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5:09:38 PM

Hi everybody,

I want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank each and every person who donates to the HCAF. You know who you are, you lovely people you :-).

Your gift to us recipients no matter how big or small is worth it's weight in gold to us!!!.

After six and a half years of suffering this disease and getting infected three times badly, I felt numb and lost inside. I was losing hope of having a life. I felt like a cardboard cut out of my former self.

Then one day Mel phoned to tell me that I was being helped and I whooped for joy!! I could not believe that people thousands of miles away who had never met me cared that I should get well. I was truly touched and overwhelmed.

The fact that the HCAF help me to get the meds monthly and ship them to me in Bonnie Scotland all the way from America is pretty amazing.

Oh I have spoken to quite a few newbies on the phone who ask me about our community and they ask is it genuine?

I say, "is it genuine, do the community really care? Well I'm living proof getting the whole protocol shipped halfway across the world for a small donation is indeed proof enough!!"

How more genuine could an organisation get than that?

I also want to thank Mel for if it wasn't for Mel none of this would have ever existed. We are blessed very much to have this community, forum and the HCAF.

So, again I thank you all. And to anyone who is thinking of donating, it truly means the world to those that you are helping! :-)

God bless you all,
Laura (aunt)

3:04:59 PM


I made my monthly donation and prayer it helps others as much as I have been helped. Once again thank you for all you continue to do for this community.

In Christ Love,

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