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5:12:01 PM

Hey Mary,

You are asking some very good questions.

The latest protocol can be found by clicking on "Mel's Protocol" link at the top of the page under the mountains.

There you will find, among other useful information, "MEL'S MORGELLONS AND LYME BASIC PROTOCOL". That is the protocol you should begin on.

After you have started the basic protocol, you can ask Mel when he thinks you should add a protocol with extension and WPS. Mel can also tell you which extension would be best for you.

Since the basic protocol with only silver added will be less expensive than a protocol with the extension and WPS added, it might be that you will be able to afford to get started.

You can also apply for help through the He Cures All Foundation (HCAF). To find out more about that, copy and paste this link into your browser.

Your diffuser might have come with some kind of directions telling you how many drops to use. My diffuser directions said to use 4 or 5.

I do usually use a few drops more than that with no harm to my diffuser so far. You might want to start with 5 drops and experiment from there.

You can also use the Search Engine link above under the mountains, putting in the word "diffuser" and possibly find out more information.

You might also want to try using more than one essential oil in your diffuser at a time. Maybe that will be more effective.

Are you using a dilution of 1 oz. of Kleen Green per 7 oz. of water? If you are using that recommended dilution for skin and not feeling any relief, I believe I have heard Cathee say that some people use a little less dilution, like say 1 oz. of Kleen Green per 6 oz. of water.

(Be sure you never get Kleen Green in your eyes.)

As Mel added to your post, it would be great to bring these questions to Saturday's conference call. Then you can get on the spot wisdom from Mel and others.

God bless,


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