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5:40:09 PM

This is what I do. It allows me to prepare for seven days.

I put the three Magnifizyme, the two MSM, and the two Magnifical (what I call the “between and after meal supplements”) in the bottom compartment.

freddie bean

8:48:10 AM
Freddie bean, it you switch again try these.


I have now changed the way I approach my week vitamins distribution into the pill pots, even with Karen's very helpful suggestions I still got in a pickle so this is what I have done this week.

I saved my month of empty Logos pots and shared the vitamins somewhat equally into each, then I put my breakfast, lunch, dinner pots into individual shoe boxes, I only then get one box out on the table at a time and when I am happy I haven't made any slip ups on filling my week of breakfast pill pots up I then pop that box away and continue with the second box (lunch) and so on, yes it takes up more room but I feel happier that it is hard to make mistakes now and I have halved the time.

Once my brain rights it's self I am sure I will look back thinking why on earth did I find this so difficult!

Freddie x

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