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11:22:07 AM

Those recipes you posted look AMAZING, Karen. Thank you for posting them. And thank you for those wonderful pictures.

I believe you could put together a cookbook for those affected by toxic disease and healthy minded people in general, and it would be successful.

The biscuits look so simple and so good. All the recipes you post look delicious.

What brand of stuffed green olives do you buy? I love olives, and especially like them stuffed.



10:17:34 AM

Who wants healthy but tasty chocolate orange desert?

Probably virtually all of us, so here goes :-

Blend up in your nutribullet or similar..

2 avocados
A little almond milk
Cocoa powder (to taste)
Stevia(to taste)
And a little splash of Boyajian orange oil. (also to your desired taste).. That's it.

Voila chocolate orange desert.

I would say more.. But I'm happily stuffing it into my little mouth as I type:-)


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