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Elida / Mel

12:03:45 PM

Dear Mel,

You may not know it, but your site reaches far and wide. Your protocol has been a great blessing for our daughter in Holland, who suffered terribly from Morgellons.

It was also a lifeline for me, as it gave me a sense of direction in helping our daughter where no help was otherwise available.

We wish you a blessed 2021!

Karen (the Librarian)

11:29:26 AM

Hi Mel,

I KHAN not thank you enough for the fumigation technique for things that have critters.

This morning I was thinking I needed to thank you.

Yesterday I hung two cotton sweaters, some fleece jackets and a coat in my small closet. Some of them I turned inside out as you suggested. I also put an office chair in the closet.

Without the fumigation method I would have to throw away these things.

In fact a year or so ago I had the two sweaters in plastic bags, not wanting to wear them because I knew the bugs would get me! The sweaters are successfully rescued. I am wearing one today. SO huge thanks!

I hope you KAHN have a great day and continue to get tons of sleep! With you continuing to be in great health, you can guide us on the path to great health, and make us laugh!

Be blessed!


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