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3:34:12 AM
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Hello to all who have dropped by to read this thread

I just wanted to add that we from the UK use Skype, as it is so very cheap to use this platform to communicate with people in America and around the world.

With the conference calls at weekends we in the UK use Skype as one would use a phone so please do not be worried about people seeing you, nobody sees each other it is just a very inexpensive phone call.

When you contact Mel or other members, it is entirely up to you, whether or not, you want the call to be a video or audio call.
Mel always protects our identity, you see I am Freddie bean!

Hope to hear from you soon

Freddie x (from England)


9:41:29 AM
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Good Morning Everyone and Welcome,

There are so many new email subscribers from Europe,
but not many joining our free weekend calls.

These calls are to share current information, past positive history, with many knowledgeable guests.

You have the opportunity to asked questions, gain knowledge and be in a safe environment where everyone here understands what you are going through.

Sundays calls are equally as gratifying, as fellowship after prayer is where real friendships are made.

We have community members willing to call you and assist you in setting up a SKYPE account.

Really we are here to help as many people who wish our assistance.

Just contact Mel at (

Please come join us, restore your health!!!

God bless,

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