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How I Cured Morgellons

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5:38:27 PM

Hey Karen,

That was such an informative post and answered a question that I always wondered about concerning the possibility of there being a mite that was able piggy back on another tiny insect and infect people.

Now I know there is and it is called a Collembola.

I am pretty sure now and have always thought that this is how I got Morgellons.

I have heard the word Collembola used before but never knew exactly what type of insect it was.

Many thanks.


4:15:55 PM


I just have to say that you are awesome at explaining this disease and how to deal with it to everyone. I just love reading your posts.

I am suffering pretty badly with Vitamin D toxicity, which is my own fault for not getting my D checked sooner than I did.
(Mel Suggest getting basic blood work every six months while on the protocol)

Because it D is fat soluble, it takes forever to get out of your system. I've had to stop taking any supplements that contain Vit. D. (Thymic Formula, Magnifizyme).
I feel as though this "new" toxic disease I have, is throwing my body back in a very bad state.

I have been trying to follow the keto diet to help, since I've had to stop taking some of my favorite supplements.

Thanks again and again for sharing.

All my best,

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