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Jenny S.

8:18:00 PM

You can find the information you need about mms/wps by clicking Mel's protocol tab at the top of this page. Before you start mms, however, please read about the entire protocol.

It is important to start the basic logos supplements before starting adding mms.

You also have to change your diet. You can find information about that by using the search engine at the top of the page.

If you have questions, schedule a one on one call with Mel.

He will provide the information you need to get started. He will also tell you to read, read, read on this forum.

You can post questions here any time and you will get responses from people who have been in the same situation you are.

You will not regret starting this protocol. People heal completely by sticking with it just as it is written.

God bless,

Jenny S.
Laura (aunt)

5:31:29 PM


Have you read the information from this website? I believe you can order the WPS from one of the manufacturers here. Please do research on this product before using it. You can find information in the search engine by typing in your questions.

I would also like to encourage you to understand what you are dealing with in order to make good decisions on the path you should follow. Again type in any question you have regarding symptoms, environment, bio-terrain, immune system, etc. and begin reading.

I hope this information will be helpful and I pray you find the answers you are searching for.

In Christ Love,

10:31:27 AM

Hi Sharon,

Wecome to the forum and thank you for your question.

There is a link to the WPS supplier that is recommended here. You'll find it on the Protocol pages.

Its best to start here reading the FAQs and print them off and also print off the protocol pages and keep reading them through.

After that you might like to look at the Follow The Journeys part of the website as it will show you how the protocol has help people get better as you follow their posts right through from start to finish.

After that listening to the conference calls on the More Communication part of the website is great as you can here the progress people make from call to call. Also come and join in on the calls. Info is on the forum thread, More Communication Is Better.

Please keep asking any questions you need. We are here to help.

8:21:14 PM

Can someone please send me a link as to where I can buy affordable quality MMS and how I use it. I don't quite understand all this stuff and am in desperate need to cure myself and would like to order right away but don't want to get ripped off or use it the wrong way either. Thank you

9:42:21 PM

Hello Teresa B,

First and foremost, welcome! If you have Morgellons you are in the right place!! Many people have restored thier health here and many people are in the process now!!!

As for your question, read the FAQ page, you will find the link at the top of every page of this site. EVERYTHING you need to know is "truly" found in the FAQ's.

Those who have restored thier health and those of us currently restoring our health have all followed Mel's complete Protocol which includes WPS, but also includes Logos Nutritionals Products, Sovereign Silver and Kleen Green as well as Diet and Lifestyle changes.

You can also request a One-on-One Coaching call with Mel at any time. Everyone in this community can attest that it will be VERY beneficial and you'll be glad you did!!!

Please let us know if you have any additional questions after reading the FAQs.

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,

2:39:21 PM

Lee P;

The first thing that helped me on my skin was sulfur soap I would not be without it.

The next thing was kleen green diluted sprayed on the skin, the conference call tomorrow is with Cathee from kleen green, you could listen or join in and ask her questions..
Another good thing is Epsom salt baths.

Get an 8oz spray bottle and add eight drops of activated wps solution (which means 8drops of the wps and 8drops of citric acid together) , wait thirty seconds to activate...
Then add water to the solution enough to fill up the 8oz bottle. And spray that in your skin.

Teresa B;

Mel advocates not using the wps solution internally until you have worked on your bioterrain and built up your immune system. You could meanwhile make up a skin spray to use with the wps.

Can you buy the protocol to start building your immunity up and also sovereign silver?

What are you doing to help yourself already Are you cutting out sugar and refined carbs from your diet, trying to alkalize your body and drinking enough water and getting enough rest?

It's the, 'sum of the parts,' that helps people, but all parts do need to be undertaken.

Let us know how you are getting on.
Teresa B

9:40:33 AM

I have Morgellens and I wanted to know if it is okay to take WPS for this or should I do it slow or what do you recommend.

Please share with me on what and how you think I should do!

Lee P

9:56:05 PM

I do not have any sores but have itching and crawling. Should I spray anything on my skin? Would it be helpful to spray counter tops or my environment?

10:09:12 AM

Hello Lulu and welcome!

The nutritional component of our protocol (The Burgstiner Wellness Protocol) was developed by John B long before he met me and was confronted with the plight of Morgellons sufferers. It is designed to restore integrity to the bioterrain, and simply said, it works.

Springtails are a common coinfection amongst Morgellons patients, but regardless of what challenges you may have, this website and our protocol provides access to a comprehensive support system that leads to conscious living and a much healthier lifestyle.

Remember, it is not some of the parts, but the SUM of the parts that works so brilliantly to produce the transformed lives that you see among this community.

Let us know how we can help.

God Bless; Never give up Hope!


3:27:38 PM

I have a question not a response. I don't have morgellons but I do have the itching crawling & found springtails on my bed. I took it to an agriculture center & was told it was springtails. I feel sick all the time from lack of sleep & I feel like my vision is getting blurry. I've gone to numerous doctors I had a CBC done and ANA test done everything seems to be normal so far. Occasionally I do get sick I Feel nauseous and vomiting and dizzy. Do I do the exact protocol he recommended or do I can I skip some of the protocols?

2:06:47 PM

i too have found MMS , on a slow low dose approach approach, works well in battling morgellons, i was barely holding my ground, eating all organic, using oregano and colloidal silver, walking in nature and living a holistic lifestyle, but when i started with mms i was amazed how fast and well it started working. i have hope again, and am very grateful to say it has also cleared up a 40 year issue with my only kidney… i am very grateful to have found your protocol, as it is similar to my own, so for me it proves that altho this is a disease that they say doesn't exist, it does have a cure that works , and we are finding it. :)

2:38:52 PM




Our experience with the MMS has been excellent, because what we used to cure an infection that does not already responded to antibiotics, and without side effects. We also collect information on food additives, which appear to be responsible for many allergies, that is why the MMS or nothing the can heal, because the body reacts to the additives everytime we eat them. Public agencies of medicines and food does not protect us. they protect the industry, and its 'details' with its directors.


5:30:08 AM

Nuestra experiencia con el MMS ha sido excelente, pues lo hemos usado para curar una infección que ya no reaccionaba a los antibióticos, y sin efectos secundarios. También recopilamos información sobre aditivos alimentarios, que parecen ser los responsables de muchas alergias, por eso el MMS ni nada las pueden curar, pues el cuerpo reacciona a los aditivos cada vez que los ingerimos. Las agencias públicas de los medicamentos y de los alimentos no nos protegen. protegen a la industria, y sus 'detalles' con sus directores. Un saludo,

11:21:17 AM

Hiya Arlene,


I can only talk from my own personal experience. We created the protocol page so that people could see exactly what I used. As evidenced in the Testimonial Page, it seems to be working for many others as well.

The manufacturers of these products have been very supportive of the Morgellons community as they understand the financial challenges brought about by this disease. You will find discount codes that accompany the pictures of the products which may be ordered by phone or online.

I sure hope this helped a little today. Please read as much of our website as you can.

God Bless, Never give up Hope,


P.S. - I do not own any stock nor do I have any financial relationships with any of the companies that make the products included in our protocol. I have refused to accept any money from any of these companies because it will then tarnish the integrity of my intent. I recommend them simply because of their role in curing me of Morgellons.

12:27:47 PM

Want to start MMS because I have a major health problem. When going on line to purchase there are so many sites.....some brands knock others down and say their's is the best. DOES ANYBODY HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS ON WHAT BRAND WORKS THE BEST!


5:17:00 PM


MMS is a 28% solution of Sodium Chlorite that has been acidified with a food grade acid (usually Citric acid, Lemon Juice, or Lime Juice).

It has been around for many years as a lower concentration and sold under a different name. The old product, usually referred to as 'Stabilized Oxygen' was also about 57 times more expensive.

MMS is part of the Protocol Mel used to rid himself of Morgellons. I believe it is the most important part because: MMS is the only thing I know of that is effective in killing the Morgellons 'Critter'.

Pamela S.

4:17:46 PM

I need something for my scalp symptoms, and keep reading about MMS being helpful. What is MMS? Thanks, Pam

2:07:26 PM


Welcome as always;

I do not think that Andreas Kalcker has ever heard of me or our web site.

I do believe that his independent research is a
true statement of the value of MMS when used properly

I have often said that I Do Not believe that you can beat our disease with-out MMS.

God bless all of you,
Never Never give up HOPE!
kal swan

10:22:57 PM

dear mr. kalcker: tank you for your promotion of mms and geet. i use mms . i have been and experimenter in solar heat for 30 years its slow but financial great.used hydrogen onboard.small pickup etc . now making newman devices from the honorable joesph westly newman.also have small support for solar impulse aircraft. yours kal

4:03:28 PM

Hiya Kal,

Welcome to our forum.

Glad to hear that you are doing so well.

We always caution people to first Do No Harm in using MMS. Andreas Kalcker's work is very important because it shows that a slower controlled approach may be preferable to Jim Humble's dosing recommendations for certain individuals.

God Bless, Never Give up Hope.


3:44:57 PM


I couldn't have said it any better.

Your experience parallels mine and others who are getting better.


6:13:12 AM

wow this thread really brings me back. this was 7 months ago i was sayin i had 1-10 bites a day. now i have zero symptoms. one thing i must say...this is a slow process. you are not going to be healed in a day, a week or even a month. stay positive, follow your cleaning and health protocols everyday and you will get there.

kal swaqnson

1:14:46 PM

hi i live in a area that, just discovered last year that a local industry puts 150 tons of mercury in the air every year. so i moved away and started taking mms at first up to the 15 dose as per instructions. it made me cough for 5 min on one occasion and gave me diarria,threw up etc. then when on 6 by 6 drop.twice a day .now have great health improvement. take 30 drop bath also. also because of bath ,i placed 30 drop mms in 1 gallon hort pump up sprayer.spray refrigerator ,basement for mold .car seats for ordor,works great.thanks jim humble and andreas kalcher! great uses. kal

11:37:57 AM

wow wow wow!!! That does answer alot of questions, incredible info on MMS.
Thank You, T

6:19:03 PM

Greetings Mel,
Thanks for "Straight Talk On MMS". Excellent!!!!
Blessings to ALL, Rose

3:12:58 PM

clod man,

Hey man I heard what you are sayen,its about funds.
When we can man , when we can.

It ain't about nerve dude -just getten it all together .

10:40:37 AM

I was very scared to start the MMS at first. It took me months to get up the nerve. At the time, there was not a lot on the internet about taking MMS, just horror stories. Then, after talking to Mel, I started the MMS. He had to call me and stay on the phone while I drank my first. My point is, I wish this video had been out back then. It takes the "scare" out of starting it.

6:35:59 AM

No Joseph I have not yet started the protocol. I have gotten to the point where I only have 1-10 bites per day and no other symptoms. I am saving money before I start a full detox.

thank you brother

12:45:59 AM

Hey Clod,

Did you,like start Mels protocol?

Thanks ,and kinda wondering if the people in yer house
are into this?

Hang in man,
Pamela mae Crane

3:46:21 PM

Thanks Mel and PS,

I learned something from Andreas Kalcker!

I never thought of taking the MMS away from coffee and tea. These are antioxidants.

I knew this from all I had studied but never put 2 and 2 together.

I actually was drinking green tea right after taking MMS- I will stop.

Excellent and professional video!


Blessings and big Hugs,
Pamela Mae

2:57:06 PM

Thank you mel. That sure does answer a lot of questions.
PS **

2:56:21 PM


This video is the best information I have ever seen on MMS. You won't regret watching it. I hope it helps shed some light on why your protocol is effective:

Straight Talk on MMS - Guest: Andreas Kalcker

Click Here



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