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3:19:58 PM

Dear helpme,

Before I address any of your concerns I must first bring up a concern of mine.

You first posted as helpme on the thread, 'Just joined'. You then posted as helpme on the post, 'Been vegetarian for forty years.' You then posted as Debbie S on, 'England calling.' You posted as Debbie (without the S) on, 'Odorex brand hydroxyl generator to clean air'. You were Debbie on, 'Thanks for your kind and helpful replies.' You then went back to being helpme on the post, 'Skype calling (UK and Europe.'

I have to say that I do understand that you most likely have brain fog, but this has been most confusing and time consuming to work out.

We helpers also have brain fog. Only today did I realise that helpme is the same person as Debbie and Debbie S. To have continuation of your story I had to go back through the forum. I re read all your posts to make sense of your journey.

Another pertinent thing is that if you change your name, we are often repeating ourselves, giving you the same information as before. This is because we do not realise that we are speaking to the same person.

Cheryl and I did suggest that you stay on the same thread so that your story is in one place. This would be helpful not only for you, but for those in the community who are doing their very best to help you. It would be useful also for readers of the forum (who also have brain fog).

Also, Mel spends a lot of time and effort making the site cohesive. This time you posted on the, 'Skype calling,' thread but it was not related to your post.

So please can we call you Debbie from now on so we know who we are dealing with? Can you also click on the forum and, as I suggested before, have 'Thanks for your kind and helpful replies,' as your thread.

By moving from thread to thread, many suggestions that we are giving you, and questions that we ask you, are not being responded to. As you side step that thread and go on to another.

It felt like a jigsaw puzzle today, piecing together the different aspects of your story.

It is important that we and you can spend our time focusing only on what we can do to help you.

So, with all that being said, let's look at how you are getting on (taking into consideration all your posts). Could you help us to help you by answering a few important questions Debbie?.

My first question is, how is the mold situation on your bedroom windows? I hope the kleen green is helping, which I'm sure that it is.

Do you still think you have bird mites coming in? I know they diagnosed ground beetle not bird mites, but you said your husband thought it was bird mites and you got rid of three bird nests, so it could be a strong possibility. Is it because of bird mites that you are putting sticky tape on the windows?. You say, 'they,' are coming in, is it the bird mites that you suspect?.

You did get the place sprayed by professionals didn't you?. Did they spray for bird mites?. If so it is possible that all your symptoms now are Morgellons related and not because of mites.

I got Morgellons because of a bird mite infestation seven and a half years ago. For quite some time, I thought I still had mites affecting me when it was actually Morgellons. Many people go through this confusion, as unfortunately the symptoms of biting and crawling can be very similar.

I know you were concerned re the protocol having fish oil or animal thymus gland, as you have been vegetarian for forty years. I understood that you didn't want to take non vegetarian sources. But I did ask you if you could consider them just for the purposes of you getting well?. As they appear to be an essential part of the healing process. John B says there really isn't an adequate substitute for the thymus gland formula.

Re omega fats; did you get chia, flax, algae based supplements like John B and myself suggested? You said you will stick to 'vegetarian products which you can eat.' Can you tell us what you decided on to help you?.

Are you taking any other internal medicine to build up your bioterrain and to fight this? I cannot stress this enough. I said it before and I will emphatically say it again. You cannot get well from Lyme, Morgellons, Co-infections, bacterial, viral and the fungal aspects of this disease without internal medicine.

This is not just on the skin, its in your blood, your bones, your digestive system, everywhere!! It is systemic.

Think of a rotting log in the forest. If it is moldy, weak, fragile, compromised, then it will lend itself to be a host to all sorts of parasites and disease, that destroy and break it down further. Our human bioterrain is no different. So we build it up from the inside to the outside, so that if we are under attack our system protects us. People with a strong immune system do not get Morgellons disease.

At the risk of repeating myself, I am concerned that your focus is on your environment (which is also important). But you must fight this internally. Three times in the seven and a half years since I contracted Morgellons the disease went full blown. The second time was much, much worse than the first with weeping lesions, cat scratches with long fibres making track marks all over my back and chest. This would not have happened had I gotten the appropriate medicine earlier! It occurred because I was not taking enough internal medicine to build up my immunity. I desperately want others to learn from this. So that they can protect themselves and can fully heal. This is so so important!!!!.

You have to follow the, 'sum of the parts;

Take appropriate internal medicine to build up your bioterrain (the protocol is proven to be highly effective).
Follow a low carb, no sugar, no alcohol diet, (How are you doing with your diet, you haven't said?).
Stay away from toxins in your environment and don't ingest toxins either (no smoking).
Have enough rest, sleep, relaxation.
Drink enough water.
Keep your body as alkaline as possible.
Stay away from stress, as stress feeds the disease like sugar does.
Use topical treatment on the body to help symptoms. And treat the environment. Self care (both inside and out) is critical at this time for proper healing to take place.

I do hope that if your daughter and her partner did stay in your house that they are well and haven't been affected. Again, I must stress that after three times being full blown with this illness, I know from experience that it is important for people at the early stages, when having severe symptoms, to be careful when around others. Especially anyone who has a compromised immune system, or who is old or infirm. It is better to meet people outside your home and theirs, avoid their cars or your car also. A neutral place is safe and limits physical contact, until your crawling, biting and shedding have got well under control.

I hope your husband is doing well. With his low immunity it would also be wise for you to limit physical contact until you are improving. Is he on any vitamins and nutrients to build up his immunity?.

Topically, you only ever mentioned using mouthwash on your body. I think this will dry out your skin and there are many far more effective treatments. If you are concerned re insects on your skin, are you topically spraying a seven to one dilution of kleen green on your body?. It does kill insects (makes them molt prematurely and die). I used, as a talcum powder during the day for a few years, food grade diatomaceous earth mixed with a little bicarbonate of soda. You could put it in an old talcum powder shaker.

Do not use talcum powder it is actually quite toxic and does not allow the skin to breathe. The diatomaceous earth cuts up the exoskeleton of all insects and mites. At night you could make up a paste with food grade diatomaceous earth (must be food grade, pool grade is highly toxic), grapeseed oil, melted coconut oil and five or six drops of an essential oil of your choice. Rub it into your skin and even your hair. It will dry and flake off, but you can wash it off in the morning.

Are you using sulphur soap? it really helps, it's very anti fungal. Epsom salt baths with ten drops of essential oil will also help the biting, stinging and crawling. And it helps your body to detox. The magnesium sulphate in the salts will also help you to relax... So important at this time!

I am concerned you are still sleeping in that armchair even though you have the breathable cover now. Why?? You need rest and sleep desperately now. Cover your sheets with food grade diatomaceous earth and that should help you. Please don't wait until Christmas to lie in your bed!.

Yes I had blue and red fibres at one point as well as black. That is normal with Morgellons. Debbie, what do you mean that the blue fibres are, 'not as organised as the black ones used to be'?

I did mention to you in a previous post that Dr Randy Wymore discovered that the fibres were made with keratin and collagen and are produced by our own bodies. Many think they are mites, they are not. We do not know why our bodies produce them. I wonder if it is a hyper active immune response. Maybe it's our bodies way of trying to eradicate the disease through the skin and keep us healthy, we don't know. But it sure helped me to know that they are not mites. They seem to react to electromagnetic stimulus and appear to be moving because of that.

Phew this has been a long post!! But I felt that it was important to finally address all your concerns together . So that we can then move forward and hopefully help you.

Take care
Chrissie (not Christie that's OK, brain fog, we all have it :-)).

7:29:01 PM


Thanks to your replies I think to Christie and Cheryl -

There has been a change in my symptoms- now I get these creamy insects crawling and biting in the night.

The morgellan type fibres are blue and not as organised as the black ones used to be.

I have launched a major attack on the environment. With Kleen green, vaccuming, steam cleaning and Kleen green.

I aim to be out of the armchair by Christmas.

I have now got a breathable cover for the bed. I think when I am finally in the bedroom I will do an ozone treatment as soon as I get up every day.

alongside the double sided sticky paper on the windowsill and under

Wish me luck. My husband thinks I’m deranged but I think I am being logical.

Thanks for listening

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