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Laura (aunt)

1:22:13 PM


I would like to thank you for the great information you brought forth on the "Oldies But Goodies" conference call. It is wonderful and encouraging to see people who have restored their health continue to post here.

It is equally important for the newcomers to understand the science of this disease. Somehow just knowing there is a science behind this disease helps to take away the stress level. So thank you and all the other members of the "Warriors" club for taking the time to continue educating us.

In Christ Love,
Bill M

9:10:18 AM

Hey Mel…..two things:

If Vanessa would like to talk with me, I would be glad to talk with her.

Also the 90 year old who has mites and is taking care of her husband who has Alzheimer's, I would be glad to talk with her.

You can get my contact information from Mel.

God bless
Bill M

12:06:09 AM

For those of you who are having to deal with mites, I know how difficult this problem can become if you do not address the issue.
If you scroll down on this page and read my posts from 7/10/15 and 7/11/15 you will find the information you will need in order to eradicate mites from your living quarters.
For further information you can also google "mites"and get a complete education on mites and how to get rid of them.
If anyone wants to talk with me you can get my contact information from Mel.

God Bless,
Bill M.


11:51:36 AM

Hi Audrey,

Thank you for reaching out, we're so glad you are here!! Moving forward, sticking with Mes's protocol you'll begin to get healthy. I started experiencing the mites and have made good progress with staying on the protocol, using clean kleen green, and cleaning out my home. Diet change is crucial and so so helpful!! Another helpful suggestion is to no longer wear any cotton clothing, sheets or towels!! These were also also big help!

God Bless you & I hope you keep coming back!!
Jenny S.

10:13:54 AM


I would like to encourage you to continue to read on this website. Change your diet to as low carbohydrate as possible and eliminate sugar.

Click on the protocol tab at the top of the page to learn how to get started. The sooner you get on Mel's protocol and change your diet, the sooner you will see symptom reduction.

Is your husband experiencing symptoms? I will be praying for you both over the next week. Continue to turn to this forum for questions and help. Get one on one coaching with Mel if possible.

Jenny S.
Laura (aunt)

11:40:05 AM


It is my understanding that you must treat this from the inside out and the outside in. Please read the journeys from this website so you can make good decisions based on facts and research; that has already been done.

You can start by changing your diet, stop eating sugars and look into starting the protocol we are using. You must also begin treating your clothes. I have had great success with Kleen Green, borax, and Ecco laundry detergent. You may want to bag your clothes until you get things under control. I would encourage you to change toothpaste to an all natural one and use baking soda a few times per week.

You can type your questions into the search engine located on the top of this page and begin reading about the symptoms other people have and how they were able to treat it. Please remain strong and do no fear this. We have all been there and you are not alone.

My prayers are with you and your husband.
In Christ Love,
Audrey K

7:49:20 PM

Following the cleanup of hundreds of black mites on my bathroom window sill, my body was invaded by the pests. I thought my problem was solved after using KleenGreen; but the pests moved into my mouth, throat and lungs. I am 90 years old, caring for my 93-year-old husband with Alzheimer's; this nightmare seems untreatable. No matter how many times I rinse my mouth with Hydrogen Peroxide, Listerine....even KleenGreen...nothing helps.


2:09:16 PM

Hi Bill M,

I originally got M from being bitten by hundreds of mites due to my poor decision to pick up a bird's nest. I don't know if I have any mites in my house but I would like to know how to determine if you do. I feel bites and stings but I don't see anything. Is there a concrete method to know if one has mites?

Bill M

10:33:58 PM

Hi Dana,

Natural Ginesis would like to have a distributor in Australia but until they find a company to sell there product, you can order direct from them or go through Amazon.
Natural Ginesis web site: Look at their web site and note the other products which they have and then you may know of a company in Australia which sells similar products and might be interested in being a distributor.

Hope this helps,
Bill M.

6:21:29 AM

Is there an equivalent to KleenGreen in Australia?
Bill M

12:41:23 AM

Hi Rosemary,

Diatomaceous Earth has been tested for getting rid of bed bugs but unfortunately the results showed that the DE was not very effective. However, DE has been around for 1000s of years and has proven to be a very effective insecticide. Under a microscope the DE looks like broken glass and as insects crawl through the abrasive particles, the result is desiccation and death. So I can assure you that DE did not bring in mites.

I had the same problem you did with a number of different species of insects invading my house. The first two times I exterminated the house, the insects were pretty much eradicated, all except the mites. It took a company that really knows mites to finally rid my house of these critters.

Regarding your having mites in your new place, you might have brought them with you in your clothing, furniture, pet, boxes, or car. Here is what I would suggest: wash all your clothes with Kleen Green. I found that the MMS did not kill them in the wash but the Kleen Green did. Why? I believe they were able to hide in the hem of my t-shirts, because when I got up in the morning I would find 6 to 10 new bites on my chest and shoulders. After using the Kleen Green I did not have the problem.
I would put your clean clothes in plastics trash bags instead of a dresser. If you have fabric furniture I would either thow it out or spray it down with Kleen Green. If you have rugs, I would definitely dust it with DE. The same with your car: spray the inside with Kleen Green but also put a dusting of DE on the floor carpets.

I just went to Google looking up mites and I noticed that Orkin has a web page dedicated to mites, so maybe they are now treating them......

If you want to discuss your situation with me you can get my phone number from Mel.

Remember that you will fight a lot of battles but in the end YOU WILL win the war! Stay strong and stay tough!

Bill M.

3:33:18 PM

In response to the advice about using Diatomaceous Earth to get rid of mites, I used that product in my apt to get rid of Bedbugs. This is when all my other problems began. I can't say for sure that using that is how I got the mites in the first place, but i believe it is. Also, my home became infested with several other species of bugs I had never seen before. PLEASE, do some investigating before using Diatomaceous Earth inside your home!
If you decide to use it, use a covering for your mouth (Mask) as well as a covering for your hands.
Not sure if it eliminated the bedbugs, I moved to another apartment to get away from all the pests, even though I had an exterminator treat the apartment. The mites somehow were brought into my new place. so that is why I have to deal with them now.
Bill M

8:58:39 AM

For those that have a mite problem, you have a few options:

- KLEEN GREEN - excellent product, does a good job. The only drawback is that you will have to continually be spraying since the product will dry out on the surface.

- PROFESSIONAL EXTERMINATOR - the problem that I experienced was finding an exterminator that deals with mites, and when I did find a company that said they did, the mites were back within 2-3 days. Not good. This happened to me with two other exterminators. So, make sure when you talk with an exterminator ask a lot of questions just to make sure they can indeed treat for mites, and ask for a guarantee.

I finally called a friend of mine who works for Orkin and he mentioned that they own a company that deals with wild life removal and insects, including mites. I hired them and they did a great job, and I was finally over my mite problem. The company's name is Trutech and on their web site they list the states where they offer their services:

If your state is not listed you might want to contact them and ask how you would locate someone in your area.

- DO IT YOURSELF - you can go to this web site and get the chemicals to get rid of the mites, but before ordering online, give them a call and tell them your situation. This is so they can get you just the product you need.

And don't forget you will most likely will have to treat an attic, a crawl space, almost every square inch in your apt or house. Obviously this depends on how bad your situation is and where you are finding the mites.

- TIPS - make sure you purchase Diatomaceous Earth. You can buy a small 3 or 5 lb bag at a local nursery, Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, or even Amazon. This is a fine powder substance that you spread around the perimeter of each room. This keeps the mites away because when they crawl over the dusting, they are killed.

The best way to spread this product is with a Pest Pistol Mini Duster, which you can buy when you purchase the diatomaceous earth. If you try and spread it from your hand or through a strainer it gets all over the place and this is a product that you do not want to be breathing continuously into your lungs. The Mini Duster only shoots out a dusting, and that is all you need, so it is worth the little extra money you need to buy it.

If you live in a multiple apartment complex, find out if your neighbors are experiencing a mite problem. If they are then talk with the owners of the building to make sure they are aware of the problem and ask what they are going to do to about it. I mention that because if other units are affected then you will probably have an ongoing infestation of mites. At that point I would consider moving, making sure that you do not bring any mites with you.

Hope this information is helpful. If you do have any questions you can always contact me through Mel.

Bill M.

5:49:33 PM

I second this. KG has worked for me as well as Kleen Free.

As someone who has / had mites and has done ALL of these things, I can vouche for KG. It's awesome stuff for our current needs!

8:24:37 AM

Hi Nan,

I was curious about this need for this expensive product Kleen Green.

I understand that Mel never used KG and only used MMS.

Would MMS diluted in water work just as good for cleaning the environment including your vehicle and washing clothes. It costs less to purchase and lasts much longer than Kleen Green?

If you disagree, I would be interested in speaking with you to find out why?
Nan **

10:59:40 PM

In today's conference call Mites were discussed. Kleen Green from
LOGOS nutritional page found link on protocol page works. Can get it in 2 days. Buy a lot and spray everywhere. Find the source dead bird, rats, etc and spray with KG then remove fast or call animal control to clear out animal if still alive. Spray yourself with kleen green before getting near source. Can be in flower pot or chimney or nest or neighbors yard so search since must be removed. Spray kleen green and many times a day. High level directions in box that are helpful. KLEEN green is pricey but works and not messy. Will need to spray walls and ceiling and attic and every crevice and outside too. Must clear out stuff so can get all surfaces what ever treat you do. Get rid of any papers and books you can, but wear gloves since they seemed to go where you touch. I would suggest spraying Epson salt on your clothes and on areas that ok with salt until get kleen green and put in laundry too. Do not touch stuff. Select only few outfits and shoes and move everything a way. Mites go where you touch and you will not know it. Work fast and need to use Kleen Green on whole family and pets too. Bathing instructions included. Do not let pets sleep with you. Per conference call- talk to Bill about good services since may get in walls plus nice to get help so clears up. Pets get it first especially cats so treat them now. I forgot the name of the flea and tick med but use it along with 1 drop mms in water 2 times a day. Mms on protocol page and cheap. Great stuff. Spray kg in the cars and office too. If you want to talk more email Mel for my email.
Good luck

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