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11:29:09 AM

Hello Everyone and welcome,

I feel it is important to bring certain Information back to the top of our forum pages. This is to ensure that the many new people to our website see this most important information.

These conference calls "Oldies but Goodies" and "The Sum of the Parts" represent two of the best from 2017. In addition to the two calls are also our latest testimonials from February 2018 in which two "Warriors" claimed to have restored their health! The testimonials and these calls can be accessed on the How I Cured Morgellons Subscription Page prior to subscribing.

Listen to the message in these calls, join in our community, and attend our weekly conference call, "Coffee, Tea with Me BYOQ (bring your own questions)" to be understood and aided by many others who are just are a little further along in the process of restoring their own health. Join us in our weekly prayer meeting, if you wish, and pray with others who wish to honor our lord.

Last but not least, please utilize the nine years of information, understanding and sound science available here to help restore your own health.


God Bless you all,

Yes it is true those who did not give up HOPE got well!!

9:05:53 PM

that's a great note Karen.

I very much enjoyed your writing and positive perspective.


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