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3:10:25 PM

Hi everyone,

I know I posted on this thread not long ago, but as the first of the month approaches, I want to remind everyone about the discount codes that are so graciously given for our benefit.

Don't forget to take advantage of those discounts.

I want to remind everyone that the Natural Ginesis and Logos discounts are for individual products, as the kits have already been discounted. (Thank you Cathee and John!)


2:00:31 PM

Hey Mel,

Thank you for caring enough to lobby the manufacturers for these discounts.

Thank you to each manufacturer who cares enough to give us a discount.

It makes a difference to get a 10%, 15%, or 20% discount to a toxic disease sufferer.

Cathee and John B, God bless you both for the the wonderful Starter kit and logos protocol packs that already have even
bigger discounts.

We don't get further discounts on those because you both have already greatly discounted them.

I hope everyone will remember to use the discount codes when ordering individual products and take advantage of these savings.

Just to remind everybody:

Logos Nutritionals - use code: MORG10 or LYME10
Natural Immunogenics - use code: MORG20
Natural Ginesis - Kleen Green - use code: MORG15
Healthy Way Inc. WPS - us code: TDS


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