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8:31:32 AM

Hi Mel,

Happy belated New Year to you!

I'm sorry I missed your call.
Our Prayers have been answered.

I am resolved to be done with M by September of this year.

I am surviving the full moons by following the protocol to the T, and drinking lemon juice and cayenne. I know what to do, thanks to the website and you, and now I just need to double-down on it.

My symptoms are still present, but abating, bit by bit, very slowly.

I know I will get there. Thanks to you and the good Lord, both my daughters are symptom-free. Only my younger daughter, aged 11, showed any signs of the disease. But after being on the supplements every day, and changing her diet, all symptoms disappeared.

I keep both girls on Candida-rid, Flora, vitamin D, and a good children's vitamin/mineral supplement recommended by John B previously.

Thank you, Mel, for all that you have done, and do. God bless you, and I will talk to you soon!

love, Maria


10:50:38 AM


after our phone call. I Used the silver drops in my eyes and woke up movement and crackling in my ears. It works!

Will continue use!!


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