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12:08:37 PM

Cathee!!! Mel!!! Everybody who gives to the He Cures All Foundation (HCAF)!!!

I opened a package from Natural Ginesis this morning full of fantastic products. That was made possible by all of you.

The HCAF sent each person being helped through it,
a Toxic Disease Starter Kit from Natural Ginesis.

I can't express well enough what a blessing this kit will be to me.

Every single one of these products will help me and each foundation recipient so many ways. Skin, hair, and environment, to name 3 big ways.

For all of you who haven't heard Cathee talk about this kit and the great products in it, you can look under the More Communication is better thread. Go down to Mel's 4-13-18 post, where he posted the 4-7-18 conference call with Cathee. There she explains the products in this kit and graciously takes questions.

I appreciate this kit so much and all of the people who made it possible for me to receive it <3

Many thanks to all of you!


10:11:00 AM

Hi Everybody,

ENORMOUS thanks to every single one of you who has given and/or will give to the He Cures All Foundation (HCAF).

I was so excited to receive my new supplements in the mail last week!

Your gift is such a blessing to me and to the others who receive help through the foundation.

Every time you give, it gives help and hope. It means another month that someone will receive their much needed supplements.

Any donation, large or small, when put with the donations of others matters.

So, heartfelt <3 thanks to you all.

Special thank you to, Mel!


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