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Freddie bean

8:13:14 AM

...............and once the little baggies are filled and sealed, I pop them in a little storage box, using the lid to keep the empty baggies tidy underneath.

Freddie x
Freddie Bean

8:52:26 AM

Hello All

This week i have changed the way I organize my supplements, as many know I had an issue with my right hand called De Quervain's tendinosis, similar to carpal tunnel and I was struggling to get the supplements into my large pill pots, and then I fracturing my little finger on my left hand, so organizing my weeks tablets became a real dread.

So this is what I do now...Mel has often spoke about baggies so I looked on the supermarket shelves and found some pretty snack bags 5 by 5 inch which i paid £2 for 20. I peg one side to my clothes airer so the bags all hang open and then with my list of supplements which I have now written down as followed..

Thymic - 2 morning 2 lunch time
Magnifical 1 morning 2 night time
Candida Rid 1 morning 1 lunch time
Olive Leaf 1 lunch 1 tea time
etc etc

This means not only do I have a larger opening to pop my tablets in, I only have to pick up one logos pot once, whereas before I was filling breakfast pots up first and then moving on to lunch, tea and night, this meant I was having to pick up nearly each pot twice and the best thing is I only dropped one tablet today whereas normally I drop loads or knock the pots over and all the tablets get mixed up !!

You maybe be able to see I have labelled and colour coded the bags.

Freddie x

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