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12:25:38 PM


Hello Community Members - Veterans and Newbies!

All these posts and testimonials you read about the website are true. The amount of information, resources, and community support on here is unlike anything I've ever experienced. We've been part of several communities... church communities, health and wellness, financial, ect., and they are all absolutely amazing, but even then there is always natural attrition where people fall away. I believe it's because although these communities serve amazing purposes, they don't necessarily have the same level of sense of urgency to be called to action.

This website is all about taking action to improve our health... and our lives DEPEND ON IT! The protocol, the Sum of the Parts, coaching with Mel (an absolute MUST!), community posting, weekend calls... the list goes on. We came to this site 3 years ago, completely vulnerable and not knowledgeable about toxic diseases, how they impact our bodies, the environment we live in. And now we are equipped with the knowledge and action items required to heal ourselves. From nutrition, to sleep, to recognizing how the body performs each day and what our capacity is... we learned all this and much more from this site.

We are truly blessed to have found this site, and Mel! God answered our prayers when we needed it the most and provided!

Supporting you all throughout your journey,
Karianne & Joe

Nancy S
10:04:01 AM


Hello everyone,

There are not words in the World to express my feelings for these wonderful people. Without their help who know where I would be or if I would still be on this earth and I truly believe that!

I thought my life was over and my family and my 3 grandsons would never be able to come to my home or I wouldn’t be able to spend time with them.God is first, then my family.

Unless you have been thur this there is no way you could understand because nobody believes you. It is like beeping on another planet and you are the alien.When you find no one to help and then you get caught up in the wrong website and it just makes things worse and anything goes wrong you are ready to give up because you aren’t really living.

Then God leads you to the person he put in charge, We will never understand why or how this happens but thank God it does!!

Think things are going in the right direction ,then bam no job, no heat, no car no hot water for months and you feel like you are being punished and don’t know why.

Then Gods brings in more angles from He Cures All Foundation and the blessings you receive from them has you crying and praising God.

Our fearless leader does everything he can do to keep our community safe!

I think we are in the Lords army because we all care, try to uplift each other everyday as the old saying goes thur thick and thin! Our bond will last forever because we understand each other and words can’t describe what we feel for each other and the people who have believe us and helped us when nobody else would.

Blessings to all of you and I am sure you will get your reward!!!

PS.Got a huge bottle of Kleen Green just when I was wondering if I could afford a bottle. I think Mel and this foundation likes to play Santa !

All natural ingredients,, does not harm your pets and it is the thing you need for everything just wanted to give a shout out to say thank you and that I enjoy talking with you. God will surely bless you and company!

Who don’t enjoy a surprise and especially when you need it so badly!
Hey Hey Hey gotten love this foundation!!

Thank God there are still people that will help others!!!

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