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Donna M

10:39:50 AM

Hi Karen and Marie,

Thank you both for your replies. I value both of your words of encouragement and wisdom.

Karen, I know all too well the "lint roller test". Let me explain - I have lint rollers in every room of my home and even my car. I feel I even need one in my purse but it won't fit in my current purse. I even purchased a sticky floor lint roller that people with pets use. I don't have a pet. I became obsessed with using it. Did I always have the type of debris on my floor that this roller picks up - I don't know, maybe I did.

As I have said before my outside environment has a lot of pine and oak trees. I have had major crying spells over what I pick up too. So let's just say, thank you for the good advice to use my common sense and give myself a good talking to as well as to keep things in perspective.

I find it's easy to say but so very hard to do. I pray that God gives me the strength to overcome this.
(My son thinks I will need therapy to get over this obsessiveness and worry - I surely hope not.)

Marie, I know it is a waste of time to worry. Worry doesn't change things. I try to pray, instead of worry. I pray for healing, peace, hope and calmness for me as well as all of you.
I know I am getting better, but sometimes my emotions get the best of me. I try to change my outlook and negative feelings by talking to someone or getting out of the house even if it is only for a walk in the park.

You are both big inspirations to me as well as a source of information, comfort and consolation. We will all be winners and cross that finish line sooner than later.

God Bless you both.




4:39:12 PM


What a lovely reply. Thank you.

I believe as do so many scientists that lyme is caused by the spirochete Borellia Burgdorii ,tramsmitted by a bite from tick or from cat,s claws or spider or bird mites or whatever.
These are the things i showed my son on a wet wipe and he identified them, And it was the most enormous relief that he knew and believed.

He has been my staunch supporter all through.
I was afraid he would get it from my dreadful environment, back mold on walls, mice nests and mice, boxes of stuff.
I need not have feared as he is strong and coped with it. He knows about Mel,s protocol if things get bad.

Granddaughter was bitten by a tick after a trip out. Her mother removed the tick with a tick stick. Nothing more was done or said.
I had never before seen a tick nor heard of Lyme at that time.

I never spoke to my daughter about granddaughter having lyme.
She wouldn,t have believed me anyway.

Back to your fear.
It is impeding your healing. let it go.
Replace it with peace and hope.
faith and love are important but hope is the last to die.

The rubbish, those back seedy bits and the white fluff which are not bits of skin, cannot harm you one little bit.
Nor anyone else.

My daughter out of kindness ate some just to ease my mind. Needless to say I worried over her for months.

I have been held captive today watching the last of the videos of the Food Revolution summit 2018 together with Lyme disease summit and Bible Health.

All had gold nuggets in them but what i remember most is that healthy food is the key, It must be organic, no gm foods, no sugar, carbs, lots of water, any meat must be organic and fish must not be of the farmed sort. Lots of vegetables red and green and dark. Fruits that suit and foods that chelate and detox. And meat and fish kept to a minimum.

All the things that Mel and John have said time and time again.

That the brain and the gut communicate....we need a good healthy gut with heaps of good bacteria to overcome the harmful ones...

And that contamination of the cell wall by toxins becomes a growth medium for spirochetes and parasites.

We all have parasites. And parasites are the repository for old viruses which is why, it seems, things like shingles are released.

Heavy metals too need to be got rid of.

That stress and fear prevent healing and that meditation, prayer.. and finding ways to calm your fear are the way to go.....fear drives disease....and emotional health is a huge part of physical health.

That the impactof early life stress changes some receptors in he brain... And old ways of coping with child stress need to be addressed and let go.

Use your faith as a way to be healed.

Is not that the guiding spirit of this site?

Sleep and rest are needed for wellness.

The fear of socialisation will leave you.
Just be patient with time.

Do you go to shops? Do you touch money?
Then why is being around folk any different?

You have been a worrier because part is genetic and part is from childhood incidents/trauma..

Toxic illness accentuates the anxiety. Ocd becomes more intense. The anxiety is greater which is why you have to reprogram your brain by whatever means... whether that is by opening up to past fears, by means of NLP or just by passing everything into God,s hands.

You no longer need the child,s way of coping.
You are brave and strong and can overcome anything.

As you get well the fear will ease. Believe me.
Try wiping the surfaces a little less often.
It seems a few germs are good for us.
Cut down slowly.

I see white things still on the black cookware my daughter has. They are so much less now than a couple of years ago but i rarely go in the kitchen as there is thick black mold behind the cupboards and we cannot afford new fittings.

Don't forget mold is a killer.

You have the dehumidifier.
An infuser using essential oils in your bedroom should help.

You can be near your husband and children...
If they are fit they will stay well.

Some folk have Lyme for years and never know until they get stressed and then Wham they get morgs....

And with Mel and John and they get well. And you will too.

came home from an outinginto Devon with a tick in daughterremoved i

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