How I Cured Morgellons

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John B

1:43:34 PM

Dear Aunt Laura,

Your provocative writings are a gift and a powerful weapon against the darkness. What an amazing legacy you are leaving for your precious grandchildren and indeed for the entire body of Christ! His Truth and His Grace does set us free.

Thank you for the courage and love displayed in your obedient determination. May He bless your efforts to glorify Him beyond your wildest dreams!

Love Always,


10:09:58 PM

Dear Laura,
All I can say is WOW!!!!
God has really blessed you with a great abundance of writing poetry...
This new poem really is from deep in your heart. I can tell your inspiration is from how much you have opened your heart to the Holy Spirit. Thank you! You poetry is such an inspiration to me as well as so many others. I see a book of these coming out in your future!
Love, Your Sister in Christ, Deborah
Laura (aunt)

7:15:36 AM

My Journey through Poetry

Today I asked Jesus my Savior,
“Have I not loved you with all of my heart?”
And if your answer is no,
Then please tell me how I must start.

I begin each and every day reading scripture,
Searching for the truth you want me to see.
So if I am praying and truly believing,
Oh Lord; why have you not set me free?

This week I have had more biting than usual,
With rashes on my legs, back, and face.
These symptoms have caused me much sorrow,
Thinking now my life has become a disgrace.

I am beginning the fifth month on this protocol,
Making sure to take my supplements each day.
Feeling anger toward this hectic life I am living,
I closed my teary eyes and started to pray.

Dear God won’t you help me and guide me,
By telling me the things I must do?
As I continue to search for your answer,
Please know I am counting on you.

So I think of the blessings He has sent me,
My children and grandchildren whose love I hold dear.
Then all of a sudden I once again realize,
It is for them that I must persevere!

Thank you my heavenly Father,
I am trying to listen to you.
Please forgive me in times of self-pity,
I will embrace your word which is true.

I understand now what God really wanted,
It was this journey I needed to start.
When I cross the finish line as a winner,
He will know I love him with all of my heart!

4:10:10 PM

Dear Laura ,

Thanks for your inspiration through poetry and prayers.

It is an inspiration to all of us.

Love in Christ,
Laura (aunt)

7:19:49 AM

My Journey Through Poetry

I love my new brothers in Christ
All three; Peter, John, and Mel.
It is through their compassion, love, and knowledge
I realize I will not fail.

I have been on the protocol for 4 ½ months
Feeling cold with headaches and bladder pain.
Realizing the importance of drinking more water
In order for my health to sustain.

Still seeing debris each day in my environment
Desperately wishing it would all go away.
Praying; dear God my heavenly Father
Give me strength to get through this day.

I continue each morning to read scripture
Listening for the message that needs to be heard.
Trying harder to live a life that will serve him
By spreading his powerful word.

I miss my family more and more each day
But my sadness I must keep inside.
While searching for some profound meaning
That I know only God will provide.

I look forward to that day in my future
When I am cured from this through and through.
While I am kneeling to thank my dear Father
I will smile and say; “God You Always Knew!”

7:32:04 PM

Laura - You have an amazing gift with words. They are so true and very comforting.

I have a feeling you are going to help SO many people with your poetry. I can't help but wonder if this is why you developed this disease since I agree with everyone that yours is such a unique way of expressing yourself? Did you write poetry before you got sick?

Whatever the reason why you developed this disease, I believe on of those reasons is because your poetry is touching all of us who read it and it's helping us all day at a time.


3:40:19 AM

Dear Laura

Again, your poetry is wonderful. Such a great way to testify to the difficulty in your journey with special words that reveal your struggles with grace.

Keep them coming!


9:55:32 PM

My Journey Through Poetry

This journey at times is not easy
I often get lost through the day.
So I close my eyes and pray harder
For my Father to show me the way.

I am starting my fourth month on the protocol
Noticing new things I do not understand.
Like roughness on my neck, eyes, and face
And new scratches on both of my hands.

Once again I am constantly cleaning
My environment at least once a day.
Praying and seeking my Savior
Begging please won’t you take this away?

I had a vision of the way God is guiding me
He is actually taking hold of my hand.
While leading me through the darkest valley
He is telling me; I must take a stand.

So again I will stay on this journey
Accepting there is more I must do.
For the sake and the love of my family
With God’s help I will see it through.

Some advice to my fellow warriors
During your darkest and gloomiest day.
Close your eyes and picture our Savior
Taking your hand while leading the way.

3:57:46 PM

You expressing your journey through poetry is so beautiful. It's very inspirational and appreciate you for sharing. Yes God hears all our crys while suffering through this toxic disease but He is with us the whole way. He will see us through our darkest days. Mel and Peter are wonderful along with our great community so whenever you need call me my friend. We can do this together. Just know it gets better.

6:22:53 PM

Dear Paula,

I am writing these for my brothers and sisters in Christ to help us through this journey. So, I would be honored if you printed my poetry to place on your refrigerator. Thank you for the most kind words and encouragement.

May you continue to gain strength with this disease with the help of our Savior Jesus Christ! I look forward to the day when we are free and have completely won the race!

Love In Christ,

9:54:14 AM

Hello Laura!

WOW! Truly amazing! They just keep getting better! Keep them coming! Do you mind if i copy this and post it on my fridge as a reminder? LOVE!!!

Thank you!

Love always, Paula

11:03:54 PM

Hi Laura,

I have enjoyed "all" of your Journey through Poetry posts but must say, I found your most recent post to be so touching, moving and inspiring that it brought me to tears!!

Thank you for sharing your God given talents with us!! You are MOST definitely one of many blessings I've received on this healing journey!!!

Love, Peace & Prayers,

4:10:01 AM

Hi Laura

Thanks for the update. I am really enjoying your poetic format. keep it up...its fun to read!

Strength and Love,

12:31:13 PM

My Journey Through Poetry

With this disease I will not let define me
Once again I am learning to cope.
So understanding the science involved
Has taught me to know there is hope.

As I start week eleven on the protocol
I still notice fibers all over again.
I remind myself of the slogan
They are better “out than in.”

Started taking 9 drops of WPS
Having headaches and symptoms like the flu.
Feeling a little more anxious
Knowing there is a herx I soon must get through.

Continuing to eat a clean diet
And praying to our God up above.
Making sure to attend conference calls
Where people share ideas and their love.

While cleaning up my environment
I try to find humor in all that I see.
I tell these things since they do not pay rent
The time has come for them to all leave me.

And yet there are days I find myself crying
Because there is always so much I must do.
Then I think of the blessings and my family
Remembering there is a God who is true.

Once again, this disease will not define me
I know all my prayers will be heard.
So I close my eyes and open my heart
And listen for my Lord’s wondrous word.

8:59:23 AM

Hello Laura,

Thank you so much for your post! You are amazing writing poetry like this, describing your feelings and symptoms. Very nice!

Love always, Paula

5:19:52 PM


Thank you so much for your wonderful poetry. It was so touching!

8:59:53 PM

Hi Laura

Your written poetry as how you chose to share your journey is very unique and very special. There are so many different learning styles in different people. For some of those people, I believe this thread will be very helpful. The creative way of your poetry is wonderful. You are a blessing!

Strength and Love,

6:48:03 AM


Thank you for the kind words.

Two different continents, one GOD! We are all connected through one GOD. I pray for you and all who are in this race; a race we did not ask to enter. However, in this journey, I hope we all come to realize the many positive aspects of our life and cross that finish line as winners.

May God Bless you Ruth, and please stay in the race to win your life back!

Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.
Psalm 139:23-24

Love In Christ,
Ruth W

6:12:45 PM

Dear Laura,

Thank you so much for your poems. I love reading them and I identify so much with them. Thank you for contributing to the forum in this way. I'm so grateful for you and others here as its so wonderful to know there are others fighting the same battle with the same faith and hope in God.

Even though we may live on different continents I feel so close to you and the others that post here and join in the calls.

Congratulations on being in your third month. I can remember the time passing so slowly at that stage and wanting desperately to get to the 12 month point. I know at this stage each day feels such a battle to get everything done and stick to it all strictly. Amazingly it all does get easier as the months go by and it seems to just become a part of normal life and life starts to feel normal again.

Looking forward to hearing more of your progress.

8:41:31 PM

My Journey Through Poetry

Each waking day of this new life
I realize how much I must persist.
For the Laura that I once knew
To this day no longer exist.

I am on the third month of this protocol
My neck and my face feel rough.
This situation at times is depressing
But I tell myself it’s time to get tough.

I am now up to 7 drops of the WPS
Having headaches though only a few.
Making sure I have a clean healthy diet
Staying on the protocol I know that is true.

Day after day I am constantly cleaning
Trying to understand what those before me knew.
That as my health continues to get better
My environment would get better too.

There was so much I once took for granted
This new disease has helped to know.
The most important things are God and my family
For them my strength must repeatedly grow.

I still try to make sure I am resting
As my body continues to heal.
But I know it is up to my Savior
So I continue to pray for his will.

7:16:32 PM

I wanted to share this hymn to express my thoughts this week. I hope it touches your heart the way it touched mine.

In Christ Love,

10:16:18 PM

Dear Laura

"Absolutely beautiful!" Since this is now your thread, I look forward to the experience of what you will share here in the future. You are now completely "in the fight." So settle into slow and steady and just "stay the course." You will get well. Believe it!

God Bless,

9:47:39 PM

Dear Laura,

I heard you read this at the prayer meeting today and think it is so beautiful. I'm so glad you posted it as I can come back and read it for inspiration. It really hits home!

I am a newbie just close to hitting my 4th week on the protocol. In this short time I feel like I have found family on this site.

I appreciate your input on each call I've been in on. You have a wisdom that shows from battling this insidious disease and your walk with the Lord.

Thank you for being and staying with this community to help others. And thank you again for this beautiful poem.

God Bless you Sister!
Deb (the warrior)

8:44:34 PM

Hi Laura,

I was on the prayer call earlier and had to hang up before it ended. I'm new to the group and wished I'd spoken up at the beginning when Mel gave me a chance...It was my first prayer group and I was the first person, so I didn't know what to say...However, I cried a few times hearing other's stories and absolutely LOVED your prayer. It probably rings true for every person on this forum.

Thank you so much for sharing it.
Laura **

3:15:02 PM
My Journey Through Poetry

My Journey Through Poetry

My life has changed forever,
I am not sure of the moment or day.
But I know I have started a journey
which was lonely in every way.

I began to search for an answer;
that not one doctor had.
My health was beginning to fail me,
and my heart became very sad.

Why is this happening to me?
I tried to live a life that was right.
I prayed for God to just take me,
I did not have the courage or fight.

I would look in the mirror with disbelief,
again to the Lord I would pray.
Why God has this happened to me;
is there anything I can say?

Each morning I woke up to this nightmare
Not understanding what I could do.
I became very angry with my Savior
Still not believing that this could be true.

And still I would search for some answers,
Because of my children’s undying love.
Knowing that somehow God could save me,
My eyes looked to the heavens above.

It has been almost two years that I have been trying,
to get healthy and become all I can be.
Through this journey I have come to realize,
God has a new plan for me.

So now I embrace my Lord daily,
Praying for the strength somehow.
To severe my God with the Glory,
He has deserved both then and now.

I know he has answered my prayers,
and led me to a place that is true.
So vitamins, rest, and have faith,
are the most important things I need to do.

Each day I start off reading scripture,
God’s message is very profound.
I learn from the people he sent me,
Understanding there is love all around.

It is my goal to stay through this journey
The rewards will one day be great.
I have beautifully amazing grandchildren
I want to hold before it’s too late.

I will embrace this new life God has sent me
Knowing he is leading and guiding the way.
I realize GOD chose me to help others,
And this I must do every day.

I now walk through this life without fear
Because my GOD has a mission for me.
Thank you God for the courage and strength,
I Love you and your truth; which now has set me free.

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