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9:42:51 AM

Hello All,

How to Get Rid of Christmas Tree Insects

Ole ST.Nick

Keep Your Christmas Tree Free of Bugs

6:29:12 PM
Is that you Mel?

Hi all,

This is a post to encourage every single one of you to take an early afternoon bath twice a week. This is because scientists have now discovered that a long soak could help wash away the effects of mild to moderate depression.

With the winter Coming in, people aren't just dealing with Morgellons and lyme. Many are affected by SAD too. Already, in many parts of the world it is cold, dark often, damp and rainy and we all need to keep our spirits up.

I'm not saying that we are all depressed, but I do think that low mood and anxiety and struggling emotionally can be part and parcel of living with this disease. It's not easy to fight it and we need all the help we can get.

The root cause of depression is unclear. The main theory is a shortage of a brain signalling molecule called serotonin,which is often raised by anti depressants. But another suspect is a disturbed circadian rhythm. Your temperature rises in the morning, peaks in afternoon then dips back down during sleep. If you are depressed the cycle may be flatter, erratic or delayed.

Professor Johannes Naumann at the University of Freiburg in Germany wondered if a hot bath could nudge the cycle back into rhythm and improve mood. Participants in his study bathed in water 40 degrees for thirty mins twice a week(early afternoon) and wrapped up in blankets with hot water bottles after the baths for twenty mins.

Eight weeks bathing this way, was found to be twice as effective as taking exercise.

The baths started working after just two weeks!

So what are you waiting for? Low mood? Just jump in a warm bath, mid afternoon for half an hour twice a week. Then wrap up warm and cosy for twenty mins after and hopefully it's just that your circadian rhythm was needing to regulate itself :-)

Happy bathing!!

Ps... Holly the dog says forget it, she hates baths and is happy enough anyway! :-)... So maybe don't include the dog!!


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