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Karianne & Joe

1:42:25 PM

Phone calls are a great way to connect, but you can't ever be sure how someone is really feeling/doing if you can't see their faces. Most experts believe that up to 90% of ALL communication is non-verbal. That's a HUGE reason in favor of video chatting when it comes to coaching with Mel.

Three Key Reasons in Favor of Skype or Zoom
1. You might tell Mel you're doing alright, but your face, eyes, hand gestures, posture, etc. may say a completely different thing. He can see that and be better equipped with handling whatever symptom/environment you're going through.

2. Our international friends. Using Skype or Zoom doesn't come with the fees from international phone dialing, and it's just as easy as picking up the phone. After scheduling your session, you're only a few 'clicks' away from starting your video chat.

3. When you're speaking "face-to-face" with someone, it forces you to be present the entire conversation. There's no room to be doing something else or multitasking, like there is when communicating by phone. And with this disease and us trying to restore our health, it's imperative that we be present in our coaching sessions.

So for your next coaching session with Mel, give Skype or Zoom a shot and see the difference it makes when you're fully present and in the moment.

Blessings and Much Love,

11:07:49 AM

Hi All,

I wanted to discuss some benefits of using Skype.

Skype can be a great tool to see your coach face-to-face. It's always better to see someone "in person" than to just talk over the phone.Many who do not wish to be seen so, just do not use your camera, Mel say "people listen to me better once they have seen me!"

It's an easy to way to connect and will enable you to exchange useful information in real time. Also, it's the least expensive way to communicate

Also, you can also access Skype from anywhere - so if you're not at home, it's a convenient way to connect to your coach! Skype is a very reliable service and VERY easy to install!

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