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8:26:18 AM

Hi Karen,

I totally agree with what you've said. It upsets me that people can take advantage of a Mel who has given so much.

Mel: You need to have a really STRONG code. The number of visitors the other day was over 100. It's easy for hackers to guess this code. Please change it in March to something that's really STRONG.

I think $5 is not much at all and people need to pay this for the immense amount of information they are getting on this site.

That's just my 2 cents

8:54:12 PM

Hi Everyone,

Mel's idea of the monthly $5 fee is what will allow him to continue to help us...if enough people join.

Right now, the number of joiners is fairly low. I have to wonder about is it that people would not mind taking things he has to offer...his knowledge...expertise...kindness...and generosity for free for all these years and then not pay a nominal monthly fee to just allow him to continue doing what he's been doing?

I have to wonder why so many pages have been read when the number of subscribers is fairly low. It makes me think the code was too easy and that some people have figured it out and are reading the pages without paying the fee.

If so, that's pretty sad...especially since Mel would give it to anyone who couldn't afford it for free if they filled out some paperwork. He'd give people the shirt off his back, and basically has over these last years until he just couldn't do it anymore without some assistance.

I'm going to say this bluntly...Mel needs to have some income to continue. He has tried to make this work with the subscriber fee, but that is not panning out yet. He still needs donations until this system starts working or he finds another way.

Please join me in sending in a donation to Mel...asap. As I said...that's pretty blunt...but I've watched him working himself to exhaustion to try to figure out a way to maintain, and so far...he's not there yet. It makes me sad to see him working so hard to figure out a way to continue to help us and not get the expected response.

He needs our help now, so let's help him out so he can continue to be there for all of us.



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