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12:31:46 PM

Hi Nicholas

Yes and No to the shyness just like you I had terrible brain fog it really knocked my confidence I ended up really withdrawn, finding it less stressful just not to speak, so I avoided places where I would have to.

Also I have never really been very good with "public speaking" so that part I have always shied away from however one to one I can talk for England!!! ask Mel when we talk on Skype, he is always saying in sign language "time out...Time out" that's because he can't get a word in edgeways ;)

I was amazed about how your last lupus readings/results, you just keep on going you are doing so well and you sounded so upbeat at Saturdays call and that's the way we should all try and stay even when it starts getting a little tough.

We are in such a good place here and with so much support, we are very fortunate.

Freddie x


10:30:39 PM

Hi Freddie bean!

I wanted to say thank you for sharing today on the conference call. You may be on the shy side like me.

For me knowing in the back of my head that it's recorded combined with brain fog kept me inside my shell for a while.

Today however, I asked God for help from that anxiety to be able to communicate my experiences and recite some of the many great things I've heard along the way! Kudos to us!

With Love, Nicholas

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