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How I Cured Morgellons

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Susan C

9:49:00 AM
Is that the Orkin man, No that's our very own James Bond

Hi Anna,

Sorry it's taken so long to respond.

The mitesare microscopic and many people cannot see them.

I live in North Carolina and they are everywhere.
Most people are not bothered by them, only the
ones that have compromised immune systems.

They bite and you can feel the crawling.
I think Tru-Tech and Orkin will treat for them.

They don't give a guarantee and Bill said it took 3

I am moving into a smaller space where I will have a better chance of having the treatments work.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Karen P

10:37:11 AM

I would like to comment on the post about mites. 10/30 and 1031/18 as well as Bill's reference to 7/10/15 and 7/11/15.

Regarding clothes and Kleen Green.
On one of the Saturday call in's either Mel or the owner of Kleen Green said to soak one's clothes in Kleen Green for several hours. After that I washed them with the original ALL laundry soap.

I bought a couple plastic wastepaper baskets and put a few clothes in it. I add water and Kleen Green so it will be about a 1 to 7 dilution. Often I have soaked them overnight. That was the solution!!! Do that!!!

Sometimes fleece fabrics retain the mites- so I had to bite the bullet and burn a few things. Now and then I still have some minor problems the tiny bites, but not often.

Regarding Orkin:

they requried me to sign a year contract, but did not guarantee that the mites would be 100% eradicated. They aren't 100% gone, but life is much much better.

Mel is a gem and wonderful listener, as he gave tremendous encouragement during months when I was extremely anxious and in the midst of it all.

I use DE - it does help!
I occassionaly put some on my cats - only a bit along their spine and run it in.

The difficulty I still have is that the mites are in my furniture. I got rid of most of the furniture. But I had one chair reupholstered, but the mites weren't gone when I got it back. They spread to 2 other pieces of furniture.

I am going to start daily spraying the furniture with the 1 to 7 dilution of Kleen Green. I very much hope that will work.

I will also try the link to TruTech that was mentioned.

Don't give up!

Karen P

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