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5:09:29 PM

John B,

thank you so much for taking the time to answer all my questions. I found it confusing trying to figure out medications I have been taking with the protocol.

Hopefully, when some time on the protocol has passed there will be no more need for pain medication (Advil) or the Bactrim.

It seems to work fine for the many years of taking it so, for now, I will continue with a maintenance dose of one every other day.

Mel Says(I URGE YOU TO STOP TAKING BACTRIM And use the natural antibiotic olive leaf extract which has proven to be even more effective with no side effects)

God Bless, Mary

12:49:50 PM

Hi Mary!

I would like to encourage you to join this Saturday's Coffee, Tea with me conference call.
John B. of Logo's Nutritionals will be with us and you will be able to ask him directly about any concerns you have regarding the protocol.

I am into my 16th week and I still am very tired, but I rest and sleep as my body needs.

Diet is crucial eliminating all sugar, grains and dairy.

Please read the Tips For Beginners at the top of page, full of all the info to help you get started!

This protocol is amazing and effective at doing what it was designed to do! Have you spoken with Mel? Please do!

And remember to join this Saturday's call, you will be blessed Mary!!!

With HOPE, Tracy

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