this illness until its is eradicated.

I am so blessed to have this forum and Mel.

May GOD shine his light on each one of you.



4:35:19 PM

Hello All..!!!

First and foremost, I wanted to reach out and give an extra special THANK YOU to all those who have committed to join the "Monthly Movement"!!! You ARE making a difference in the lives of others, today, tomorrow and prayerfully for years to come!!!!

What's the "Monthly Movement" you might ask?!?!?! It's a VERY simple way to help others, suffering from a toxic disease who cannot afford the Protocol on their own, on a monthly basis. Each month when you receive your AMAZING supplements, you simply click on one of the "Donate" buttons found in this thread OR the "Help Us Help Others" button at the top of any thread and you make "whatever" contribution you can, $5, $15, $50, no donation is too large or too small...!!!!

Again thank you to all who have already joined us and for those who have not yet, won't you PLEASE consider joining the "Monthly Movement" today?!?!?!

Secondly, I am sending out a SPECIAL request for past warriors, those who have been healed, those whose health has been restored, those who have returned to living a productive life, those who can be with family, those who no longer fear being in public, those who are blessed enough to have a full night of uninterrupted sleep... In other words.... To ANYONE whose life has been touched by this community and MOST importantly by Mel's Protocol, won't you PLEASE consider giving that gift to others and joining our "Monthly Movement" today?!?!?!

Perhaps you can pick the day of the month that you started the protocol or the day that you were healed or simply the day that fits best into your monthly budget.... On that day each month you can simply follow the same simple steps shown above and make a monthly donation to the He Cures All Foundation.... So that others may experience the same gift of complete health restoration as you have!!!!!

Last but not least, I want to let EVERYONE know that we have some exciting things in the works and are VERY hopeful that we will be able to offer more ways to help raise money for the He Cures All Foundation in the near future!!!! In the meantime please support these efforts in any way you can, whether that is financially, physically, in daily prayer or possibly even ALL three... We thank you in advance for making someone's tomorrow a MUCH brighter day!!!!!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,
P.S. For anyone interested in mailing a donation, checks can be made payable to He Cures All Foundation and mailed to...
He Cures All Foundation
PO Box 18408
Reno, NV. 89511

6:10:42 PM

Hi Tara,

I would absolutely love to chat with you and am definitely excited to hear your ideas!! Please pass on your phone number and a few times that would be good to call this upcoming weekend to Mel. If this upcoming weekend doesn't work you, just let me know what does?

Thank you for reaching out!!

Love, Peace and as always, MANY Prayers,

3:15:48 PM

Hi Deanna!

I would love to chat with you to bounce off some possible ideas for fundraising. So if it's alright, I will pass along my contact info on.
Thank you for all your doing!


2:43:17 PM


Thank you for the ABSOLUTELY beautiful post!! The gratitude, the humor, the honesty, the love and the generosity of who you are and what you bring to this community are sooooo incredibly clear in this post!!!

Thank you also for your commitment to the "Monthly Movement" and for your confirmation that NO donation is too small to change the life of another!!!

All my love, peace and MANY prayers to you, my friend!!!

10:36:22 AM

I am a recipient of the He Cures All Foundation's goodness and generosity; I have dealt with this Big-Nasty for 12 years, been to 11 doctors, 5 dermatologists, one of whom allegedly treated Morgellon's (I renamed her as Dr. NOT), and had basically figured all the future held for me was my two sweet dogs, and sleep.
I literally thank God every single day (which is something I never even thought about doing in my other life - the pre-nasty one), for blessing me with this beautiful, health-giving, life-restoring, noble crusade of the noble men, Mel, Peter and John and the HCAF; without them I'd still be sleeping and waiting to not wake up, and sometimes wondering if maybe I'd just die of boredom first.
True, I'm receiving funding for the protocol, hence limited finances...not relevant; only God knows how many others have limited or even no income, and are desperate for relief unobtainable without money; putting a match to their money will at least spare them the inconvenience of seeking help from the AMA, and give them the same results - none.
Ok, got sidetracked; no matter how little income we on the receiving end of HCAF have, we each need to make some contribution monthly. It will certainly please God to find us sincerely thankful for this miraculous intervention, this miraculous cure (I have eyebrows! Yea! Have not had any for the last 9 or 10 years!). And it will allow the foundation to take in others, equally needy as we once were.
OK, my donation won't be much now, and maybe yours won't be much either; doesn't matter; all that matters is we make the effort - the volume will be what matters. The volume will add up to saving someone else.

And that will be good thing.

Peace, Prosperity, and Restored Health to all.

7:45:09 PM

I am very touched to learn that we were one of the reasons for all you're doing for the foundation.

I am forever grateful to you for what you and everyone else are doing here!

I am very inspired by your efforts and hope to be able to help out even more once we are well.

I no longer feel like I'm living in daily fear, the sun is starting to peak through the clouds and I can finally rest easy knowing we are going to be that is truly priceless

3:33:47 PM

Jen (plus 5),

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Knowing that you are a recipient of the He Cures All Foundation it is VERY touching to hear that you too are committing to the "Monthly Movement"!!!

Also just so you know, you plus your 5 are one of the reasons I agreed to take on a leadership role with the He Cures All Foundation. Knowing you were on the waiting list was all I needed to say YES and get this thing (and the health of you, your family and hopefully many more to follow) moving forward!!! So again thank you and God Bless!!!

Julie B,

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to you as well..!! Knowing that you are one of the newest community members and you have also taken on the "Monthly Movement" commitment literally moves me (and I'm sure Mel) to tears!!!

I am truly grateful that you see God's work sooooo clearly here!!! Please know that you will be giving the same Hope you found here to MANY others!!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,
Julie B

11:57:02 AM

I am so thankful to have found this website. My husband & I were sinking fast!

Please ad us to the "Monthly Movement". What a privilege
to bless others.


7:44:09 AM


We have been on the protocol a second time around,this time with the help of the he cures all foundation.

I am well aware of it's life saving ability, after having to stop, due to lack of funds.

You can read our story in the thread,
(Hanging on hope)

My husband, five children and I will be forever grateful and although we are not wealthy, we are compelled to make a monthly contribution to this live saving foundation, in the hope it may allow another person and family, to also be blessed with this gift!

Thank you for helping restore our lives.

God bless


9:15:47 PM


Thank you for your kind words and for your financial support of the He Cures All Foundation!!!

I wouldn't be able to do what I'm doing if you wouldn't have been here to help me begin my healing journey when I did, so "thank you" for always participating in this community when time allows!!!

I pray that your family situation is resolved and that God gives you the strength you need until that time!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,

12:19:30 PM

Hello Everyone,

First I want to start off by thanking Deanna for the fantastic job getting the He Cures All Foundation donation campaign going. This fund is so very important to the lives of so many who are afflicted with this horrific disease, but cannot afford to buy the protocol. Besides being a horrific disease, it is an extremely expensive disease, but the cost of not being treated on Mel's Protocol, is far more costly. I can't imagine what my life would be like if I hadn't found Mel's site. I am and will always be eternally grateful.
I have been in the background as of late because I am dealing with a bunch of family issues all at once and I am just trying to keep my head above water. However, I just made a donation to the He Cures All Foundation, though very small, I know that something is better than nothing to try and help the very sick people who are suffering and desperately need to be on the protocol. I will continue to try and do this as often as I am able.

Thank you Mel and God bless you!


11:04:09 AM

Thomas, Laura (aunt), Deby & Ashley,

I may just have to nickname you the Fab Four as you are TOTALLY and COMPLETELY... FABULOUS in my eyes, Mel's eyes and ALL of those currently receiving help through the He Cures All Foundation (I know that includes two of you) as well as ALL those that we will HOPEFULLY help in the future!!!

Thank you for your commitment to join the Monthly Movement and make a difference in the lives of others today, tomorrow and let's hope and pray, FOREVER!!!

God Bless each one of you as well as those who have already joined us and those that will when they can!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers!!!!!

12:16:55 AM

As a Recipient Of The He Cares All Foundations how can I not make this pledge to be forever donor.

I myself could not Afford the protocol for my daughter And I. I'm So grateful to Dianna, There are no words to express My gratitude to This Community.


3:06:46 PM

I want to thank everyone who has donated to the HCAF, as a recipient of our protocols.

I can attest to improvement in myself and child Lives are being saved and restored by the generosity of others. Give & it shall be given.

Therefore I Have and will continue send a little each month,
for I wish that those who are waiting list, will soon be able to receive this life saving protocol.

A great time to give is when paying for our supplements. Just add on whatever amount you can afford. If we all do this it adds up.

Please help this man, help others, who is giving his all,
to help us get well!


1:54:11 PM

Hi Mel,

I'd like to ask you to post this condensation of my previous post. It got long...probably too long...but the following cut and paste is the bottom line I wanted to convey:

In short...Mel added up. He’s the real deal, and he delivers.

The information on the site is invaluable...

but I believe the one on one coaching has saved me months in recovery time.

Laura (aunt)

9:01:11 PM

My Dearest Deanna,
I am also donating to the "He Cures All Foundation". It is so important for us to stand united as a community in order to help others dealing with this disease. Thank you for taking the role as a leader and I pray many others will follow.

Love In Christ,

7:56:08 PM

I am compelled to join my morgellons family of friends to pledge each month.

As I am able I will give more because I believe in this cause, it is truly helping people to get well!

It is working for me, I might not be here today if it wasn't for this protocol.

I know this protocol works and would like to see it work for more people in need.

10:00:49 AM

Good Morning and God Bless!!!

I am soooo elated to see the responses to our latest Fundraising efforts, the Monthly Movement!!! It appears that we are 6 strong as of today and I know without a doubt that this number will continue to climb because this is a community of people who care and who truly want to make a difference!!!!

THANK YOU again for your support, for your thoughts and for your prayers of the He Cures All Foundation!!!!

If you're wondering what the Monthly Movement is... It's a VERY simple way to help others on a monthly basis. Each month when your supplements arrive, you simply click on one of the "Donate" buttons found in this thread or the "Help Us Help Others" button at the top of any thread and you make "whatever" contribution you can, $5, $15, $50, no donation is too large or too small...!!!!

A special thank you to Karen for reaffirming how simple the process is to donate!!! Also Karen thank you for your kind and encouraging words on Friday's conference call... I believe we are all called to do God's work in the midst or our own struggles and I'm grateful that is what you see in me!!!! Thank you again!!!

Thank you also to Ruth and Tara for your kind and supportive words AND for your commitment to joining the Monthly Movement!!!! It means soooo much to soooo many...!!!!!

I am excited to be a part of this AMAZING community and I am TRULY excited to watch our Fundraising efforts HELP those in need..!!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers to all...!!!!

10:19:49 PM

Thank you Deanna for all your doing! I too will follow your lead and jump on the monthly movement.

Giving a monthly donation simply gives others a fighting chance. I'm excited to see the growth and to know there is Hope!!


5:26:47 PM

Received my July pills today and have made a donation to He Cures All Foundation.

Thank you Deanna for the idea! It was only a small amount but I will send it every month when my pills arrive. Its a great way of being reminded to send a gift in.

I'm so grateful that I'm able to continue taking the supplements. This is a way for me to say thank you to God for His provision and I so hope that as many of us give each month it will enable more people to be helped.

4:10:52 PM

Just sent in some money to the foundation and it was super easy.

I'd like to encourage everybody reading this post to join us in this effort.

I certainly don't have a lot of extra funds...but any amount sent consistently and by enough people will make a please join us!

It's a nice feeling knowing a relatively small contribution can make such a difference in someone else's life.


8:32:55 PM

Peter, Amanda & Karen,

Thank you, thank you AND thank you!! I am OVER THE MOON excited that each of you has committed to join the Monthly Movement for the He Cures All Foundation!!!

Knowing that together not only CAN WE make a difference, WE ARE making a difference... Is "truly" heartwarming to me and I know it is to Mel too, not to mention what it means to the recipients of the He Cures All Foundation!!!

God Bless each and every one who donates, who prays and who participates with this incredible website/non profit organization that is changing lives daily!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,

6:39:29 PM

Thank you Deanna for getting the ball rolling on this. I'll also donate monthly to support this endeavor. are so good...and such a wonderful example of service to others.
Amanda R

10:38:09 AM
Click on picture to go to He Cures All Foundation

I don't have much, but I vow to donate five dollars a month. Whatever you guys have, whether it's a dime or nickel I would consider to donate. Imagine if everyone would donate how many family's would get help that they would need.

3:41:10 AM

Dear Deanna

More leadership by example from you. I will follow your lead, be a good steward, and make a small gift too.

In His Love

1:20:33 PM

Hello all my fellow warriors!

I just wanted to let you know, I received my Logos Nutritional Supplements in yesterday's mail and then made my July, 2017 Monthly Movement donation today!!

I even put the following note in the donation; July, 2017 Monthly Movement, so that both the Foundation and I will know exactly what my donation was for.

I still deal with brain fog on occasion and the more information I provide myself and others the better off we all are!!! :)

It took me all of two minutes to make this transaction, HOWEVER, I can't begin to imagine what it will do for someone suffering from a toxic disease with no financial resources as a result of their disease!!!

Praying that you will join me in my efforts of helping the He Cures All Foundation help others today!!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,

11:19:07 AM

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday!!!

As a follow up to Saturday's conference call and as previously posted in another thread... I have a WONDERFUL idea of how EACH and EVERY one of us on Mel's protocol, restoring our bioterrain and getting our health and our lives back can help others!!!

Please consider joining me in making a commitment to fund the He Cures All Foundation monthly... let's call it the "monthly movement". Each month when you receive your AMAZING Logos products via mail, simply click on the "Help Us Help Others" tab at the top of this website and make whatever donation you are comfortable with, $5, $15, $50 or more. I guarantee if each one of us does this we WILL make a difference in no time!!! I am confident that Mel will report that to us just as soon as we do!!!

So if you're like me and you've asked yourself how could I "ever" repay Mel, John, Peter, this website, this community and above all my God who brought me here in the first place, for what they've done for me and my health... here is your answer, your sign, your simple solution!!!

Commit today and make a HUGE difference in someone's tomorrow!!!! We all do better at ANYTHING in life when we are held accountable so if you'd like to be held accountable let us know that you are in and the He Cures All Foundation can count on your monthly contribution from this point forward!!!

If for any reason you cannot financially make this commitment, please pray for the success of the He Cures All Foundation and as you regain your health please consider joining the He Cures All "monthly movement"!!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers to all...!!!!

6:34:57 PM

Thanks so much Deanna!

I will work on all those suggestions.

Its so helpful to have you check it and suggest things which gives me much more confidence in sending it x

12:27:16 PM


Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I am BEYOND excited that you've taken this step and have found such a wonderful person (who in his own way is already helping our community) to reach out to!!! I will also be praying that Mr Caudwell is supportive of the He Cures All Foundation and their wonderful commitment to serve the toxic disease community!!!

I think your letter is fantastic and I do have the following correction/suggestions to contribute.

In the 2nd paragraph the word organization should be corrected to have a z vs an s.

In the 5th paragraph I would like to see more info about the He Cures All Foundation shared here. Our hope is that Mr Caudwell visits the website but we would also like to give him enough information in this letter that he can't help but make a powerful choice to do so!!

Perhaps after where you say exists purely.... you can add, to educate, counsel and to provide subsidized access to high quality nutritional support, for people who otherwise would not be able to afford it. 93% of all donations go directly to the recipients in need.

In the 6th paragraph I would add tax deductible before the word donation.

Your letter could MOST definitely be sent as is!! These are merely suggestions that I hope might make it a little more impactful to Mr Caudwell but again sending it is what is MOST important!!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for stepping up and truly trying to make a difference AND for all you have and continue to contribute to this website!!!! Without you, my friend I would NOT be where I am today!!!!!

God Bless you, today and always!!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers!!!!

11:41:16 AM

Dear Ruth,

Your letter is both heartfelt and authentic. I will join others in praying that Mr. Caudwell has an opportunity to read it and consider offering his support to so many in need. Your kindness in making this effort reveals a true compassion for others.


8:37:48 AM

Dear Ruth

Beautiful letter!


5:50:47 PM

Hi Deanna,

Thank you for your encouragement! I'm so grateful for you taking this role!

When I thought about who to write to the name John Caudwell came to mind. He is in the UK and owns a phone company and he and his family have lyme and he seems to be open to morgellons as a co-infection. He has started a charity for lyme research.

Here is the letter so far. What do you think? Should I say more?

I would be so grateful for your advice!

Dear Mr. Caudwell,

Firstly I would like to thank you so much for all your efforts in raising money for research into Lyme Disease. Your involvement has brought hope to many that in the future there will be a greater understanding of this disease and better testing and more effective treatment.

As someone who has suffered from Morgellons Disease, which as you state is a co-infection of Lyme Disease, I am writing to ask if you would consider giving a donation to an organisation ( which seeks to help people recover from this disease by paying for treatment for those who cannot afford it.

As you know at present in the UK there is very little help from the medical world for those with Morgellons Disease. I myself sought help from a dermatologist and was told that it was all in my imagination.

However I followed Mel's Protocol ( and although this was a big financial outlay for me I am now almost completely well.

The charity, He Cures All Foundation, exists purely to help those who cannot afford to purchase the items listed on the protocol.

I would be so grateful if you would consider a donation to this charity.

I wish you and your family good health.

Yours sincerely,

1:38:31 PM

Hello all..!!!

Just checking in to see if ANYONE has made any progress with fundraising? If so, please update us so that others can learn from your experience!!

I do want to give a special SHOUT OUT to Ruth who mentioned in my personal thread that she was working on her letter... WAY TO GO RUTH!!! If you'd be willing to share your letter here with others that would be great or even if you just share your experience, example: if it was easier or more difficult than you thought, how long it actually took you to write it, who you sent it to. Again I think any information shared will be helpful to get us all moving forward with fundraising!!!

Also if ANYONE has any questions, would like help with anything, perhaps you'd like me to proof read your letter or finalize it with you? Whatever you need I'm willing to try to help!!!

The bottom line is I can't do this alone but WE definitely can!!!! Praying you'll join in the Fundraising efforts for the He Cures All Foundation today and make someones tomorrow INCREDIBLY bright!!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers to all..!!!!

2:47:50 PM

Thank you Peter, Chasity and John for your VERY kind words!! I "truly" hope and pray that "together" we can and will make a difference for the lives of MANY others!!!

With that being said, I would love to hear feedback from anyone who has started their personal letter writing campaign!!! I think it would be beneficial for all of us to share what has worked and maybe even more importantly, what has not!!!

If you are willing to share your letter with the community I think that would be AMAZING as well and just might be what someone else needs to get theirs started!!!

Another great way to raise money is to hold a 50/50 Raffle. With the upcoming 4th of July Holiday and a summer filled with Graduation Parties... this is something that can be done relatively easy. Just purchase an inexpensive roll of 2 part raffle tickets... be sure they are 2 part, 1 part for the purchaser and 1 part for the raffle. You can purchase these at any office supply store or follow the link below to purchase on Amazon.

You can sell the tickets for $1 a piece, $5 for 6 or $10 for 12. You can choose how much or how little you tell as to who and what you are raising money for. I personally would say that it is a 50/50 Raffle to raise funds for the He Cures All Foundation, a Non-Profit Organization that assists individuals with financial hardships to receive the supplements needed to heal from a toxic disease. Something that no other organization in the World currently does!!!

You can decide whether the winner needs to be present or not. If not you'll need them to write their information (name and phone #) on the portion of the ticket they return to you. Then when you draw the winning ticket, 1/2 of the money collected goes to the winner and 1/2 of the money will go to the He Cures All Foundation, you can donate this online.

So if you have a party scheduled or plan to attend a party think about including this in your day. As mentioned previously, people really like to help and this offers and inexpensive avenue for them to do so!!

Again if anyone tries this and would like to share their feedback it is VERY welcomed!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers to all...!!!!!

1:16:16 PM


What a blessing it is to see you step up and add to the leadership of the He Cures All Foundation! I know how much it means to Mel when God leads someone to join in the incredible mission He has begun here.

May your contributions be rewarded a hundred fold and may He bless you beyond measure!

Love Always,


9:32:32 AM

God bless you Deanna,

we are all in agreement that this will generate many of blessings upon this community and all that Mel has tried to achieve.

I don't think that this template could've been done any better. You have again been such a blessing to us all up and doing Gods work.

Please know I'm just a phone call away if ever needed.

Love you my sister in Christ

12:52:20 AM

Dear Deanna

I want to congratulate you and wish you the very best in your new position in leading the HCA fundraising effort. Your experience and guidance will surely grow the Foundation. Your letter writing campaign is a wonderful start and I will encourage everyone in my reach to look to your template because it is so useful.

On behalf of Mel, John, and everyone in this community, "Thank you!"

Deanna **

6:22:47 PM
FUNDRAISING;  Help the He Cures All Foundation help others, today!!
Click on Picture to go to He Cures All Foundation

FUNDRAISING; Let’s help the He Cures All Foundation help others, today!!

First and foremost, thank you to all who attended the conference call on 06/10/17! If you were unable to attend please do take 15 minutes or so to listen to the exciting things happening regarding Fundraising!!

As was stated during the call, due to my desire to help those individuals suffering from a toxic disease yet unable to afford the protocol and my general, basic, background in fundraising, Mel has asked me to take on a leadership role and create a Fundraising Committee for the He Cures All Foundation. Because Mel, Peter, John, this Protocol and this community have literally restored my health back to 85% in 11 short months, I have eagerly chosen to accept Mel’s opportunity!!! I am TRULY honored to serve the same God that Mel committed to serve “many” years ago when he originally created this website and began saving lives!!!

Now my hope and prayer is that I can guide, encourage and count on this community to commit to serving others by joining our fundraising efforts today!!!

The first idea for fundraising is what was actually the most successful in my previous fundraising efforts and it’s what we’ll refer to as “The Letter Writing Campaign”. Below is a 3 step process to begin your very own campaign today.

1) Create a mailing list of EVERYONE you know; family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, Church members, local businesses including Doctors, Dentists, banks, restaurants, etc. People like to give to Charities that they have a personal connection with and “you” might just be that personal connection they need to donate to the He Cures All Foundation.
2) Following the Letter Template below create your own personal letter and distribute, via US mail, email, social media, etc. People really like to help children so if you have a child who is or was affected by a toxic disease, sharing their story could and would be very powerful. I would suggest sending your letter out annually or possibly bi-annually. We don’t want to bombard people with requests but we do want them to know that we are serious about our worthwhile cause.
3) Throughout the year continue to build your mailing list. If you start seeing a new hairdresser add them to your list, a new neighbor moves in make sure they get on your mailing list, etc.

Letter Writing Campaign Template

(Current Date)

Dear Family, Friends, Neighbors, Fellow Parents, Business Associate (whomever you are addressing),

Every once in a while something happens in your life that motivates you to become involved in a worthwhile cause. For me that “something” took place (tell your “something” examples: 1) in February of 2016 when life as I knew it abruptly came to an end. 2) in July of 2014 when a loved one developed a serious health condition.)

Tell your story in as much or as little detail as you’d like. You can even write as if you are telling the story of a friend or loved one if you would like your personal relationship to toxic diseases to remain anonymous. Make sure the conclusion of your story focuses on the cure!

If you or your character benefited from the Foundation “please” include that here, with as much detail as possible. If you did not benefit may I suggest something like, during this most difficult time of my (or your character) life all I could think about was how blessed I was to be able to afford the needed Protocol to not only restore my health but come through this healthier than ever before.

As someone who has had direct experience with a toxic disease; it is the uncertainty of the disease, when untreated, that I fear the most. This is just one of many reasons that I have chosen to become an active fundraiser for the He Cures All Foundation (HCA). The HCA is a world-wide nonprofit ministry that literally “Brings Hope to Life” for sufferers of overlooked or undiagnosed toxic diseases, such as Lyme and related diseases, Morgellons and Chronic Candidiasis, through health restoration.

The HCA Foundation seeks to bring honor and glory to God by fostering life transformation in those they serve through education, counseling and by providing subsidized access to high quality nutritional support protocols for people who would otherwise be unable to afford it.

HCA currently gives 93% of all donations direct to recipients in need, a mere 7% is maintained for Administration fees. A detailed outline of all spending can be viewed on the website at

In order to be awarded an HCA sponsorship, an individual must present evidence of significant health challenges from a compromised bioterrain that have resulted in ongoing financial hardship. Additionally a HCA Sponsorship Agreement and a Financial Assistance Application must be completed with appropriate documentation as requested, lastly an interview with each recipient is conducted prior to approval for sponsorship. The details of the Agreement and Application can also be viewed on the website at

I ask that you would please consider making a tax deductible donation to the He Cures All Foundation,, today, and make a “huge” difference in someone’s tomorrow. Please know that no donation is too large or too small when you are helping others heal..!!

God Bless,

Your name and as much additional info as you’d like to share.

When my daughter and I participated in an annual Letter Writing Campaign we were successful in raising an average of 10,000 a year… thus it “truly” can make a difference for the lives of many if and when we get involved. I pray that you will choose to join us in our fundraising efforts today.

Please let me know if you have any questions and/or comments, etc.

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers to all..!!!!!

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