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4:16:36 PM
United Kingdom 439

Hi to all from the UK and Europe,

I am utterly flabbergasted as there are hundreds of people on the website at this moment from the UK. That is truly unbelievable!! Phew!!!

It is wonderful that people have found us and now have the chance to get well if they follow the, 'sum of the parts,' re medicine, diet, rest and recuperation., water, fresh air and community support.

It is pretty devastating that so many are unwell:-(.

As the toxicity of the planet increases, this disease sadly builds momentum.

But, thank god, we have this website, support, knowledge and the wisdom and experience here to help us all to heal.

Now, we have FREE CONFERENCE CALLS on a Saturday at five pm UK time and Sunday 7pm UK time.

The Saturday call is recorded as around four thousand people throughout the world listen to it for free every week. You can ask questions directly to Mel or other community members or manufacturers (at times). Or just listen and learn.

The Sunday call is not recorded (unless otherwise stipulated) and is for church and fellowship. It is a lovely group, welcoming, supportive and healing.

Feel free to listen to the calls and familiarise yourself with them.


It is very cheap to phone the USA from the UK via Skype and very easy to do. You can download the Skype App in minutes and sign up.

If anyone has any problems doing so, give your email adress to Mel and he will pass it on to me.

I will do my best to help.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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