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10:58:52 AM

Hello Donna

I know this is late in responding,:(

I believe my husband and daughter did have some symptoms. They got on the protocol and it has postponed things, hopefully forever. They aren't as strict with their diet but I am learning to just let that go and enjoy life right now in the moment.

My husband never left the bedroom during my healing process, we just washed the sheets and spayed the bed with kleen green and put D Earth on it alternating them. We also only have one shower and we all three share it. just clean it out after each use.
It is so important that your husband is supportive of this, that is a blessing of itself.
Keep fighting!

Love always, Paula

8:21:13 AM

Hi Donna,

I don't think we can ever be too paranoid when it comes to making sure our loved ones stay strong and healthy and do not get sick with this illness.

Hopefully you husband will be fine.

Keep up the good/hard work, and soon you will be feeling well. It is (at least for me) a life long change, so as I've said in the past, I will stay on the supplements for ever.

All my best,

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