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10:13:19 PM

Thank you Marie for your prayers.

I will pray for you too.
We all need that.

9:06:08 AM

Dear Julia,

Thanks for reminding me about the garlic...I don't like to eat it raw, but will have some..and ginger!

Just want to let you know you are not alone in fighting this terrifying have been through a tremendous amount in these last few years. You are very strong and brave to have survived and overcome all that you have, and you will do it again--you WILL get well.

The traumatizing effects of this disease are significant--I cope with it, for now, by just not letting my mind go there..the minute I feel fear creeping in, I call a friend (or mel), talk to a loved one, go for a walk, pet the dog...whatever, to divert myself.

In the evening, I either read something really engaging, or watch silly comedies on Netflix--reruns of shows that make me laugh a lot. It helps combat the anxiety. I will say a prayer for you.

I do believe from my own personal experience hat M only attacks us when our immune systems get trashed (mine was by mold)..which explains why no one else in my household, thank God, has gotten sick aside from me. So..I don't look at my house or yard as the enemy anymore..we just need to arm ourselves by strengthening our immune systems, and keeping them strong.

I will stay on the Logos supplements and eat right for the rest of my life once I get well.

You are not alone in this fight! I am rooting for you.
love, Maria

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