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7:50:38 AM

Hello All

Karen, thank you for that review! You have a gift of words, which I don't. I don't like to write and it shows when I post, which is not very often.

Marie I agree with you about Bill M. He had a lot of great information. I am going to listen to it several times so I can gain the information he shared.

Sandra I would be willing to talk with you, everybody going through this needs someone that understands them. Ask Mel for my number.

Aunt Laura, you have the best questions, I always benefit from your questions. Thank you!

Chrissie, congratulations on starting the protocol! This is the beginning path to your wellness! Stay the course!

Love always,


6:07:08 AM

Hi everyone,

What a great call the, "oldies but goodies," was!

Firstly, I like the title :-)
Thank you to everyone who took part! It was very thorough, emotional, helpful and informative. It takes the listener through a whole gamut of emotions, sadness, insight, hopefulness, awareness, smiles.

I'm on my very first day of the protocol thanks to the, He who cures all foundation, and all the kind, caring people who are donating to help others.

It was poignant to me to start the PROTOCOL alongside the voices of people who have gotten well because of the protocol, as well as diet, water and watching sleep, stress levels etc.


So utterly important to hear from people how they have gotten their lives back, so positive.

Thanks again :-)
Laura (aunt)

7:09:11 AM

Dear Karen,

Thank you for the wonderful review from the "oldies but Goodies" conference call. You provided a great outline for us to use as a visual.

I loved hearing the voices of people who have started living their lives. I also noticed a commonality each person seemed to have; God. I now believe God is also one of the factors in the "Sum of the Parts."

As a community, each one of us is blessed that God led Mel here and he continues daily to do God's work. I know once I am healed from this disease I hope to give back to this community in many ways. I pray that I never loose sight of the people who helped me along the way. My greatest passion is to remain true to my heavenly Father as I begin living a "normal" life.

Thank you Karen for your constant caring and contributions to the members of this community. I am blessed to call you my friend.

In Christ Love,

8:58:20 PM

To all the ladies out there, I sure could use a mentor, someone I can share things with, and walk with through this journey.

I am only on my second month, and have a lot to learn.
Please asked Mel for my contact information.

I`ll be looking forward to a call and getting to know you :.)

8:42:11 PM

I am so thankful for these conference calls, even though I can`t make it to all of them.
It`s great that I can go to the forum and listen to them! T

his was so inspiring to know that there is light at the end of this dark tunnel.

Mel, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your commitment to everyone that comes to you for help and in such desperation, for someone to acknowledge we haven`t lost our minds!!!
The more I hear everyone sharing, makes me feel like I know everyone personally, and feel more all the time I am really becoming part of the community.

Slow but sure, I will contribute more and be more active in the community, that has added to my life!!!


8:53:25 PM

Thank you Karen.

I have just listened to the Saturday call,Oldies but Goodies.
Totally inspiring.

Thank you Mary. Kelly, Ellen. Daisy, Paula and Bill M.

Bill,s was one of the first stories I read when I found this site, after Mel,s and the relief was enormous.
The terrible fear we have all experienced lifted just a little the more I read.

I listened to Daisy's prayer call and to Mary explaining about vit D3 and the video she gave links too.
I have taken the large does of d3 ever since.

When the nights of sleeplessness seemed unending I listened to Daisy and to Rose and felt less alone.

Bill M helped me so much, so many questions I would have wanted to ask him.

Those who tell their stories can have no idea how much help they give to us when we think we will never get well again. That we won,t be able to hug our children or grandchildren again.

They give us the surety that all this will pass and one day we too will be well again

We all believe God brought us to Mel.

Thank you Mel for all you have done and continue to do for us all.

Karen **

11:17:07 AM
"Oldies but Goodies' conference inspiring

Hello Everyone,

I just have to say how incredibly inspiring it was to listen to last Saturday's conference call.

"Oldie's but Goodies" was the topic...and was it ever packed with "goodies!"

I hope everyone gets a chance to listen to it. There were so many in attendance on the actual call...I think Mel said it was a record breaker...but I'm sure there are so many others, now and in the future, who will benefit from this kind of encouragement.

Since my posts tend to get pretty long, I'm going to attempt to be a bit more concise by offering my "take aways" from the call in numerical order (but not necessarily in order of importance).

1. You CAN get well...and stay well...even though you'll probably always have to be careful with your diet and lifestyle (big deal...that'll just make us all healthier in the long run).

2. Everybody on the call expressed that they'd felt the same frustration and dark days that we all do. Many said they had times where they thought they might never get well (like we all feel now sometimes too)...and this was said by people who are now WELL.

3. There were different lengths of time it took for people. I think the shortest time was for Ellen who got well in nine months. The longest time was for Mel who took the record at FOUR years. Of course, he was having to build the program from scratch and (symbolically) build it in the dark with his hands tied behind his back...but he pushed through and he's well now...and has been for years.

Thanks Mel...we are so incredibly grateful that you were the scout on this wagon train and that you've been willing to stay around and help all the rest of us long after your hard journey has been over. Instead of sitting back and resting, you just keep showing up every day. Thank you isn't big enough.

4. Once well, you CAN regain your life. Mel shared that people have moved on to form relationships they would have never initiated while sick, and even gotten married. These same people were in the same dark place we all are in now but they are now living their lives in normal ways.

5. (This one's probably my favorite) can eat what you want again...though it has to be in moderation...pretty strict moderation...but it's possible! Oh...I'm living for that day! I have fantasies of going to New Orleans and wandering over to the Court of Two Sisters in the Quarter and indulging in their champagne jazz brunch. It won't be a "moderation" experience, but...if I only do it once every few years, I'll consider it in the "moderation" category.

6. Several people talked about how much healthier they were overall. More than one person mentioned how great they feel...and how good their skin and hair look now...and even better than prior to getting MD.

7. Every single person said they got well because they did exactly what Mel said...the sum of the parts. If anyone is new, just go to the "Magnificent Seven." That is a clear and concise way to understand what has to be done to get to the "happily ever after" of getting your life back and all the wonderful possibilities that go with it.

Hey! Those are seven things...I'm beginning to see a pattern here. There are surely more...but I'll have to listen to the conference call again...maybe even several times because there was so much good information, and it just gave me so much hope.

As a matter of gave me so much hope inspiration that doing exactly what Mel said works, that I got busy and made an extra effort to get very prepared for this week so I wouldn't have any slip ups. After listening to the call, it's clear to me that those who got well not only had HOPE...they had DISCIPLINE...and a lot of it...and, from what I could tell, that's what ended up separating the men from the boys, so to speak.

AND...this was my "concise" version of a post. Hmmmm...I guess just putting things in numerical order doesn't slow me down much on the number of some point in life, you just have to go with who you are and very verbal is "who I am."

Hope no one's eyeballs are falling out of their head after reading the above novella...and I DO hope everyone who hasn't already, gets a chance to listen to the "Oldies but Goodies" conference call that took place on Saturday, October 7, 2017.

Coffee, Tea with Me Saturday 10/07/17

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