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5:40:07 AM

Dear Laura,

Your words are beautiful, reflective, poignant, wise and true :-).

Lord knows the journey we go on with this illness is not an easy one!! But we sure learn so much along the way. We sure are coming across some wonderful people who also are affected or have Been affected. We hold each other up. We shine a light for each other in the darkness. And we help each other to realize our strengths in times of weakness.

Despite the suffering we all endure or have endured, each of us has grown in insight, awareness and we are all stronger...
We had to become stronger to deal with it all.
This is a journey none of us thought we would have to undertake, not in our wildest dreams/nightmares. Yet, in the adversity, somehow the real essence of each of us comes to light.

In fighting for survival, we don't sweat the small stuff, we learn what is important, what is true and what is real. We learn what is needed and what we can let go off.

We, 'know,' now what is important and that will stay with us until our dying day.

And at times when we are truly struggling and another person in this community holds out their hand and helps us up.. Well.. That one simple act of caring, of concern, of love means the world.

So thank god for the fact that all our paths have crossed and that we learn and grow each day because of it.

Love Chrissie
Laura (aunt)

3:02:53 PM

I never knew life was a journey until one day I looked back and discovered so much was gone. Has anything I’ve done really mattered? And what about the people I have met along the way? Why did our paths cross? Are we not all on the same journey?

Then it occurred to me. Each path I crossed along the way was meant to be part of this journey. Some paths brought happiness while some brought sorrow; some brought laughter while some brought love. I needed to experience each. For one without the other would not give me the true meaning of life.

I guess you could say, life is a journey of paths. I am determined to embrace each one until the end.

In Christ Love,

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