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How I Cured Morgellons

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10:41:12 AM


I have been praying for answers as I read Scripture, pray, watch video after video about the scary symptoms of Morgellons and Lyme.

I was relieved to find a more balanced and faith based approach to this!
(some sites go into weird "spider aliens" and such!).

I don't want to do anything to hurt myself or my pets or cause an eyebrow to be raised in my church or community.
I am on disability and now I am beginning to understand what is REALLY wrong. It is Not a behavioral or mood issue, but a biological issue. Mold is a big possibility after ripping out carpet.

I have two children and my husband as well as two cats.

At first I was angry and confused at God and my life in general. However, my pastor is doing a sermon series on Job. Very powerful to listen to how this man suffered and questioned, yet never cursed God. Rather he praised Him during and after.

God bless!
Thanks for your willingness to share this hope.


8:48:40 AM

Hey Mel,

Just listened to your interview with Margo, Great Job!

My Sister did not have a reaction to the full moon.

We are on our way To the finish line.

I can't thank you enough!

I did most of the research and have learned so much from you and your amazing site!

God Bless you always Mel.
Your Sister kissed by the sun

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