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Jennifer B

9:09:09 AM

On 5/6/2021 9:19 AM, Jennifer B wrote:

Can you take me off your email list please, both me and my daughter are cured.

Hello Jennifer,
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11:49:39 PM

Hi Tsu-yin!!

It’s so good that you’re connecting with us! I hope that you’re able to start the Protocol, it will definitely start you on the road to recovery, but it’s very important that you’re on the Logo’s Protocol.

There are several great methods for treating lesions, especially with foot soaks, coconut lotion & essential oils, (tea tree, clove, or peppermint) or you can also using Baking Soda & Epsom Salt, or there are ways you can use WPS with a foot/leg soak.

May I ask if you have any of the items available as mentioned above? Before using anything, please let me know what items you have and I’ll check with Mel.

I do greatly consider that you set up a time for a call with Mel if you if you haven’t done so already. It will be a huge help for you!

Please know you’re in the right place and you can get better here, if you make the right decisions, so please read some testimonies!


That’s great news about your test results!! Thank you so much for sharing and I enjoy having you on the calls every week! You’re a great prayer warrior!


I’m soo sorry that I’m just responding to your message!! I must have overlooked your post that you made back in December. That’s such great news about your daughter and it’s so sweet for you to share that with us. We love hearing the great stories of the wellness in those who suffered from this toxic disease!!

Thanks again for sharing! When we share the good news of wellness from this protocol, it gives others hope in knowing they can too!


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