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8:45:58 AM


I just read your knee update and am still smiling about the adorable puppy (who can resist that face?!) and the caption with it!

One thing I know about you is that nothing will hold you back from living life!!!!

Also want to share with you, this is my one year anniversary of being healed!!!

Such a beautiful and faithful God we know, who will see us through ALL things!!!

With Hope, Tracy

10:12:27 AM

God bless you and thank you, you help me save myself!!!

Dear Mel

I’m a kind of new person. We have Skyped a few times initially. I’m a member but can’t participate in any forum communications due to personal safety fears.

I just wanted to thank you and God bless you.

After 90 days on the Morgellons Protocol my skin is finally healing. My health has improved to the point I now believe I will survive many more years. I wear my horrific and disfiguring scars on all my limbs with pride.

I’ve been a sufferer for 20 years on and off. Each outbreak lasting a few years of life and death torturing pain and suffering. This recent one has been the longest, most advanced and worst known to scientists worldwide lasting near 5 years.

Over the past 4 years I was told by my doctors I either shouldn’t be functioning at all or still alive given every organ in my body has been irreversibly damaged from, unknown to the medical world, Morgellons to me. But don’t dare mention that word in Australia. You will be committed into a mental health hospital as I was. Be stripped of everything you ever loved, cherished, adored and worked your entire life for. Including your child, home and it’s contents, career, credibility, friends, life as most know it.

It’s not safe for either of us for me to disclose my name. I can tell you Sacha Stone put me in your direction, I owe him my life on many levels.

You’re welcome to share my email on your forum chats. I wish I could get in touch with the other Australian’s you have cured. Especially, anyone in NSW. I’m very alone through all this.

If I tried to explain why I am so fearful to communicate via the forums I risk not being believed by you so I won’t try. This is a secret email account under no name.

Mel, the main reason why I’m risking myself to email you is the recent posts called “unbelievable”! All true and correct! I’ve seen them and knew about all that and more 2 decades ago.

The point is if you are caught telling the world about this truth you risk being SHUT DOWN!

You and Logos are the cure and our only hope to survive in this world. Please, please be careful.

I pray for humanity every day.

I thank God for you and my journey that bought me to you. I do everything I can as one of God’s Earth Angels to help save humanity from such evil dark entities against God’s children.

It’s not worth the risk to loose you Mel and your Logos protocol to be posting such truths about chemtrails, biological warfare, genocide. What do you believe Covid19 Vax is! Just better advanced fibres and worse. Do not get that vaccine, please don’t.

I will never forget the first time I contacted you! I made the mistake of sending you photos of my skin and things that excreted from it! I also sent you same and other similar info as “unbelievable” videos. I dare say given you spat it at me for sending photos this information wasn’t noticed. I’m glad now!

Go with the spit spat same as you did to me Mel!
You were right! Remember you said to me your website isn’t about any of that!!!! It was about help, community, support and cure!!!!! Remember???

Please hear me, maybe God is sending you this message via me. I’ve no idea exactly your knowledge about Morgellons etc, etc, etc. I swear on my faith, love and trust in our Lord, Jesus Christ and humanity I do not believe you know the real truth. I will leave it at that.

I believe God gifted you and blessed you with all you are as one of his Earth Angels to save and cure us poor innocent souls suffering from Morgellons.

You are it Honey, there is no one else on this planet who knows the cure! Leave the who, how, where, when to someone else please sweetheart. Believe me there are countless others worldwide with all those YouTube information bla bla bla.

But there is only ONE of you worldwide! Only ONE Mel Friedman. Yet there are millions of sufferers. You’re a miracle sent from God. Please stick to what you told me! Save humanity. Cure us all!!!

It’s in the bible Mel. I have attached a YouTube to best explain it.

God bless you Mel, you’ve left footprints on my heart for eternity. Thank you xxxxa

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