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6:35:35 AM


That's good you are managing well with the Wps solution and that you can feel it helping. I too can feel it helping.

I also feel the silver and the protocol helping.

When I have bad itching I go in the bath with epsom salts and ten drops tea tree or eucalyptus or lavender and I soak (including scalp) as long as possible.

I soak at least twenty minutes, but forty minutes is even better. For quite a while little bubbles of air rise up from my body everywhere, then after some time, there are no bubbles. Then I know things have calmed down and I feel it is better.
I spray with kleen green after and I have much lessened activity for a few hours after.

When this is bad an Epsom salt bath for me is a godsend.

We are all different, some people don't find the bath helpful but it really helps me. For four years suffering this I didn't have a bath and it made a big difference when I finally had one. It provides instant relief.

Speak soon,
Love Chrissie

2:31:01 PM

Coming close to the end of my second week on WPS.

Sometimes I notice a bit of light activity here or there in the evening after my 2nd dose of the day, which is 2 drops. I can tell that it does something to me internally, and that the organisms do not like it.

I don't mind the taste of it though, at this point. Still having itching on my chest and back of neck where the organisms migrated after they came out of my ears from spraying them w WPS.
Before that I only had movement on my calves and back, I think because I caught it early enough this time.( I knew what this illness was at that point, which depressed me terribly.)

Yesterday I found a small, white, short worm-like organism behind my ear, and on my anus, which I took off. There had been stinging in those areas which stopped after I found these objects and removed them.

What do people do when the itching starts. I have itching on my chest and back of neck. I have to work very hard to refrain from scratching.

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